Online Health Summits 2017

 2017 Free Online Events

The new season has got off to a flying start with free courses, summits and docuseries. 2017 seems to have more events lined up than any other year. Compare the 2016 season here.

  1. The level of information at these summits can be way above what you’d normally see or hear in the media, but way below what these speakers provide at a Functional Medicine training course or Naturopathic training course, though they certainly keep you up to date with trends and new ideas.
  2. Also, some people attending these summits hear one opinion and run with it like it is ‘the one truth’, but remember there are many speakers with many opinions or sometimes one summit may have a bunch of friends with the same opinion – so you have to weigh things up, get familiar with more than one point of view, and keep thinking and asking questions and research for yourself.
  3. I follow these summits because even though I’m into health and healing 15 years, and trained in many different facets by now, I still find the summits very useful and educational, and I present them here as a helpful tool for you on your own journey, and as a means of opening the wider discussion on health in society, which seems to have closed itself off to a medical system that doesn’t currently work, all in the name of profits for Big Pharma.

At a Glance the Calendar 2017:

The Food RevolutionApril 29th-May 7th  Encore Weekend Friday May 12th- Sunday May 14th and Empowerment Package still available.

That Vitamin Movie, Free Screening of the Complete Documentary, May 6th-17th Replay extended till May 17th. My Review and Commentary

Microbiome Medicine 2 Summit, May 8th-15th<—Started Monday May 8th! Summit package still available..

Vaccines Revealed Replaying since May 10th / Aired

The Truth About Cancer May 16th-24th+ people strapped to beds and forced to take chemo  – welcome to the USA? Aired

That Vitamin Summit 2, May 18th-24th Aired

The Lifestyle Medicine Summit, June 1st-7th Aired [wasn’t impressed!]

LGBT Wellness Summit, June 5th-12th WARNING! This is all about spirit guides and ‘intuitive psychics’ and NOT about the health of people within the LGBT community I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SUMMIT, Deceptive! 

Chronic Lyme Disease 2 Summit, June 19th-26th AIRED

SIBO Summit June 24th-28th AIRED

Chronic Headache & Migraine Summit Summit, July 10th-17th AIRED

My Healthy Child Summit, July 20th-26th AIRED

Immune Defense Summit, July 24th-31st AIRED

The Tapping Solution for Weightloss AIRED

The Truth About Vaccines AIRED

Interpreting Genetics, Aug 21-28th AIRED

GMOs Revealed register for event, [become an affiliate] , Aug 22nd-31sAIRED

Parasite Summit, Sept 11-18th AIRED

Square One Cancer, Chris Wark, Sept 12th for 10 days AIRED

Digestive Health Summit, Sept 9-17th, Aired!

Mental Wellness 2, Sept 25-Oct 2nd AIRED

Arthritis Summit, Oct 9-16th

Tapping for Financial SuccessSeptember AIRED

Healthmeans, Membership Site with access to many of the summits and speakers

The Truth About Cancer,  Launch Oct 5-7th  AIRED

Healing Hashimoto’s Summit 2017, Nov 6-11th AIRED


Love Life Again Summit Jan 15-22nd

Note: More summits continually being added to this list from various partners as details become released, so check back or join email list.

Click here for the 2018 calendar.

Want to Become an Affiliate for these Summits?

You can register here to become an affiliate, with one of the main providers HTO, however there are some summits independent from this provider with their individual sign-up systems, many of which I access and make available as they come up. For example, here is another provider: 5XH.

The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2, May 8th-15th


Free online event everything microbiome. One look at the speaker line-up and we see they are covering the entire range of body systems, which are clearly all tied in with a properly populated microbiome.

Polar Opposites!

Another fun thing to notice about this speaker line-up is it is the opposite of last week’s Food Revolution philosophy! Last week veganism was in and excess oils were out, this week pile on the meat and fats, load you coffee with butter, get out the keto sticks!<—btw you can’t eat those sticks, and no carbs either 😀

But is it worth tuning in to both these events – you bet! Lots to learn, the latest research. The only problem is both groups need to sit down and talk to each other!

What you could learn at The Microbiome Medicine 2 Summit:

  • Microbiome to enhance brain function, mood, anxiety and depression
  • Relation to gastrointestinal illnesses, including IBS, Crohn’s and colitis
  • Relation to newly identified GI/brain syndromes
  • Address autoimmune diseases

*Attend this summit for free, talks air free for 24 hours.

