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Immune Defense Summit

February 18, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hosted by Jonathan Landsman, Feb 18th-24th with an encore w/e afterwards

There is a diversity of speakers here and not just friends from the same marketing group, so it is the good, the bad and the ugly, urging extreme caution here with that because you don’t want to be influenced by the bad and the ugly, very ugly to the point some fad diets like keto are causing real harm and deaths out there, fear of food is happening, people are being fleeced and not getting results – because this is a marketing event, not the real deal. It’s unusual for the host to invite speakers of differing opinions though, as with this event.

So the good speakers include David Christopher director of The School of Natural Healing founded by his dad Dr John R Christopher ND, Master Herbalist and Vitalist. Many of the doctorpreneurs eg Jay Davidson and Chris Shade have based their detox protocols on him but they will charge many thousands of dollars more for the copycat versions than the original herbs – though if someone is on pharmaceuticals they can’t really do meds, that is one potential scenario when they may work, but most of the time doctor versions are a rip off product compared to the Christophers Original Brand eg a colon cleanse then onto Lower Bowel, Kidney cleanse, Liver, Blood&Lymph, only then onto Yellow Dock for heavy metals.

The bad speakers you may not recognise as being bad because they are so familiar to you now, you may not know the original research and sources of their information – the best lie is the one closest to the truth – the bad speakers will quote someone good naturopath from the past and not tell you who it is, it sounds like them, but then they drop in some new mad idea of their own about grains or carrots or apples and make you afraid of food or get you doing monk-like cult-like extreme fasting that was NEVER done in the past, selling you a crock of you know what and people lap it up because it’s in fashion then whammo people get injured and those guys like David Jockers, Tom O’Bryan, Peter Osborne, don’t give a damn about you then!

Keto is a fad, you’ll have lukewarm Michael Murray in the mix trying to urge people to be careful telling them he had to pull the plug on keto himself ,he lost muscle, his biomarkers went the wrong direction but then he’ll tell you head over to the keto guys sites, why not – wtf!? Then he’ll admit it took him 60 years to add potatoes to his diet ‘because the research on them is pretty new’, so one minute he’s saying don’t eat potatoes they are high glycemic index and then the research says oh potatoes are resistant starch immune boosting cancer curing cure-alls, so can you really believe a thing Murray says? No, I don’t. I look at the big picture and the original sources. And Max Gerson had his cancer patients eat potatoes twice a day, the population of Ireland doubled on potatoes. And if you want the truth about grains remember that carbs are a major food group you cannot drop without doing yourself damage, that keto is not fat adapted or fat burning it is switching your metabolism over to ONLY burning fat instead of carbs/glucose that is was meant to burn – that is the only reason these guys hate cars. Dr. John Christopher had a 3 day apple juice cleanse that he used with all his patients, monthly, it saved my gallbladder. The old timers know best, be careful and at best tweak the old good ways to make them better, don’t run off with a fad.

Immune Defense Summit

Master Herbalist Training Level 1 <—get a real foundation in healing


February 18, 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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