The Thyroid Reset Summit Mar 4th-10th

Much the same as last year, be very careful here because even though it will show you some things your doctor is not doing right now to find your proper thyroid readings, this summit has some bad speakers like David Jockers and Elle Russ promoting keto – there are people promoting that out there simply because recently Josh Axe asked for investments to the tune of $103 million dollars in his keto and bone broth supplement company! This has been exposed by Ocean Robbins – I am not a vegan – but that is the truth, Ocean exposed it because a. he’s the food revolution man and keto will make you afraid to eat real food, it switches your metabolism over to fat or ‘being fat-adapted’, nothing to do with weight loss or natural fat burning, they are actually switching your metabolism away from burning glucose and carbs what it was naturally built for!

Another thing to be careful with is the advice on hormones, I see Kalish and some other hormone pushers there and even though bioidenticals will be better than regular medicine HRT, they are still not getting your body to produce hormones by addressing issues downstream to fix why it stopped. Herbs in particular Western Master Herbalism by the School of Natural Healing gets people’s bodies to produce hormones again.

Also notice the thyroid docs within integrative and functional medicine are divided on iodine – if David Brownstein is not invited then it’s probably the other side doing the summit. So look for both sides of the debate, summits can be biased. And 30 hours of info rubs off, so it’s a resource but not an end game. Enter with caution, if at all! Thyroid Reset Summit

Immune Defense Summit Feb 18th-24th

Hosted by Jonathan Landsman who has invited a diversity of speakers and not just friends from the same marketing group, this means different opinions here and there is a mix of the good, the bad and the real ugly like David Jockers keto, now supported by financial investor Ty Bollinger – don’t get caught with the fads. Michael Murray isn’t much help whinging about how much harm keto did to him but afraid to say out loud that it’s bad or dangerous. The best speaker and maybe the only good one that I can safely recommend here is David Christopher . So enter with caution, be discerning – anyone telling you to change your natural metabolism over to fat or water needs handcuffed imo, keto is a fad, people have died already following David Jockers. And Tom O’Bryan and Peter Osborne are no better making people afraid of carbs and with no real grounding in the history of healing, just their own agenda. Be careful with these HTO summits. Take a look at Evan Alden’s post in Elephant Journal, an open letter to conscious minded practitioners showing how much these speakers have failed her and what it has cost her.

Immune Defense Summit

The real deal foundation in healing The School of Natural Healing 

Success is Not an Accident |Mental Bank

New Years Resolutions time of year – want something that works and is free and no upsells! YES! Forget the digital marketing blitz with all the hype, this is the real deal. This will show you how your subconscious mind works, how to access it to make consistent gradual daily change that sticks, how to go above your financial and current life set point.

  • Ever reach a new height only to be dragged right back down again? Hell yes, that cycle is what this video aims to break and in just 5 minutes of your time before bed. What have you got to lose?!

This video must be 20 years old and there is a new one right beside it on youtube given by George Kappas maybe 20 years later! But both are still great and I think there’s more details in this one so here ya go! Happy New Year!

Free NonSmoker Now! Program with no upsells!


Hypnotherapist with over 20 years clinical experience, Timothy Trujillo has released this track as a free download in honor of a friend killed by cigarettes so that anyone who wants to get off them can do so without money being an obstacle.

To get the best out of this video do as he says, close your eyes and listen with you subconscious mind, this is where you access your automatic behavior and change your habits. If you just listen while doing some other activity then you are listening consciously and the conscious mind is thinking about far too many other things for this to make the deep change you are looking for – accessing your subconscious mind is what a hypnotherapist helps you to do. It may look easy, the difference may be vey subtle, but there is a difference.

Best wishes in 2019 as a NonSmoker Now!

NonSmoker Now! Download for free

EMF Health Summit, Dec 9th-15

Practical tips promised on how to deal with the emf in our daily lives, which is reaching ever increasing proportions.

Hosted by Lloyd Burrell

Grab your free talks and gifts here

Two other summits coming up in November are Health Hacker and Super Human Brain. Both of these have very similar speakers and topics to the Female Hormones summit and David Jockers type keto stuff – most of which is rapidly becoming outdated at the moment as so many people get in trouble with keto whether they ‘do it right’ or not eg ‘why did my heart go into afib and stay there with keto’ is one comment on the autoimmune summit last week. Also reported are scary blood sugar, muscle loss, biomarkers all going the wrong direction – and the latter two are Dr. Michael Murray himself as he had to pull the plug on keto when he saw what it was doing to him.