*Purchase the summit package, pre-event sale price is $59 for digital access to the MPs, transcripts, videos plus bonuses. On Tuesday the price goes up to $79. There are also other packages available, including flash drive which will cost a little extra.

The Food Revolution Summit, Apr 29th-May 7th

Encore Weekend Friday May 12th- Sunday 14th

  The bonuses that come with the sales package are AMAZING! There are over 20 free bonuses that come with the summit including other summits on GMOs, Natural Healing, and courses on everything from Thyroid, to Weight Loss, to Sleep, and Herbs. That’s why it is called The Empowerment Package! Check out the contents here.

The 6th Annual Food Revolution Summit

I’ve caught a few of these in the past, the speakers were sometimes really exceptional on the environment and food issues affecting the entire world – real insights into information that isn’t well advertised in usual media outlets, some of the fantastic work being done by some fantastic activists including senators [the sort of stuff that gives you hope!], and on the other hand revealing some of the most devious and sinister strategies on the part of huge companies and the FDA and other big political and financial groups.

I thought this year’s line up was a bit strange at first but now I see all the days are themed:

  • April 30th: Focus on Cancer, ‘radical remissions from cancer’ and ‘cancer fighting foods’, so maybe those Robbins are still kicking ass though at a glance it looked like a typical display of speakers you’d get at any other summit.
  • May 1st: GMOs and a food activist with some exclusive information speaks out.
  • May 3rd: Heart Health Diet, how to prevent and reverse heart disease including coronary plaque.

This is hosted by the Robbins family, the heirs to the Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors ice-cream fortune who literally walked away from the multi-million dollar business and became vegan – they believed sugary ice creams weren’t helping people’s health or the planet so they refused to continue the business. This will explain some of their personal views on diet, though I don’t think veganism is actually going to be necessary or healthy for absolutely everybody.

The summit airs for free with the option of buying the packages if you want to listen to them later on [or earlier on], and if you want to have the transcripts. Personally I find reading is faster than listening, but then again, listening is great if you want to do some work in the background or whatever. Register for free for The Food Revolution Summit 2017.

Environmental Alert

Alert: A warning has come out that genetically modified moths and eucalyptus trees are in the pipeline and if you think these are a bad idea then apparently there is time for your official comment:

1. GM Eucalyptus Trees: ArborGen, Inc.  with headquarters in Ridgeville, South Carolina, wants “non-regulated status” for their genetically engineered eucalyptus trees.  As required by law, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has published the draft Environmental Impact Statement with a public comment period. Comment here.

2. GM Moths: A permit application has been filed with the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) for the release of genetically engineered diamondback moths in New York. If you’d like to formally complain the link for this is Comment here.

That Vitamin Summit 2, May 18th-24th

There are a lot of big names from the health world speaking at this, some sell supplements eg Mercola, whereas others have spoken already at other summits about unnecessary use of supplements when food will do the same job eg Sayer Ji. Then there is James Colquhoun founder of FMTV [Food Matters TV, the health equivalent of Netflix] – so it looks like a nice diversity of speakers and something to look forward to.

You can register for free, the talks will air for free for 24 hours. If you’d like to own the summit then there will be an option on the day of the event to buy the package and there will be a $40 discount for one day only, leaving it at $69 for the digital package and $99 for the digital plus flash drive, I’ll post the link when it becomes live. There are bonus gifts when you purchase the summit, they are going to include last years summit too, plus a number of other things.

Note that all the different summits are slightly different in pricing and conditions and their physical package.

*This one has got off to a good start with Jay Davidson talking about the gallbladder/liver’s central role…this is the best talk I’ve heard him give, and the affinity of parasites for this area is often overlooked…

Menopause Summit, April 2017 hosted by Shirley Plant of Delicious Alternatives also airs April 24th. I will cover alternatives to bio-identical hormones later.

The Female Brain Summit 2, April 2017 hosted by Dan Ritchie. Disappointing approach, but I will cover hormones and how they don’t actually affect the brain gender specifically.

The Global Stress Summit, April 24-May 1st

** Key speaker to catch at this event: John Assaraf, Day 4<—Sign up for free and get a full transcript of his talk, along with Srini Pillay’s and one other.

