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I’ve done Gerson therapy, which is a hard core juicing therapy, so I’m going to show you the range here from healing all the way down to pleasure juicing, because there is a big difference in juicing for health, for healing, or for pleasure – and all of those things are good, as long as you know one or two things just to make sure you are on the right track, and that you are not just getting a sugar surge or confusing more hydration for more nutrients.

I’ve also made all the mistakes by buying certain ‘less than optimal’ juicers when I was looking to reverse illness and create health. So let’s keep it simple with one or two guidelines, and cut through the BS that is out there coming from people who actually haven’t applied juice therapy themselves.

If you are juicing for healing then you need a specific type of juicer for optimal nutrients, if you are juicing for health then there are a number of good juicers out there [but likely not the ones on the highstreet, still best to go to a proper juicing store where people are totally into health]

On Gerson therapy the minimum level juicer was the Greenstar, and if you had cancer they suggested using a juice press with that. Or alternatively get a Norwalk juicer that included the press, at a significantly higher price.


which juices?

Gerson therapy had two types of juice

  1. Carrot and apple
  2. A Green juice – specific ingredients

obviously those are two good models to build on as they were chosen for very specific reasons [more later]

These days I put a lot more stuff in my juices. [more on this later]

How many juices?

An excellent rule of thumb if you are using a high powered juicer is something I learned from Gerson:

For every 3 juices do one coffee enema.

Why? Because they are so powerful they are detoxing you and you want that stuff out…Basically you will get away with 3 juices but when you go into more than that, then realize you should also be working on your cleansing.


An alternative to coffee enemas is something I learned from Dr. Christopher at the School of Natural Healing, and that is to cleanse your organs with specific herbs like in his extended cleanse range. You can find those at www.iherb.com  eg Lower Bowel Fomula, the kidney cleanse , and his liver formula.

Iherb deliver globally at very cheap rates, I’ve found them to be a good service. I also use a UK herb company www.herbshandshealing.co.uk This was founded by Jill Davies, a Master Herbalist trained by Dr. Christopher, and her herbs are amazing and lifesaving in my case. However, even though I fully recommend al her amazing herbs for their quality and the excellent combinations using western herbs, she does have a liver flush protocol on her website that I would caution against – I did it and it nearly landed me in the ER – unfortunately she has been influenced by Richard Schulze in that flush, but Dr. Christopher actually did not do that flush. He had a 3 day cleanse that softened the gallstones.

On that note – if you need gallbladder help, then the people with the best herbs for that are www.sensiblehealth.com in Canada, who sell Gold Coin Grass tincture – that saved my gallbladder and prevented me from ending up in the ER needing surgery! I also used a castor oil pack and Dr. Christopher’s 3 day apple juice cleanse – but I digress – I will do a proper article on gallbladder protocols soon – from someone who saved her gallbladder!

much more on all of this later, including a section on hydration – people usually are dehydrated and we have to make an effort to keep on top of this. Also, water – there are some specifics on pure water, getting the filth out that you wouldn’t even imagine in your wildest dreams is allowed into your tap water in the first place! What is the best machine for that, what is the best type of ‘bottled’ water when you are travelling. And what is structured water, more than a cherry on the icing? We will see later 🙂


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