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That Vitamin Summit 2

That Vitamin Movie

The second year this summit is running. It was preceded this year by a free airing of That Vitamin Movie on YouTube. I watched the movie, it was easy listening. It tended to highlight some ‘incurable’ illnesses cured with vitamins and gave examples of people that medicine had given up on, like end stage cancer, and had sent home to die but who were revived and restored with things like very high dose vitamin C, or intravenous vitamin C.

The Stars

The maker of the movie traveled to the US from Northern Ireland to meet some superstars in the health world: Kelly Brogan, Susan Blum, Joe Mercola, Sayer Ji. He had an interest in Brogan because she is a psychiatrist that does not dispense drugs/meds at all, but instead fixes people with nutrition. And he got interested in vitamins because a friend of his with depression had recovered with the use of some simple supplement like niacin.

Andrew Saul

This was my first introduction to Andrew Saul. I would need to do a little more research on him and his work before commenting, except to say I didn’t like the bunch of vitamins he took – I’d be a lot more into herbs, foods, and natural protocols. That said, if he’s getting success with cancer and vitamin C, then that’s worth further investigation.

Vitamins or Nutrition?

These words got used interchangeably through the whole documentary, so it was hard to pin down precisely where these people are coming from – however there is a week of summit interviews ahead to find out more!

That Vitamin Summit

Day 1 got off to a great start with Jay Davidson’s talk. I’ve heard him speak A LOT, in fact I dreaded his talk because he’s been on so much and I tend to find his approach to detox a little less careful than it should be imo, however, he was excellent today! And only 28 mins long – worth catching that one!

Jay Davidson – Gallbladder/Liver

Jay explained very clearly the central role of the gallbladder and liver for drainage and detox and how parasites can block the flow there, even causing stones as the body tries to trap them. His approach to clearing up the most stubborn health conditions is now to focus on clearing out this area. He also listed some things that can do this, including herbs and coffee enemas. This was one of the best explanations I’ve heard on the subject of bile and drainage and healing – this talk is one NOT TO MISS!

I’d been dreading his talk because he’s been on so many summits and hosted so many summits but he brought his A game to this one. Also did it in 28 minutes, which is useful too. From previous talks he’s given I find his detox methods too severe for a really ill person, I certainly would not have survived them and wish he’d be more cautious in his advice to others eg at the Detox Summit they spoke about detoxing heavy metals all week, whereas really that is the LAST thing you should detox if at all. In fact Chris Shade’s approach is much better where he would strengthen the body and build glutathione, which actually is what Dr. Christopher and Max Gerson had been doing a century back in their own ways. I also am not on board with his keto type diet…horses for courses!

What’s New in This?

This knowledge has been known over a century but it is overlooked and not ‘out there’ so much today. Master Herbalists such as at the School of Natural Healing have always worked on cleansing the organs [bowel, liver/gallbladder, kidneys, blood/lymph] and Gerson therapy work on the liver/bile with coffee enemas. Jay has opened up this whole area again right now in 2017 as the area to be working on, he has mentioned some of the same tools, and a couple more.

My Experience with Gallbladder Parasites

I found out that parasites love the gallbladder myself when I took half a bottle of a parasite syrup. It tasted great because of the glycerin and I didn’t notice any difference at the dose on the label so I decide to take a really big gulp and downed half a bottle – the parasites caused blockage in the bile ducts exactly the same way stones can! I know that because I once took that awful ‘liver flush’ drink that some people still recommend and that flushed a big stone too. That’s a whole other story on how I avoided gallbladder surgery. But this time with the parasite blockage I had to do a lot of emergency enemas to try to shift things – and that’s a whole other story, how to get the bowel working again etc. – but I did discover a huge number of parasites and have photos of them somewhere. 🙂

Jay also talked about coffee enemas and their key role in detox, and how they boost glutathione massively too. I’ve done 1000s of these and will post on exactly how I’ve learned to do them, originally from Gerson Therapy. However, if you’ve a blockage in this area, coffee enemas may not be the best option, I did other herbal enemas and wheatgrass enemas at that point.

James Colquhoun

James’ talk is on Does Food Really Matter. Well he runs Food Matters TV, so no prizes for guessing the answer to that one 🙂 Apparently he restored his dad’s life with food, his dad had CFS and had been given a bunch of meds that were making him worse, so James turned to studying nutrition and he founded FMTV going on from what he learned about the importance of nutrition after that, and his early contacts for all that were Andrew Saul hence the connection in this summit years later.

*Colquhoun he explains is a Scottish name pronounced Colhoun- glad he cleared that up!

Eric Zielinski

Zielinski‘s talk is on Essential Oils for Metabolic Syndrome. He is a chiropractor who took up aromatherapy, to what extent he studied it I’m not actually sure. He is not a herbalist or naturopath. The past couple of years he runs an annual summit called The Essential Oils Revolution, and the first year it ran I was shocked at the advice being given to take essential oils internally.

Should Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?

A good Master Herbalist like Jill Davies or David Christopher will say NO! They know a lot more about the actual herbs that essential oils are derived from and how they work:

  • They will tell you that essential oils are the closest things in the herb world to ‘medicines’, because they are very concentrated and at levels much higher than natural doses of a herb.
  • And that it is unnecessary to take them internally, you can use the herbs themselves in safe doses.