Why is Assaraf key? Because more than any other speaker John Assaraf always gives something  you can implement right away, very often it is a complete game changer…and this talk delivered!

This summit really added some new and interesting speakers to the mix and highlighted an extremely important subject – stress reduction. Some talks gave techniques people could implement into their lives right away to increase their performance and productivity.

It was a line up of the ‘who’s who’ in the neuroscience world with A-listers such as John Assaraf and half his team at Neurogym eg Mark Waldman, Srini Pillay and others. But also some real legends such as Bruce McEwen – I have heard his research quoted many times in lectures so it was nice to see him actually speaking himself here and not just being quoted. There are also some other very big names eg Bart Billings who won an award for his work on PTSD and his book has saved many people from committing suicide. I will go into more detail on my Global Stress Summit reviews and commentary page.

If you registered for the Global Stress Summit there were a number of free gifts including full transcripts for 3 of the talks, John Assaraf, Srini Pillay, and Debbie Jeremiah. I don’t know if the free registration will kick in with those free talks after the event but if you’d like to try you can click here. It is still possible to purchase the package with all the speaker transcripts and downloadable audios and videos.

The Truth About Vaccines

April 12th-18th / Replays 22nd-23rd Sat&Sun

This event is by Ty Bollinger, the same person who brought us The Truth About Cancer and the Quest for Cures. It differs quite a bit from the previous vaccines event that aired earlier this year, which was Vaccines Revealed by Patrick Gentempo. I’m very impressed with the information presented in TTAV, and also that the insufferable ’emotional music’ of his previous series has not been carried into this one, maybe the director is different.

There are 7 episodes aired for free, averaging 1.5 hours each. And it is possible to buy the package with the transcripts/audios/videos too – that package has more information – because the 7 episodes have been edited down from 54 interviews and those full interviews are what you get in the package. This is actually vital information for everyone to have, it affects everyone:

  1. There is a plan in place for forced adult vaccinations by 2020 and with 140 vaccinations in development, partly funded by the Gates foundation.
  2. If you think it ‘only affects children’ then think again, the burden on society of providing special needs education and lifetime medication and care for vaccine damaged children actually falls onto the taxpayer.

Everyone should own The Truth About Vaccines series by Ty Bollinger. Personally I wish the information was made totally free, but at least someone has brought it all together, and this is an exceptional collection of facts, evidence, and resources. I am writing reviews and summaries of these episodes here.

Here is the link to the previous vaccines event, Vaccines Revealed by Patrick Gentempo, though likely TTAV is enough, but in case anyone is interested.


Sweet Freedom Summit – April 10th-17th

 Ending sugar addiction

Register for free and view the entire Sweet Freedom Summit event, April 10th-17th. 

Buy the Sweet Freedom Summit to end sugar addiction package [pre-event always has special discount], includes over 30 speakers with audio, video and transcripts.

Register as an affiliate , if you would like to promote these summits on your own website or list.

I am posting my reviews and commentary on this summit on my blog each day and you can share on there too if you feel strongly for or against anything said by any speaker.


The Weightloss Summit 2017

The Weightloss Summit aired April 3rd – 7th, the host was Dan Ritchie.

The Diabetes Summit 2017  March 20th-27th

He has put this event on a number of years already, some new speakers this time, many old faces that I just wish would take a break – there will be a lot of explanation on the mechanics of diabetes:

  • How it works
  • How you get it
  • How to prevent it
  • What tests to take

Some good advice and motivation and encouragement to be had for sure, also some bad advice – the anti-grain squad are there, grains aren’t evil and we don’t all need to be on paleo or ketogenic diets. Hopefully there will be a variety of views presented, time will tell!

I tend to point out the weaknesses in these summits, but there is usually more good information than bad information, and more available information than we get in the media or in the current industrial medical model driven by big pharma.

This summit will stream each day’s speakers for free for about 24 hours, if you would like to own the recordings and transcripts to view outside of the official dates then it is possible to purchase them, and they are always at a hugely reduced price up until the first day of the event.


