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Some Resources for Tackling Cancer

Radical Remission is Possible – Don’t Accept a Death Sentence – Do Your Best, And Here’s How…

Some people are given a sentence, told they have 4 months, 6 months, to live – is that fair? Or could there still be options for people? Well I’m hearing there are. And that some people after long hospital therapies involving chemo and radiation are told to go home to die and even then there can be options.

The ‘alternative’ cancer clinics and therapies usually get the ‘no hopers’, those thrown out to die. I was one of these ‘left to die’ people even though it wasn’t cancer in my case, and the only thing I could do was an ‘alternative’ therapy which happened to be Gerson Therapy. It was not specific to my condition but it immediately gave me the ability to stand and move again, and bought me the time to find other things that worked. I would never have resorted to something like that, especially ‘coffee enemas’ unless I had no other options. And where there are truly no other options then it is no longer ‘alternative medicine’, is it?

However, it is illegal to talk about alternatives to cancer treatment, so I merely provide people with resources and encourage you to do your own research. I’m experienced enough to know however those people who are not working at a high enough level for extreme healing, and some of the bluffers, while at the same time not claiming to be an expert myself. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been at this a while and got results for myself where the doctors failed.

First Steps: Check in somewhere while you explore your options

Gerson Therapy The advice often given by cancer survivors is to check yourself in for a couple of weeks rest and get the enemas, therapies, and juices pumped into you- while you research what it is you want to do next in your own cancer plan. It is a confusing time after being diagnosed and you would not be wasting your time.

Cancer Therapies Showcase

The Truth About Cancer and you can go straight to episode 1 already. TTAC showcases a lot of the ‘alternative’ cancer therapies out there. Some of these are genuine, for example Gerson Therapy is one of them, and there are others eg IV vitamin C, and many others. Some will genuinely be excellent, but some I wouldn’t be so sure for example Ty seems very fond of Keith Scott Mumby, who I honestly think is a quack yet touted as a ‘cancer expert’ in the UK, and he in turn touts another quack Brandon Bays who seems to have created her very own cult. But don’t let one or two put you off, this is an excellent research opportunity with some real nuggets.

And you cannot believe what you read on wiki about ‘alternative’ therapies, I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for some of those therapies still called ‘quack’  but actually it is because they threaten profits of the pharmaceutical industry that they are ridiculed. Same with herbs. Interesting the backlash against some genuine therapies, are those negative people brainwashed or do they have an agenda?

When you listen to representatives of the different therapies explain what they do, and show case studies of people testifying to their recovery, then you can make up your own mind. And even though some of these therapies differ in their approaches, they all have something in common – join those common dots and build your plan around them. Don’t hop on any one therapy solely, make sure you have a few and that they don’t fleece you financially.

Free Resources
  1. Some free resources would be The Quest for Cures, basically sign up for a free 10 day trial of FMTV and it is in there 🙂 But FMTV itself has detox programs and recipes which imo are more geared towards health than extreme healing for cancer, so stick to cancer therapies when you are working on reversing cancer.
  2. Another free resource is The Healing Cancer World Summit by Kevin Gianni back in 2012, a bit dated now but an excellent introduction into the world of healing and cancer therapies. Again, some will differ from each other, look for the common denominators and become knowledgeable in what is out there. Note: there are more options available today than listed in this summit but speakers like Gonzalez [whose work is now carried on by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy] do seem to have the best track record for pancreatic cancer with their enzymatic approach.
  3. is another good free resource, use the search bar and bring up 204 articles from the medical research on cancer, this will include alternative tests and supplements in the functional medicine world.
  4. and by The School of Natural Healing are good resources on herbal medicine. When people start mentioning herbs you clearly do not have time to start a course on herbalism if you’ve been told you have x months to live and you are just starting to put together your cancer survival protocol, but you want to resource any herbs mentioned and can do so easily there. And their radio show has an archive of past programs many of which deal with cancer.
  5. Another resource I’ve heard about is by Sayer Ji but I have not used it myself yet, it is I have heard him speak and he is quite good, for example he recently gave a bunch of foods and herbs that heal and regenerate the pancreas, at The Diabetes Summit, and Dr. Christopher could add a few more to that too<—this is where real extreme healing comes in, way beyond what the docs are doing.

What NOT to do

No Liver Flush Drinks!

So many people including doctors promote a ‘liver flush drink’. This drink consists of various combinations of oil and citrus/lemon and sometimes apple juice and is both unnecessary and dangerous. You are playing Russian Roulette with that so called ‘liver flush’ and some people will get gallstones stuck in the ducts and can end up in emergency ER for gallbladder removal or even worse end up with pancreatitis. The last thing a cancer patient wants is complications from detoxing too fast.

Do NOT detox too fast!

So many people rush into detox, but detox can make you very ill! Jay Davidson promotes detox while saying he and his wife nearly died from it – well then, he is NOT one to follow for that!

Safer Options

Coffee Enemas & Juicing

Coffee enemas are excellent at detoxing the liver. A cancer patient on Gerson Therapy will be doing up to 5 of them a day, and for every one coffee enema you must take 3 juices. Another way to look at that is, if you are juicing you should be taking one coffee enema for every 3 juices as that is how powerful juicing organic vegetables can shoot out toxins!

