Microbiome Medicine Summit Day 1

The Microbiome Medicine Summit, Day 1

Microbiome Summit

Summit Registration Gifts

  • The host is Raphael Kellman, MD and he has written several books including Microbiome Medicine, which he is giving away as a free gift just for signing in on the attend summit page.
  • He is also giving away 4 other free gifts: 3 full lectures from the summit with transcripts – Sayer Ji, Jonathan Landsman, Niki Gratix, and a Thyroid Health ebook.

Raphael Kellman, MD

Microbiome Medicine: The Foundation of Healing

Stated objectives for this talk:

  • Role of the microbiome in disease
  • Why everything is filtered through the microbiome
  • Specific strains of probiotics for gut health

My Take Aways

  1. Note his use of the word ‘medicine’ here, microbiome medicine. He intends to use probiotics in a very targeted specific way ‘medicinally’.
  2. He goes into great detail as to which strain of probiotic he would use for a certain condition or illness, and all of these are listed in great detail in his free ebook.
  3. His ebook is in three parts:
  • An introduction of the bacteria and the big picture
  • Detailed lists of which probiotics to use for which condition, and prebiotics
  • And case studies where he shows how he applied this and the results
Example – Immune

For the different conditions he usually goes into a little bit of the mechanism of the different conditions [which is excellent] then he shows why the different probiotics work there. With inflammation he recommends:

  • “Saccharomyces boulardii as one of the most powerful and useful organisms to help reduce inflammation, remove unwanted yeast, and regulate the immune system, even quieting the dysfunction found in autoimmunity.”
  • He then gives the name of a brand he recommends which has this strain and some others.
Example – Inflammation
  • The strain he notes here is Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 and he names the supplement where it can be found.
  • He then notes the mechanism of inflammation and the studies that show multiple strains work well here, he gives the names of those other strains and why “In studies Lactobacillus reuteri, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, Bifidobacterium animalis, B. bifidum, B. longum, and B. longum subsp. Infantis were all found to greatly reduce levels of LPS while B infantis was found to be highly beneficial in lowering the inflammatory marker TNF-alpha.” And he lists the supplements he likes that contain them [all in the free book folks, just sign up!]

Jill Carnahan

Gut-Brain COnnection and improving your mood

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • The often-overlooked gut-brain connection
  • Lab tests to ask your practitioner for
  • Microbiome as the foundation for total health!

My Takeaways

OMG this talk blew it out of the water! Jill Carnahan brought her A-game! And the host asked her a lot of questions to bring out even more detail. This is a talk to have and read or play over and over! It covered an enormous amount of ground and in a very detailed yet clear way. Basically just how everything works and what you want to do about it.

15 Year Survivor of Breast Cancer

Jill is a 15 year survivor of breast cancer. She also reversed Crohn’s disease and many other illnesses over the years, including mold [and her fees as a functional medicine MD now reflect that!].

Gut-Brain Connection
  • She highlighted the gut brain connection and that by affecting immunity in the gut you affect the brain, and the link to Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.
  • Several aspects of cognitive decline are directly tied to the microbiome, including infections. Pathogens can occur in the microbiome and can affect the brain, eg Clostridia and viruses like Herpes simplex. Bacteria have an advanced role in neurological disorders and they’ve seen probiotics such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus reduce anxiety.
What is the role of the microbiome to help us help people reverse cognitive decline?

Carnahan responds that in dementia and cognitive decline, we see imbalances in the microbes that change the function in the brain, examples include:

  1. SIBO can affect thyroid function. And Kellman reminds us that even when the thyroid is fixed the hippocampus in the brain still needs fixed, and he names his favorite supplement for that.
  2. Inflammatory conditions can lead to overgrowth of different colonies which can pool nutrition from the food and lead to things like obesity or insulin resistance.

***The microbiome can lead to insulin resistance, and that leads to insulin resistance in the brain which leads to cognitive decline and we can reverse that.***

Dale Bredesen’s Research – Reversing Dementia

This is who Carnahan is working with and Dale classifies 5 subtypes of dementia, leaving them now in a position to identify and resolve certain conditions once thought irreversible. They discuss a $500 brain test that shows the progress of the recovery – but says some stages are not going to be easy, best catch it all early on.

Copper Zinc Ratio

They did manage to mention the benefits of taking zinc to eliminate some forms of breast cancer…

Thoughts and Attitude Change the Microbiome

Even positive thoughts and attitude can immediately change your microbiome, and since that is linked to every other aspect of your health, positivity can therefore change your entire health!

Actually there was sooooooooooo much good stuff in this talk you really should track it down, it should replay at the encore. Jill likes to get technical on the mechanisms of how the illness is caused, progresses, and therefore how it can be reversed.

James Maskell Creator of Functional Forum

Microbiome, Brain and the Evolution of Functional Medicine

  • How the microbiome influences medical practice
  • Exciting vision for the future model of care
  • How community affects health and medical treatment
Take Aways

Just one interesting thing on germ theory, and how microbiome now has shown ‘germs’ can’t be dismissed so easily, and a new drive towards ‘whole-ism’

*Note: I did attend this talk but just did not click with me at all…the day a doctor would need to prescribe community is not a shift towards something positive, because why would the doctor be elevated to that position, like people need parents.

  • Maskell wrote the book The Evolution of Medicine however he ended up admitting he was wrong and medicine won’t evolve, only his attitude evolved – I got the impression there was a lot of hot winded rambling in this one…

Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD

Nature’s Impact on the Microbiome

  • Why a healthy environment should NOT be sterile
  • How diversity in the microbiome impacts health
  • Link between sun exposure and mortality

Daniel Kraft, MD

Catalyzing Change through Technology and Health

  • When technology and healthcare meet!
  • Future innovations in medical technology
  • Balancing art and science in practice

Day 2 Review and Commentary<—coming soon!

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