Update: Sayer Ji’s talk, and Michael Murray’s talk were exceptionally good and worth the entire summit. He also had Joel Kahn on, he is going the opposite direction to keto and paleo, he is a vegan – so even though I’m not a vegan or vegetarian I do think Dr. Kahn says some things that really need to be said to tone down some of the recent fads and bring that pendulum back to a more centered place, somewhere between himself and the paleo/keto guys. 🙂

The Thyroid Secret, Mar 1st-9th 2017

The Thyroid Secret, docu-series will air a compilation of interviews packed into mini-films, hosted Isabella Wentz.

This is what Isabella Wentz promises:

“We’ve brought together over 100 experts from around the country to give you their very best, most cutting edge information about thyroid disease. We’ll explore the root causes, the real reason people are so often misdiagnosed and go deeply into some of the most advanced healing treatments anywhere.” [Let’s see if David Brownstein will be invited by her! Be aware folks, the people who can afford to put on these events usually just invite people of the same opinon, so always do your research and keep your thinking hat on, there will still be good info here.]

Evening Release Time – Not Streamed Daily!
“We will be releasing 9-episodes of The Thyroid Secret to you, one-by-one, each evening- sitcom style- so you can tune in after work!” Actually that makes it very limited compared to regular summits, the talk only becomes available at a certain time in the evening. It did in this case remain available till next talk.

The Heart Revolution

 Feb 25th-Mar 5th Free Online Event

Sign up for The Heart Revolution free online summit starting Feb 25th, with over 25 speakers talking all aspects of heart health.

The event is free but if you already know you’d like to buy this event to watch outside of the free streaming days then optionally you can purchase it here for a discounted price before the summit. [usually half price before the event]

If you’d like to become an affiliate to promote this event you can sign up here to Become an affiliate .

My dad recently had heart bypass surgery, it is a scary operation, life and death stuff and honestly the two best places I could find information on how to prevent stuff like this ever happening are:

  1. which is a website attached to Functional Medicine University which provides free articles on all aspects of research and testing available for various conditions, you can do a free search on heart and be amazed at all the alternative testing that can be done to prevent bad situations ever developing. My dad had a double blockage in his left artery, well he’d been sent away from his doc just days before having a heart attack – yes they dealt with it all after the fact, but he was just lucky not to have died and it all could have been monitored much earlier and prevented.
  2. The best place for actual solutions imo is, the School of Natural Healing, founded by Dr. Christopher – everyone is pinching his work these days, but he is the original and the best. That said, sometimes the modern newsletter deviates from his work by recommending things like liver flushes – never do them, his original work doesn’t do them either 😉

Chris Beat Cancer: Square One Feb 15th-24th

Two educational resources for when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are exploring your options, first questions for your oncologist, secondly a 10 part educational video series called Square One, from a guy who has been there and beat cancer, Chris Beat Cancer. So it is his accumulated wisdom, somewhere to start!

Update: This event is currently on day 7, I’ve watched all the modules and the first 6 are encouraging, some quick comments so far:

  • I’d disagree with some of his points on the cancer diet eg he quotes Gerson Therapy when it suits him then ignores it on dairy and meat when it doesn’t suit his own ideas! But I liked that he bashed the ketogenic diet, which imo is suitable only for ocd astronauts!
  • Also be wary of his detox ideas, as they don’t prepare you enough beforehand or offer enough support during. [I’ll explain more on this later]
  • However, anyone with an allergy to being preached at or converted to anyone’s particular religion be warned module 7 goes overboard on this. Module 6 was half bible bashing half good material, he barely got away with that but people are complaining about module 7, and right so.


January 10th-18th Vaccines Revealed

Vaccines Revealed This is a documentary series, one film per day available for 24 hours on the hot subject of vaccinations and the giant human experiment that they have been – that is experimenting on us, that includes YOU and the people you love and though it’s been going on quite a while it is getting worse – hey, there’s money in them there vaccines, of course there are more of them – with detrimental effects

We need to take action to stop the governments of the world forcing us to be vaccinated/poisoned/maimed/injured/destroyed…

  • Say no to forced vaccinations
  • Say no to inflicting autism and many other illness on children
  • Say no to invasion of human rights and control
  • Say no to pharmaceutical industries maiming humans for profit

Watch the series, comment, glean the truths, and take action. And if there are bits that aren’t true in your eyes, then share them so everyone else can learn too.

January 11th-February 8th, 2017 Winter of Wellness

I’m not familiar with all of the speakers here, certainly some of them worth tuning  into. Interesting is there is a 48 hour window to view the talks for free, and it spans over 3 weeks with the 40+ speakers, so the paced is quite relaxed relative to the schedule of some past summits.

