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The Hypnosis Motivation Institute

HMI Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy

It is run by George Kappas, the son of the founder Dr. John Kappas. It was founded in the 1960’s and Dr. John Kappas does seem to have been a genius. They are both masters of hypnotism and understated in this world where people tend to over promote themselves. The teachers there are all excellent too.

Professional Courses & Free Resources

  • They’ve got a free hypnosis course where you can learn self-hypnosis and how the subconscious mind actually works – how it drives our behavior, and how we can be programmed and unprogrammed.
  • They also offer a full Master Hypnotist online course.
  • And they have full hypnotherapy training programs too, those would be in-house, otherwise everything is accessible online.
  • Their courses are not expensive, it is not a driven-by-profit type of organization.

Two Amazing Free Resources from HMI

These resources are actually free on YouTube, though you can get more advanced training on them too within the Master Hypnotist training at HMI.

1. Change Your Money Story with the Mental Bank

The Mental Bank, for increasing your finances or achieving any goals. This one really works.

2. Relationships:  Emo & Phys – Which are YOU in relationships?

Who You Are in Relationships – E&P Emotional and Physical Sexuality by Dr. John Kappas

This Totally Blows Away Male and Female Stereotypes!

This is a work of pure genius, the best explanation of male and female characteristics I have ever seen. Goodbye male chauvinism [and female chauvinism!]. I recently heard a very mouthy ‘herbalist’ teach doctors that ‘women are all estrogen, emotional, they need female company’, well 50 years ago this E&P theory of sexuality came out and thanks to John Kappas I fully understand myself and others for the first time – not all men are X and not all women are Y 😀 The strength of Dr. Kappas work on the Mental Bank and Relationships is so amazing that these videos are actually decades old but as true today as they were then – they stand the test of time.

HMI are the Best Hypnosis School

In my opinon HMI are the best Hypnosis School
I think HMI are the best hypnosis school, nothing sneaky or covert in their approach, this is straightforward 'no bs' any truth, it is simple, and it works.
  • They also have opportunities to take single modules online in many aspects of hypnosis.
  • As well as an opportunity to join the American Hypnosis Association, if you are already a hypnotist or take their [free!] foundation course. That membership gives access to a library of archived material as well as some other benefits.
  • I’ve taken many different courses where people call mindwork by different names, and some of them like to lean heavily on science at times too, yet the HMI foundation is core and ahead of the rest, who just always seem to be trying to catch up on what these guys knew since the 60s.

But No One is Perfect!

  But Ketogenic Diet?…A Hypnosis School Should Stick to Hypnosis!

A criticism I have is they push one type of diet – which not only is a diet I believe to be a fad diet [an Atkins/ketogenic type diet], but really a hypnosis school should stick to hypnosis. George Kappas actually has a quite recent video on youtube on weightloss which I don’t recommend at all, except to say that the hypnosis aspect of it is not related to his views on diet. His hypnosis is excellent and you could skip forward to the last 16 minutes or so to catch a glance of how hypnosis and weightloss works.

Kappasinian Hypnosis

Kappasinian Hypnosis is stunningly simple and powerful, nothing sneaky. It is sublime. There is a module on it at HMI that I would suggest everyone take, it is both affordable and easily accessible.

But a criticism I’d have with HMI in general is that in their efforts to honor their legendary founder they are too rigidly adhering to everything the founder Dr. John Kappas believed, eg the arm raising induction, which really isn’t so necessary in every case but is sort of their brand. And John Kappas also was pretty hard on some types of ‘alternative medicine’, in one class he even criticized the very therapy I was using to save my life – and they still allow that class to air – well just as with the type of diet George Kappas teaches today, I don’t think a hypnosis school should be teaching anything other than hypnosis.

Dr. John Kappas – Genius & Legend, Ahead of His Time

Yet there is no doubt that John Kappas was a genius and a legend in the world of hypnosis, and many of his techniques that were taught a generation ago were making an appearance in the world of neuroscience and mindfulness now as ‘new discoveries’ eg ‘powerwords’ and ‘counting people out of hypnosis’, though they go by different names now. And as I already mentioned, it was Dr. Kappas that was behind the Mental Bank, the E&P Emotional and Physical Sexuality, and he was the one identified ‘loser syndrome’ and spotted the weaknesses in the way some of the ‘mindfulness’ techniques are being used today. He was truly way ahead of his time.

Modern Marketing Wipes out History?

It is a mystery to me why John Kappas is not more widely known and not a household name. It was surprising to me to see an entire global summit on stress last week not even mention hypnosis or invite a speaker from the American Hypnosis Association. It became clear that the summit was hosted by a woman who invited all her friends from her business mastermind group – and marketing and positioning can be a big factor in who is deemed an expert in the 21st C. Maybe that is not too different from the old days when it came down to money and who you knew to determine your success.

Is Neuroscience Really New?

Well things like ‘Neuroplasticity’ only got officially ‘discovered’ 15 years ago and radically altered the face of psychology. Obviously it had been there all along but science only ‘proved’ it was there or discovered it was there 15 years ago…hm.

Another thing that came up at last week’s stress summit was references to the work of certain academics in the field of ‘mindfulness’, yet I recognized that John Kappas and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute have been practicing these ‘new discoveries’ for decades, for example the use of ‘powerwords’ and ‘counting out of hypnosis’

Science is sometimes several decades [or 1000s of years!] behind, because it looks at something that works then asks a question that it can prove in a clinical trial and then deem the thing is now proved and just discovered to be ‘true’. However there is a need to bring things to a new generation, particularly where an older generation may not have succeeded and sometimes science can explain what was not accepted before, confirming it and expand upon it.

Someone who is on the cutting edge of neuroscience is John Assaraf with his Neurogym programs.


With HMI you have the opportunity to understand the subconscious mind and how it drives our behavior and results in life, learn how to ‘change your story’ if you are not where you think you should or could be. There is also the opportunity to start a new career in Hypnotherapy, which any hypnotist knows, knocks years off classical psychotherapy and ‘talk-therapy’ approaches.