The School of Natural Healing

The School of Natural Healing

This is the Dr. Christopher School of Natural Healing, training in Master Herbalism at all levels from knowing how to take care of yourself about the home, and cut down on those doctor bills, to being at practitioner level with herbs and healing.

Their Family Herbalist course is foundational to having confidence with your health, this course above all the things I’ve done I would say has been the most important overall. It is without limit the things I’ve been able to take care of and even have avoided a number of surgeries, saved my appendix, my gallbladder pancreas, helped friends solve issues they had got no relief with in a decade with conventional medical care – much more on this later. I can say that right now I’ve made up a healing and inflammatory ointment with things I had around the house for a knee injury, and I healed a foot injury during the summer with something as simple as comfrey tea wrapped around it at night. Be amazed at the healing power of the body without high cost high tech stuff! This is the information that belonged to  humanity generations back, what our ancestors knew, but somehow as marketing swept us away, all has almost been forgotten.

I’ve given you a glimpse here today, and will be back later with much more on this subject!

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