The Promise: During Winter of Wellness, you’ll discover leading-edge solutions to your personal health objectives — with esteemed teachers, doctors and practitioners sharing their proven methods that address YOU as an integrative, interconnected WHOLE.<—translated means a step above your average doctors who are like secretaries for the pharmaceutical companies and aim to medicate not rejuvenate…

RSVP here for Winter of Wellness at no charge: 

And, when you join Winter of Wellness, you’ll discover innovative solutions to your most pressing health concerns<—-well that’s their promise, let’s see 😉 

Here’s a snapshot of what just a few of the speakers will be sharing with you:

  • Donna Eden shares simple energy medicine techniques to improve your health.
  • David Crow reveals what health benefits can be derived from the simple rose.
  • Dr. Kellyann Petrucci shares her bestselling bone broth recipes to help YOU burn fat, reduce inflammation, heal your gut and eliminate wrinkles…

And if you’re a healing practitioner or a coach yourself, you’ll tap into a diverse array of techniques and resources, during this comprehensive series, to support you in your work with clients and patients.

Embark on a journey that can SUPERCHARGE your whole life and revitalize your family, your friends… and even your community<—or at least get you motivated to do so yourself 🙂  

RSVP here for Winter of Wellness at no charge: 

January 30th-February 6th, The Autoimmune Revolution


The host is Peter Osborne, so in a nutshell he’ll be waging a war on gluten, and even the humble spud – do I agree with everything this guy says – absolutely not.

Medicinal Plants for Protection<- this summit already aired in Dec 16


During this virtual event, you’ll discover:

  • How to use herbal and aromatic therapies to support your immunity
  • Important herbs that protect your liver from environmental and metabolic toxins
  • How the antioxidant powers of medicinal plants can protect you against radiation and heavy metal toxicity
  • How to create a home “pharmacy” of herbs and essential oils to assist in warding off adrenal exhaustion and emotional burnout

For over 30 years, David has pioneered a path for harnessing the power of plants and their ability to help your body, mind and spirit rebalance for greater resilience and resistance to disease –– empowering your natural propensity for self-healing and rejuvenation – and I can’t believe I’ve never heard this guy speak – can’t wait to hear him!

This virtual event is free — so definitely register here: Medicinal Plants for Protection

Another Free Course with David Crow Available Now

How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality

How medicinal plants can fuel your spiritual evolution

We’re used to thinking of plants as “things” rather than living, sentient beings that are connected in profound ways to the health of our bodies, minds and souls.

But what if plants — with all their health-giving effects and amazing diversity of expression — hold the key not just to our health but to our spiritual evolution?

This idea is not as new as you might think, as it’s been part of ancient systems of natural medicine from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine. Plants affect our life force and connect us physically with the raw energy of the sun.

The fascinating and powerful relationship between plants and spiritual evolution is the passion of Floracopeia founder David Crow, who is brilliant on this subject.

This is a FREE virtual event with David called, How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality.

You’ll need to RSVP for your space here Medicinal Plants with David Crow 

If you’ve ever marveled at the peaceful beauty of a garden or been grateful for a herb that brought you healing or wondered how to harness the power of essential oils, you’ll be excited by David’s insights into the plant-human connection.  

During this virtual event, you’ll:

  • Learn about body-based awareness exercises that will allow you to perceive plant intelligence more deeply.
  • Relate to medicinal plants in a more meditative way to connect with their essence.
  • Discover breath practices to open a stronger energetic relationship with plants.

For more than 30 years, David Crow has pioneered a path that is about harnessing the power of plants to infuse more intelligence in your body, mind and soul — giving you a more organic wisdom and sustainable connection with life.

He unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices into a coherent understanding that will show you how to relate more deeply with medicinal plants for rejuvenation, awakening and health.

And as I mentioned, the great news is that this virtual event is free! Register here 

PS – In How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality, David Crow will help you understand plants in a more multi-dimensional way, so you can harmonize your bodily systems, heal old traumas and experience a more dynamic relationship with life force within and around you.

RSVP for free here 

I haven’t taken this course myself yet, but am looking forward to checking it out. I use plants in the western Master Herbalist tradition, not so much into philosophy as results.


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