Training – Educate for Health

Whether you are a practitioner or a patient or a former patient who wants to formalize your training in what you’ve learned there are courses that will help you expand your understanding and strategies for healing:

Become a Family Herbalist or Master Herbalist:

The School of Natural Healing www.snh.cc

Become a CFMP Functional Medicine Practitioner or Educator:

www.functionalmedicineuniverity.com has a training program for doctors and health progressionals. And while anyone can enroll and enjoy the coarse for theirown helatht, halth

Enrollment s quarterly, next one in October, and $250 voucher cashback on tuition fees if you contact me at: mary@eatdrinkthinkdo.com

Become a Functional Health Coach:

Reed Davis has a very strong course for functional diagnostic nutrition, FDN, where people with no previous training can train up as functional health coach practitioners.

Become a Natural Therapies Practitioner:


Become a Blogger or Affiliate Marketer:

If you’ve got a story that you would like to tell the world or you’ve been ill a while or are on disability and need to look for alternative or additional sources of income, then you can have your own website and take part in the online world that has opened up. You can try it out for free with two free wordpress websites to play around with, that includes hosting and training and no credit card required. I’ll do a bigger review on all these opportunities and more later.

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