What are Antibiotic Levels of Garlic?

Antibiotic Levels of Garlic According to the Master Herbalist Tradition:

The antibiotic levels of garlic that you’d need to take, according to Master Herbalism, is 16 cloves of raw garlic a day minimum. You will immediately get a feel for what impact that is having on your infection, for example in the case of a gum infection it will either feel like it is easing off within a few hours or not – if not, then you greatly increase the levels of garlic till you start to notice a result.

Gum Infection

I have learned that with straight forward gum infections [like food particles got trapped around a wisdom tooth] then maybe 30 cloves the first day can see that infection die way down, but I have needed to continue garlic next few days, maybe at half the dose. One particular year, back in 2004, I had 4 gum infections and went to the dentists and doctors at the time and received 4 doses of antibiotics – they did not tell me about probiotics, is it any wonder I became ill! I can safely say I’ve beaten a couple of gum infections now with garlic and no antibiotics, the exact same as those other infections where the food was getting stuck in the gum around a wisdom tooth, and the garlic did kill the infection much faster, much safer, and with other positive side effects like hugely increased energy [because garlic is in the sulfur vegetable categories and is hugely linked with upregulating glutathione too, our master anti-oxidant] I can conclude the antibiotics clearly were not necessary for me those 4 other times, and without doubt contributed to leaky gut and who knows what else that comes with zero microbiome!

That said, I have heard of someone who refused antibiotics after a tooth extraction and he died, but I’m not sure he took any garlic or in the high amounts that are necessary. It was Michael Gearin Tosh, who had fought a fatal blood cancer for 11 years [was told he’d be dead inside 2] using Gerson Therapy, but garlic is not featured high in Gerson, nor the herbs he would have needed to fight infection. Basically if you don’t take antiobiotics, don’t expect the infection to go away, you genuinely have got to hit it with all you have – and there are other herbs that could be used too, it’s just that garlic is usually the thing I have on hand, and it has worked for me.

Tooth Abscess

However with infections like a tooth abscess, I’ve found it can take way more garlic than a ‘mere’ gum infection. I’ve taken up to 200 cloves of garlic in a week – and I’m not talking the tiddlers here, I’m talking big cloves of garlic [but not elephant garlic]. And it also depends on the type of garlic you have – even though I always use organic garlic, I find that locally grown in season freshly harvested garlic compared to supermarket organic garlic has a huge difference in potency and there is only one thing you have to do to find out – TASTE IT! By tasting it I mean if you were able to take 7 cloves of store bought garlic in a smoothie, the local in season garlic may lift your hair off strengthwise at only 4 cloves.
However, after you kill the tooth infection that can sometimes go with an abscess, you still have to drain out the pus [the gum infections I’ve had did not require this step, but the abscess does]. And for that you can use activated charcoal. I have outlined elsewhere the simple technique to drain a tooth abscess.

Other Uses of Garlic

Garlic has been used for just about everything to do with the immune system and cardiovascular system. If you look at the work of Dr. John R. Christopher, who founded The School of Natural Healing, you’ll see he adds garlic to a lot of his herbal formulas, yes including all types of infections, but most other things too. And a number of times he saved babies and adults’ lives using a garlic paste applied to the feet. Garlic is even strongly promoted in the fight against cancer.


Garlic is also hugely important for the heart and cardiovascular disease and because of that if you are on heart meds, you can’t really do high dose garlic at the antibiotic levels without checking in with someone about your meds first.

Which Types of Garlic to Use?

I use raw garlic cloves and several bulbs in a day. But some people can’t manage that. There are many expensive capsules for sale now, and what I notice is the raw garlic works so they are not absolutely necessary but for some people another form of garlic may be useful, though I haven’t tested on myself how much I’d need to consume to get antibiotic results, and I’m not sure that would be written on the packages either. However what if you can’t take the raw garlic, well if you found a good brand that has got you real results, I’d be interested to hear. I can’t rule out one exists, I simply have not tried them. If I can’t use raw garlic then I use some other herbs.

One thing I would avoid though is garlic oil – unless in an absolute emergency – because the smell of this is virtually impossible to remove from clothes, and it is so strong I’m personally not sure what dosage to use to stay safe. However, if your life depended on it and there was nothing else, then I’d be open minded to it as a last resort. Again, if you are using this successfully then let me know.

Ways to Consume Large Amounts of Garlic

So let’s say you want to get 30 cloves of garlic in a day:

  • Juicing: I use a Greenstar juicer and into my juice I put 7 cloves of garlic, and if I find this too strong I dilute it down till it is tolerable. Although one time when I had a severe gum infection I just drank it very strong, didn’t care if it burned the mouth off me, I just needed to reverse a bad infection very fast – the sort of infection that creeps up on you all day and you try to ignore it but by bedtime you are afraid to go to bed because omg it is so bad…yep, don’t ignore it! Juices like carrot/orange/ginger/turmeric, or celery/cucumber/ginger/turmeric/lemon/apple+7 cloves garlic.
  • Smoothies: Grapefruit, banana, water, maybe a pinch of greens – 4 cloves of garlic. I also have a larger daily smoothie where I put in a lot of garlic too.
  • Soups: These are a great way to blend in garlic and almost without tasting it, 1- 4 cloves.
  • Blended Meals: Another great way to blend in garlic, try 1 or 2 cloves as it is somehow stronger in food.
  • Water: In a pinch, if there’s nothing else available to you the for sure blending garlic into water and getting it down the hatch fast will be ok.
  • Some people eat raw garlic, it can burn so I don’t do it myself.
  • Some people cannot eat garlic at all, in which case there may be some other form to take it that suits better, or other antimicrobial herbs.

Further Information

If you’d like to read more about how garlic has been used successfully historically, then I suggest you check out www.herballegacy.com, to see how The School of Natural Healing have been using it with great success. We hear also from time to time in news reports how the Chinese army had used it when there was a threat of flu, and back through history how other armies and people used it quite effectively.

Garlic isn’t the only way to beat infection, just look at the thieves oil formula used by graverobbers during the plague – a simple combination of simple herbs used by poor people living in poverty and they survived what no one else could. Herbs and solutions to illness have been around a very long time, and I suspect there is only one reason the antibiotic use of garlic has slipped out of use and out of public knowledge today – and that is because it would cut the profilt margins of big industry somewhere else, who would rather dispense pills. But that is a whole other story. Of course there are times when antibiotics and pills are necessary, but I’ve discovered on myself that many times they are not and that natural inexpenisve and accessible solutions are in our hands already, let’s use them.

Be Aware – The Future of Garlic and Healing

Be aware that there is a move against nature today to produce genetically modified crops and seeds and to spray everything with powerful insecticides, all of this will impact the healing potency of our food and herbs, that will be a good thing for the chemical companies because they are also the ones who produce drugs/medications, and that makes them more money. You need to be aware and take action now if you want healing foods to be around going forward, and accessible to you.

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