Safe Sex, But Are They Safe Condoms?

Safe Sex, But Are They Safe Condoms?

People don’t even like to read the labels in the food they eat much less the condoms they use. We are told they provide safe sex, and in the heat of the moment that seems just fine, but what about those spermicides that warn do not use more than once a day or you risk damaging the lining of your vag, WHAT? And that leave both parties with itchy red bits each accusing the other of having a STD!  Very popular brands of condoms carrying a risk that huge? I’d like to know more please!

They like to pawn it off as Gwyneth Palthrow or another celebrity going over the top, but that is a sneaky markteing diversion from the truth – the facts are if you read the small print [yes bring your glasses to the next session and sit down and read for ten minutes before going any further, yeah, right, they know you won’t] condoms with spermicide come with a very serious caution and warning and health risk. They say if you use them infrequently you may be ok, unless you are sensitive – and these days a LOT of people are sensitive and if they weren’t before, then exposure to these chemicals could very easily leave them compromised.

Condoms with Spermicide – More Risk of HIV Infection, UTIs, and Allergic Reactions

They actually say that condoms with spermicide leave you more at risk for HIV infection – how on earth can that be? Well because of the irritation and damage to the vaginal wall, a virus can penetrate your body more easily. The ingredient Nonoxynol-9 is a harsh detergent which “disrupts the layers of the cell membranes” – and who writes this stuff – the public health authorities, who clearly have not yet recieved brown envelopes yet from the condom manufacturers if they are actually admitting this. You can check out…  or mayo clinic or any google seach with the keywords spermicide condoms and health effects.

  • Increased susceptibility to UTIs
  • Increased chance of HIV infection
  • Allergic reactions in both him and her

That is NOT a good time, imo!

Latex or No Latex, that is the Question?

Well there is a lot of debate on this one – and you’ll have to decide which suits you best. Some people want the feel of non-latex, think they are better, others will claim latex is natural. And then others will say they’ve a latex allergy so need to go alternative on that one.

What to Look for in Condoms to Really Protect Your Health?

Really as a good rule of thumb it comes down to what NOT to have on your condom, that would be:

  • No spermicide
  • No powder
  • No flavors [artificial flavors aren’t good for you in food, so on condoms will hardly be any better]
  • Correct Size

Some of the brands falling into this category include Glyde, Fair Squared, Sustain, among others. But notice most of these will be fairly small sized, except for Glyde who have a maxi.

Condom Size Matters

Yes it is a shock to most men to realize after 40 years that actually there is more than one size of condom, just like they aren’t all one size either. The rule of thumb seems to be to aim for either the right size or one smaller down, and instead of buying every condom out there to gauge your size you can try a brand like My Size, who give packs of 3 sizes at a time, and apparently make the biggest condom in the world – if you’d like a little perspective on things try one of those puppies 😀

For the strangled larger guys out there who’ve been using the wrong condom all their lives, and those gals who find it hard to persuade him to squeeze one on, have a browse here for larger lads, incognito mode on your browser if you like 🙂

Safe Lubricant

As in all things, lubricant labels matter too – one of the best out there as regards safe ingredients is the organic brand YES. And remember that one of the main reasons a condom splits is because you may not have put enough lubricant on there. I notice the main ingredient in that is Aloe Vera gel, hm, there’s an idea!

Your Opinion?

If you’ve anything you’d like to add to the discussion on safe condoms, please let me know in the comment section!





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