As for the ‘hacks’ you could just go follow Ben Greenfield, he lives the ‘body hack’ sort of life with his iron man type lifestyle. Someone often referred to as a health hacker but not engaged in iron man events but more into coffee sales is Dave Asprey, and his advice at the Autoimmune Revolution last week was shocking, giving advice to people on taking low dose hormones – remind yourself who is this guy to be giving you advice – has he ever taken on the discipline of having studied any of this properly – no. He likes to talk about things ‘the doctors don’t know’ but he has no idea of the history of healing and that better things than his advice have been around a very long time. This is how fads are born, a cup of coffee with a blub of fat in it is NOT a nutritious breakfast for any ill person, but it sure sounds like what so many people want to hear 😉

As for Super Human Brain, again more keto type stuff and stuff we’ve heard – not convincing in my opinion – the American research is at least 15 years behind the British research of eg Prof Basant Puri on EPA, and these summits are still embracing keto and coffee which more and more speakers are coming out against now – many groups getting great brain results without these approaches, yes, even beyond Bredesen. This time it’s Isaac Jones and a pal doing a ‘masterclass’, unless you are very experienced you could be tempted to take on some habits or practice that will undo you, so if you attend this then you need to research everything. It’s not on my to do list 🙂

From the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity, Nov 13th-22nd

iThrive out of diabetes and obesity And WITHOUT keto! This guy lost 108lbs without using the ketogenic diet! Well duh of course he did, keto has been here 5 minutes and unfortunately did a lot of damage as it passed through, however the older diets out there that had been reversing diabetes all along still are reveersin it, as Jon found out here.

ithrive crushing diabetes obesity

The Autoimmune Revolution, Nov 5th-11th

autoimmune revolution speakers

30 speakers covering a wide range of topics, free transcripts and gifts if you register before the end of the summit. Summit airs for free all week long and will have an encore the following w/e, packages available for those who would like to view the talks afterwards and these come with even more purchase bonuses.

Register for the Autoimmune Revolution here.

Check out my preview here

The Home Medicine Summit, Oct 15th-21st

home medicine summit

Register now for the Home Medicine Summit, hosted by Marjory Wildcraft of the Grow Network which is a network dedicated to teaching people how to grow their own food, raise chickens and livestock, homestead, natural medicine, soil and all such things. It runs for 7 days with two encore days at the end and you get 6 free gifts when you sign in for free, even if you are late for the summit.

Sayer-Ji’s talk included how to do an elimination test to see if you are sensitive to nightshades, and discussed that while a small number of people are sensitive to them especially when already ill with something else, most people will derive great benefits from them.

home medicine summit day 1 speakers


The Healing Power of Food Summit, Oct 13th-21st

healing power of food summit

Hosted by Michael Murray, who has invited over 30 speakers from different dietary backgrounds, often with very conflicting views. Usually the summits don’t invite different views, they invite their friends and we never get to see the pitfalls of the various diets. I’m not sure we’ll be told the pitfalls of each diet here but it’s a start to see them all lined up for us to inform our opinions.

See the speaker lineup in the event line up.

Register for free now for the Healing Power of Foods Summit

*I hope you caught the points of pro-keto speakers at the Fix Female Hormones summit that keto will screw your thyroid if you do it wrong, that many people are doing it wrong, you should take a thyroid test before going on keto – says David Jockers, a bit too late for many people. And they even adapted it as a diet for women as normal keto is not so good for women, is the line now. These points have been added to with some speakers eg Naveen Jain at the HPOF summit stating that when fasting your microbiome bugs are starving and will eat your endothelial lining! Also Micheal Murray has stated that when he tried keto he lost muscle and his perfectly monitored healthy metabolism started to unravel so he pulled the plug on keto personally! They make the point keto has to be done very carefully and does not suit everyone, however a bigger question remains as to it being a fad diet as per David Katz’s suggestion.

We also have Alan Christianson talking about the importance of resistant starch such as white potatoes for lowering cancer risk, brain health, immune system, butyrate etc. while Tom O’Bryan is still misquoting ‘potatoes and glycemic index’ vs glycemic load telling people to eat sweet pots instead, and Peter Osborne finally contradicting Tom O’Bryan in stating that they can’t claim wheat is bad for everyone – well, that’s what the original research always said, ie Mr. Zonulin Alessio Fasano still eats wheat 😉

The Truth About Cancer, Ty Bollinger Oct 9th-18th

ttac global quest cure for cancer

The Truth About Cancer,  A Global Quest This will be good. As usual a mix of info and you must do your personal research. I will provide a commentary as I’ve done a cancer therapy myself, not for cancer but you’ll notice these therapies are good for a lot of illnesses, and as a result of having done Gerson Therapy properly myslef I can tell who is bluffing around it and cherry picking – and yes that does happen among some speakers. The good information at this summit will help save lives, the bad bits just spit out 😀

Register now to know your options and make an informed choice on cancer therapies for yourself or your loved ones.

