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this website is being populated with content, for the moment a short-list of things to do is below and science has eventually caught up with some of the explanations as to precisely WHY lifestyle choices work for health now.


  1. Being sedentary is the new smoking – it will affect insulin levels and cholesterol levels as much as food will!
  2. What really is the ‘best type’ of exercise?
  3. What types of exercise can disabled or very ill people do?


  • Having fun, whatever that is to you, is priceless and very healing.
  • If you’d like some laugh therapy, no matter what age you are, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is Shaun the Sheep, there are many free episodes on youtube.


There’s a lot to be said on this subject – there is the science that shows how it can be more important than almost anything else you do! And there are practical tips on routine and how to minimize certain wavelengths of light to optimize  your production of melatonin, etc., and repair during the night.


Clothing – how could this be important?

  1. The thing that most switched me over to organic clothing was the people getting ill producing the cotton and other fabric materials in the regular clothes industry. Also the slavery involved in third world countries so our highstreet shops can produce very cheap clothing. Cotton and other materials used in clothing are sprayed with so many toxic chemicals that the people growing them get very ill – we in the west enjoy clothes while others in poorer countries are cut down
  2. There are also many health benefits associated with wearing natural fabrics eg breathability, electrical charge, the list goes on.
  3. The environmental impact of some of the newer fabrics is pretty scary, along with the chemicals used on them – I love the animals and nature and don’t want to unwittingly harm them.

your home environment

  1. Your home – a clean uncluttered peaceful home is a priority.
  2. Mold is an issue inside the house.
  3. Clean air – something like a HEPA filter may be necessary.
  4. Furniture with flame retardants or formaldehyde are an issue.
  5. Carpets and old fabrics that accumulate dirt or gas off are an issue.
  6. The cleaning products you use – check for eco friendly brands that don’t use chemicals or fragrances.
  7. Scented candles and household chemical air fresheners have dangerous fragrances in them, and oftentimes lead wicks in regular candles.
  8. Laundry detergents and softeners – be aware that there is an industry in fragrance technology and it has become a lot more dangerous with the molecules designed to hold fragrance for 12 weeks or more and those perfume chemicals burst open in a slow release fashion, and on contact! Almost impossible to get the stuff off you even if you’ve just been in the same room!
  9. Look at the ingredients in your personal care products, soaps, creams [some creams contain estrogen hormones!], many regular soaps and gels contain harmful perfumes and harsh ingredients  – just take a look at what the eczema society bans and why, and then take a look at the organic brands and how they go up a whole other step in quality! For a list of shops and online resources that sell quality organic bodycare and personal care products check out my resources page here.


I will do a whole section on this soon. But if you want to start immediately, you can’t go wrong with gentle cleansing, that would include:

  • Switching to organic food – that immediately takes a burden off your liver by removing pesticides, and herbicides, and GMOs.
  • Including foods in your diet that help with phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification – that includes cruciferous veg, and sulphur veg such as garlic.
  • There are gentle cleansing herbs such as Dr. Christopher’s range for the colon, liver, kidneys or Jill Davies in the UK [however do NOT do the liver flush drink if you see it recommended anywhere]
  • coffee enemas are supreme for detox, I’ve done thousands of them, they immediately gave me back the ability to stand when I was just about to become bedridden. I will show you easy ways to do them, but also some of the things people tend to forget in preparing them and doing them properly.
  • Hydrate, plenty of healthy fluids and clean water in there – actually a water distiller is a good idea, more later!

 organic food

I’ll be doing this in the ‘Eat’ section of this website.


which juicer, which juices – again will compile this in the ‘Drink’section soon!


I’ll be putting that under the ‘Think’ category on this website.

more later guys, and if there are any requests, then get in contact and let me know!


It may depend on your resources and location as to what you can afford and who you can find. In my own case I had to learn a lot of things myself at the practitoner level including functional medicine, and found some great resources in terms of herbs and natural healing that doesn’t cost a fortune. more later!


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