Eating to Restore & Maintain Optimal Health

Eat for Heart Health

Question 1: Which diet is good for the heart and prevents plaque?

I’ll be looking at a collection of the top integrative cardiologists [docs top of their medical profession but who also trained in nutrition and holistic health – believe it or not, YOUR doctor doesn’t do that] including Steven Gundry, Stephen Masley, Joel Kahn, and others. Along with comparing them with the old naturopaths who also got success.

Question 2: What foods are safe and wise to eat when on heart meds?

This question is not being clearly answered out there, we will look at Suzy Cohen’s advice in Drug Muggers, along with looking at what Gundry and Masley are doing with their heart patients and how they all really should be talking to each other and to us…!

 Eat to Beat Cancer

There are many excellent resources on this, which I’ll be bringing to your attention soon…

Which Diet Today?!

  • Keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, mediterranean, The norweigan diet, the spud diet, fodmaps, scid, omg – the sheer variety of people claiming they are the one true way shows how crazy things have got! How to spot a fad diet and stay sane.
  • What is the difference between eating for health and eating for healing (when you have an illness like cancer or autoimmune disease, etc., that needs to be reversed)?
  • What is truly the best diet for someone on heart meds post bypass surgery, and what is the best way to eat to avoid getting into that situation?
  • What tricks are the food industry up to that has caused such a major downward spiral in global health these days, just look at the levels of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
  • Who is offering good advice for people who genuinely need to lose weight healthily.
  • When is gluten genuinely a problem and when it isn’t.
  • And why the most important researcher on that, Alessio Fassano, is actually misquoted all the time by certain people, and not invited to the online summits as often as he should be, and why other speakers tend to get invited instead!

organic food -why?

  1. Organic Food – is it really necessary and how does it differ from regular food?
  2. What is going on in the food industry that you should know about?
  3. What’s the real cover up with GMOs and who is behind it and what is it doing to your health and the future generations

fix your eating machine!

  1. fix gut lining
  2. anti-inflammatory diet
  3. Rotation diets, elimination diets, functional medicine tests – what is the way forward?

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