6th Annual Rewire the Brain to Think Thin with Marna Thall, Oct 2nd-12th

think thin rewire your brain marna thall

As ever, this one has a mix of excellent information and the not so great info so strain out the gold nuggets. But Marna has covered the main areas anyone wanting to lose weight should really address, whether or not they want to apply these solutions – remember – once you know how something works you can apply your own solutions 😉

I see she has a hypnotherapist offering self-hypnosis, you do need to make personal contact though so quite a hook there, though the idea in itself is ok and y ou can learn how to do self hypnosis for free with John Melton on YouTube or seek out a graduate of The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, I trained with HMI and think they are among the best – as long as you don’t go keto with them, sadly George is into that now and his wife.

The talks by Rita Marie Loscalzo and Ann Gittelmann were interesting, I think it was not one of Ann’s best talks because she is excellent on parasites and the gallbladder but on this talk she was mentioning superfoods she knew you’d like to be eating but can be quite debateable eg coffee, chocolate, wine – however the recipes are interesting as is her recovery. And Rita Marie also had some good advice for example the big switch up to almond flour is also a shift towards omega 6s when really we want to shift towards omega 3s, and she also had some interesting recipes.

There’s a talk by Keesha Ewers which I am not fond of at all, she totally pushes exogenous hormones all the time and wants to hook people onto her website and her way of doing things, not the best imo.

Check out the 2018 Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin event now.

The Fix for Female Hormones, Oct 1st-7th with encore Oct 13th, host Misty Williams

fix for female hormones summit

The word ‘the’ there being a bit ominous! Misty is on a quest to fix all things hormones and tackles this subject from many different vantage points, she is on a journey to solve her own health issues but imo seems to have swallowed whole the theory propogated by Sarah Gottfried MD on hormones – note it is Sarah Gottfried MD not MH, she is a medical doctor who dabbles in herbs and not actually a herbalist, or more specifically she is not familiat with the Master Herbalist tradition within western herbalism and the success it has had above other herbal traditions when it comes to all things hormones.  People like Dr. Gottfried at least try herbs, other speakers on the summit just distribute them like candy.

– so as it turns out they don’t know the full herbal protocol to fix hormones naturally in men and women.

At best they partially use the herbs that have been known for centuries / millenia to work for hormones, but most often the speakers at this summit neglect to use herbs and on top of that one speaker Keesha Ewers even wants to whip up some fearmongering about using bioidentical hormones ie synthetic exogenous hormones, preventatively! That’s a card I’ve seen played before for Alzheimer’s, but they all seem to want to use them to prevent different things, just not necessary! *yes I did say ‘synthetic’ bioidenticals because they are very highly processed unlike the herbs which actually restore bodily production of natural hormones.

One very good thing that inadvertantly came out of this summit was an admission to just how harmful the ketogenic diet is to the thyroid, and how many people do keto wrong and end up harming themselves. Both Elle Russ and David Jockers admitted that while still promoting the diet.

If you are interested in fixing hormones naturally with herbs then contact The School of Natural Healing, take their Family Herbalist course online which is a foundation in how to use herbs for solutions with no messing or over complication. Or talk to Jill Davies of in England.

If you are interested in hearing what’s happening in this space, for better or worse it certainly is an eyeopener, then register for the event now.

Awakening from Alzheimer’s Regain Your Brain Sept 21st-Oct2nd, encore Oct 5th-7th

awakening from alzheimer's

Day 4 Michael Breus ‘The Power of When’ is exellent on structuring your day for best productivity and relaxation, how best to get those circadian rhythms going and how to work with them – all the little things like when is it best to do your analytical work, to eat your biggest meal, protein, carbs, when to exericse, relax – and how that can change within different age groups!

However I did not agree with him on melatonin – it is well known the Master Herbalists can get the body to produce hormones at any age with the correct herbal support, so never any need to supplement with them!

*Also, regarding David Perlmutter, that keto is getting so old already, it never made sense and it certainly is NOT the only way to brain health at any age. His talk here to this older audience played down his extreme ketogenic diet approach to life, but as long as you know it’s in there are there are some giveaway markers, some good info mixed with some bordering loopy info being keto in disguise. At the Female Hormone summit after this we had Elle Russ and David Jockers both admit keto harms your thyroid and other things if you do it ‘wrong’, and that many people not only get it wrong but have thryoid issues going into it.