Extended Herbal Cleanses

These are within the western Master Herbalist herbal tradition and are very safe, you cleanse the bowel, kidneys, liver and only then you clean the blood and heavy metals after that as a next step – only in that order! The safest herbs for this are the Dr. Christopher herbs,  Christopher’s Original Formulas and their UK equivalents made by Jill Davies at

Wheatgrass & Organic Food

Wheatgrass juice is a green chlorophyll shot that has incredible positive effects in the body. Cancer patients should be on at least a tray of this a day. It can be bought, expensive that way but less work. In the UK a good source for wheatgrass, barley grass, snowpea sprouts, etc., is Aconbury Sprouts And it can very easily be grown at home and it is very cheap to grow it yourself. [I’ll post instructions and photos on my shortcuts to growing a ton of wheatgrass later]. I usually have a tray of this myself every day, sometimes two. It costs me about 25 euro a month to grow 30 trays at home.

The Functional Medicine Approach

There are specific tests you can get, on your nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune and hormone status and including specifics on whether your Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox pathways are working. There are specific foods that can boost those detox pathways, and to help you not overload your system too fast.

I will provide a part 2 on this with a lot more information on the Functional Medicine side of this…check back soon.

Other things to research – Virus Therapy?

Ty Bollinger recently mentioned in his The Truth About Vaccines series a virus therapy for cancer being experimented with in Europe [Riga] that has got good results for cancer, I don’t know much about it but of course people want to explore all their options so here it is.

If it were me:

Well I’ve already done a cancer therapy even though it was for a different illness and this is a glimpse of what I had to do, although if I had cancer and if I had money I’d do some extra things too. This is not medical advice, and what’s listed here is not specific to YOU, it shows a tiny glimpse of what you could be incorporating into your daily routine:

  1. I started with proper juicing [Gerson explains that for cancer you need something like the Norwalk juicer or a Greenstar or Champion with a juice press machine] and the Gerson juices.
  2. For every 3 juices I did a coffee enema, I only needed 3 enemas in a day because I did not have cancer.
  3. I got Charlotte Gerson’s book that explained everything but I connected with a trained Gerson supervisor and got the appropriate advice and blood tests, the therapy should not be done by someone without the appropriate supervision. However I did it back in 2004, and there is more direct access to the Gerson hospital now when it comes to supervision.
  4. If I’d had the money or ability to travel, I’d have spent a couple of weeks in either Mexico or Hungary at the Gerson hospitals and planned my next step from there.
  5. Mexico has other cancer clinics, so I’d likely have gone to Mexico and visited the others if I decided I needed more IV vitamin C therapies or oxygen therapies, or whatever I decided from my research suited me.
  6. For my illness I added other therapies to Gerson Therapy, although they don’t really like that, but it was the right thing for me to do and I was right to follow my intuition – not put all my eggs in one basket, especially when I had a different illness. I did the extended Master Herbalist cleanse by Dr. Christopher and Jill Davies [NOT Richard Schulze, he is too extreme] and NO liver flushes as they nearly killed me, I worked on the bowel, the kidneys, the liver, parasites, leaky gut, supported different body systems with different herbs.<—this is where Functional Medicine Testing could make things specific in terms of identifying precisely where the mechanisms of illness were in my body and where my nutrient deficiencies were. But you need money and someone not newly trained – an old timer in fmed like RonGrisanti.  Though some of the cancer clinics have doctors trained in functional medicine now too.
  7. I did a lot of wheatgrass too. Another place people go is the Hippocrates Institute, they are pretty hard core raw! But raw food didn’t suit my digestion and it was too tough.
  8. I also did some basic oxygen therapy
  9. I did switch to 100% organic food too, and no sugar.
  10. …I’ll have to think about what else I did! But if I had stage 4 cancer I’d add a lot more to the above!
Sports Hypnosis for Fighting Illness

When fighting illness we need the discipline and focus of an Olympic athlete. Many top athletes actually have hypnotherapy coaches on their team. I’d suggest anyone engaging in a battle against a major illness take the same approach, and learn some self-hypnosis for their illness precisely the way athletes do so. Ideally find a hypnotist who believes in fighting illness and who will work with you. Alternatively, pick up some simple tools for self hypnosis or some simple training in how the subconscious mind works and nail this side of things yourself. I did that. But obviously if you have a doctor who doesn’t believe in winning, and you have a cowardly hypnotherapist, then you’d have the wrong team 😉 I took training as a Master Hypnotist, I don’t practice, but I think I will eventually make a free resource available for people who want to restore their health on this website at some stage. However, for now, just remember – the power is within you. Other people merely help you find and use that power.

Happening – Radical Remission

There are some speakers at the Food Revolution Summit talking about cancer this week/actually it’s on every year if you missed it and you can buy the packages after the event/ specifically how people who were told ‘there was no hope’ had reversed their illness with food. This is from the email I just got this evening April 30th:

Kelly Turner PhD, has studied more than 1,000 people who defied all the odds (most were considered terminal) and yet who reversed cancer and are now thriving.

The nine key factors for Radical Remission are:

It turns out, almost all of them had nine things in common:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Right use of herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Having strong reasons for living
Joel Furhman, MD

We also heard from Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the power of excellent nutritions, with stunning insights on nutrition to beat cancer and other diseases.

Dr. William Li on his breakthrough research on the science of ‘angiogenesis’ and how you can literally eat to starve cancer.

All talks air for free for 24 hours, there will be an encore day at the end of the 7 day summit.