All the blood sugar effects that Zielinski is looking for by swallowing essential oils are got with the whole herbs, and foods, and have been used successfully for over half a century at the School of Natural Healing without any of the risks of taking essential oils internally. Jill Davies sells good quality cinnamon powder that you can add to smoothies, and that is how she gets results. Dr. Christopher created the Pancreas formula specifically for this. If you head over to Sayer Ji’s site I’m sure he has a ton of herbs and foods listed there too. As well as Dr. Murray, as he described on the Diabetes Summit. Basically I’m saying there are so many safe routes of choice no matter what your personal preference, so no need to take unnecessary risks for reducing something as simple as blood sugar!

When ‘Dr. Z’ Eric Zielinski Gets It Wrong – People Get Injured

After his first essential oils summit a lot of people reported that they were injured taking his [and his speakers] advice – myself included! I knew better, I’d heard all the good advice on the Master Herbalist’s Course and from my own studies, however when you spend a week listening to a summit telling you to take this or that you will be tempted to maybe try something despite everything you know to the contrary.

1. I burned my lips flossing with cinnamon as advised on his summit

In my case I tried that drop of cinnamon on my dental floss – OMG – I had to use thick Norweigan hand cream on my lips to calm the burning and heal the skin for a long time afterwards, nothing else would work as it was so severe a burn. Maybe some people will do fine with it – but I did not and any sensitive person out there should take extra caution.

2. Something scary happened when I chewed Frankincense tears!

Again on his [and Dr. Josh Axe’s] constant yattering on and on about Frankincense being so good for the brain and anti-cancer I thought well why not chew these as a gum [which has been suggested] – OMG – something like a mini-stroke happened! I felt weird, had to sit down, my left eye stuck in my head, blurry vision, left side of the face felt slanted but I was unable to go look at it, had to wait till it all passed over and I gave it a few hours before I looked in the mirror even then as I was too scared. I’m just lucky I recovered!

Again, that is NOT something that would ever have been recommended at the School of Natural Healing, who are experienced over many generations in healing and teach their own Aromatherapy course. THAT is the course I’m going to take on aromatherapy! They are both safe and potent for healing in their use of herbs and oils.

Does Dr. Z learn from his mistakes?

Well he was a lot more cautious the next summit the following year, HOWEVER I’m hearing him smugly give advice on this talk to take home made capsules of combinations of 4 essential oils to bring down your blood sugar – WHY would you do that when you can do any number of risk free safe things?!

He gives examples of people who rubbed just 3 essential oils on themselves and were cured of cancer, and if you had no other resources left open to you, you may want to do something like that – but you should also be looking for other cancer resources. He said she couldn’t eat or juice so she had to use essential oils – well there are alternative cancer clinics who do IV vitamin C, and many other things – which personally I’d add in.

Should health talks be platforms for preaching religion?

No kidding, this is another one of those speakers who hangs a cross behind him as he speaks on camera, and manages to mention the Bible a gazillion times in every talk, and preach and seems to feel a need to ‘witness’ to Christ – and you thought you were tuning into a talk on metabolic syndrome?

Whereas we have to respect his religious choice for himself, I feel he should respect that many people are not tuning in for this on a health talk, and in fact it is a bit in the face of people who don’t quite see god and religion the same as him. Personally I’ve a first class honor’s degree in Divinity and was doing a PhD in Biblical Hebrew [on a full scholarship] before I became ill, and I do not like to hear people preach on health summits, and I especially don’t like them trying to use the Bible to prove their own views, framing things to try to bring biblical authority to what they are saying and doing – and I could show them a Bible verse to show them why they should not be doing that 😀

Thou Shalt Not Take The LORD’s Name in Vain, Eric!

This is where he actually breaks one of the ten commandments – you’ve heard of ‘the 10 commandments’ given to Moses, well if he were to do due diligence and read them in Hebrew he’d know ‘take God’s name in vain’ means using God’s name/authority to back what you are saying or promoting. In modern marketing that is considered strategy, but God got in early to ban that yet these internet entrepreneur doctors who constantly quote the Bible have no problem flouting their own commandments!

Leading Christians Astray?

I’m listening to The Truth About Cancer right now, episode 2 interviews Eric Z and he’s at it again: ‘God gave the plants these chemicals’, and he refers to the Bible to back his point – he is playing on Christians always referring to the Bible, always stating he is a church elder, claiming authority and making people think he knows more than he does.

The Real Question is This:
  • However did the ancient people use essential oils the way Eric Zielinski is recommending YOU take them now? Actually, no.

Aromatherapy is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but be exceptionally careful how you use it, and Eric Zielinksi is NOT an expert in herbs and essential oils. Same with Josh Axe, he can’t resist referring to the Bible when he describes how he uses these herbs.

Russian Roulette

Just like with that awful liver flush drink circulating out there, some people may actually do well on it – but some people will get the bullet. I’m one of those people, I’ve been shot a couple of times already, I now do my proper research and advise you to do the same.

Should we put oils on the soles of the feet?

Zielinski totally dismissed putting essential oils on the soles of the feet, quoting ‘studies’, whereas Dr. Christopher saved many lives by putting garlic on the feet – precisely because of the reason Zielinski dismisses – the truth is that garlic DOES get into the bloodstream quicker via the feet.

Dr. Christopher however would take the garlic and combine it with something to keep it on the surface of the feet. Here is a glimpse of some of the things Dr. Christopher did and that always concerned the feet.

Aromatherapy is wonderful, but do your homework and recognize the knowledge of the real experts, those with generations of experience and not just well placed as an expert in internet marketing.

Day 2 Review and Commentary [Coming Up.]

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