Register now for Awakening from Alzheimer’s Regain Your Brain docuseries!

Qi Gong Global Summit Starts Sept 18th

What is Qi Gong?

”…A daily Qigong practice, available to everyone, can immediately lower stress, increase energy, prevent illness, and support you in rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

With Qigong, you can learn to bring healing energy — known as “qi” or sometimes written ‘chi’— to particular parts of your body to transform anxiety, stress, and disease into self confidence, inner peace, and optimal health.

As your body responds by doing what it’s designed to do — heal and re-balance itself — blockages in your flow of qi disappear and your full life force energy moves smoothly, radiating out into all aspects of your daily life.”

And they have seven stated learning goals with this event:

How to tune in to your body’s subtle distress signals before your health is compromised & becomes a crisis

Simple health exercises from China and Tibet that protect, support and boost your health & immunity

Helpful breathing exercises to relieve PTSD & boost your health

The concepts of energy (qi) flow and how it plays a role in the physical, mental, & emotional systems in the human body

Ways to discover, experience, circulate & build your life force energy

That qigong can be used as a self-defense modality

Methods for accessing your fountain of “dynamic happiness” in the modern world<—with caution, I personally am promoting it as a form of exercise, not a new spiritual path though people are welcome choose whatever philosophy they like.

How Medical Qigong is defined

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine, and is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage.

Register now to attend this free event

If you’d like to check out Qi Gong and Tai Chi in advance of this summit there are some excellent videos on YouTube by Christopher Pei

Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit, Sept 10th-16th

pregnancy and motherhood summit

This is a 7 day summit, daily talks air free for 24 hours with an encore the following w/e starting Sept 22nd. Host Heba Shaheed, ‘The Pelvic Expert’. Registration is free and includes free gifts available till the end of the summit:

  • Access to 3 free talks with downloadable transcripts
  • A free pelvic floor exercise guide
  • 3 free ebooks

Check out the free gifts, full speaker schedule line-up and topics covered at this event in my Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit Event Preview /coming soon

*I must admit I’m alarmed to see the free ‘gift’ Tom O’Bryan is giving, it is just scaremongering and fear-mongering to be putting all women off gluten, only those sensitive to it have any potential risk, and yet he’s trying to instill fear into everyone that it causes schizophrenia and autism in babies – if that were true then there’d have been a lot more of it about! Actually Pyrole disorder a genetic inability to maintain proper zinc and B6 levels is responsible for Schizophrenia and many other problems, according to Dr. Mensah.

Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness, Sept 5th-13th

This is a 9 part docuseries, a documentary on herbal medicine with one episode airing each night and an encore the following w/e. It covers Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine. Host Nick Polizzi

remedy herbal medicine nick polizzi

See the episode list here:

remedy list of episodes

Read my event preview here

IBS & SIBO SOS Summit 2018 | Sept 3rd-9th

This summit kicks off Sept 3rd-9th, with an encore afterwards.  The daily talks stream for 24 hours all week long. There were 3 talks made available early as free gifts on registration, these 3 early talks and downloadable transcripts are available till the end of the summit after that you need to purchase the package to access all 44 speakers and transcripts:

ibs sibo summit free registration gifts

  1. Dr. Allison Siebecker ND: A very big name in the SIBO space. She tends discusses the difference between IBS & SIBO and shows the latest research including testing and treatment available now. She also tends to offer people a wider choice than most doctors, for example, antibiotics OR herbs, noting that the antimicrobial herbs will do just as well as antibiotics but instead of taking 2 weeks may take 4-6 weeks. Other big names in SIBO appearing at the summit include Dr. Pimenthal and Dr. Sandberg-Lewis.
  2. Dr. Partha Nandi, MD: He is an integrative doctor working with both standard medications and integrative / lifestyle. He also has a TV show called the ‘Ask Dr. Nandi’ show in the US.
  3. Dr. Tom O’Bryan: The title of this talk is misleading as it is not all about gluten for a change, though the title more accurately could read ‘what one bite of bread can do for someone with gluten sensitivity’!

As well as a free SIBO cookbook, there are 4 other ebooks free with registration, one of which is from Allison Siebecker on IBS & SIBO a Differential Diagnosis. There are going to be 44 guest speakers at this event covering a wide range of topics to do with all things digestive. And anyone who buys one of the summit packages will receive 10 more gifts, including Michael Murray’s Digestive Health Summit! To check out all the free gifts and speaker schedule click on my SIBO event preview herewhere I will also be highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly!

sibo summit purchase bonuses