Wheatgrass Growing Supplies

Wheatgrass Growing Supplies

Here is a list of the things you need for your wheatgrass growing supplies, and the cost of them:

  • Good quality wheat grain [you will get to know a good supplier by how much mold is produced as it grows]
  • Organic compost, again know your compost sources because you’d be surprised at the standards out there
  • Seed trays with holes
  • Something to line the seed trays to prevent drip through when you water them every day, either another seed tray without holes or food grade plastic sandwich bags cut to size [easiest, may depend on your situation and preferences]

Optional Extras [I do these]:

  • Shelves to hold the trays neatly, providing easy access to them for watering [Greenhouse shelves work well]
  • A nice sharp knife or scissors for cutting the grass
  • A kilner type jar with a good sealed lid to hold the wheat grain once you’ve opened a bag of it, because occasionally there can be weevils in the grain and you don’t want them spreading out like an army over your kitchen, as once happened to me when I left the grain in a pretty glass jug…!

Getting Fancy [I don’t do these]:

  • Seaweed mix to enrich the soil [you can either buy this or make some up yourself]
  • Hydrogen Peroxide [some people use it for mold, didn’t work so well for me]
  • Extra seed trays with no holes to germinate in the dark [Elaine Bruce does this, I had chronic fatigue when I started so skipped any step that was not absolutely necessary and it worked fine without this step]

So basically your wheatgrass growing supplies are a bigger more expanded version of those little wheatgrass kits that you see for sale, those are nice as a starter pack but you want to be producing larger yields and more economically.


What is Good Quality Wheat Grain?

  1. Mold Free
  2. Organic

Mold Free: I found this out the hard way – one day I had a severely infested bag of wheat grain, the company who sold it to me was not very pleasant when I told them about the army of weevils that spread out all over my kitchen, so I decided to look elsewhere – very lucky I did – because when I bought wheat grain from another supplier I quickly saw a huge difference! I suddenly had beautiful clean mold free wheatgrass, yet I was using all the same preparations and conditions!

Quality Wheat Grain Does Not Produce A Lot Of Mold

I had thought it was me, or the house I was in, but there was no longer a carpet of mould at the bottom of my fresh wheatgrass trays when I changed supplier! [BTW if you do get mold you can cut the grass off above it, though some people will NOT like that idea, it may depend on how higher risk you are.]

I tried different suppliers and a lot of them were giving me mold while some clearly did not! Always follow your instinct and check out other suppliers rather than depending on a grumpy supplier, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Quality Wheat Grain Does Not Have Roundup Used During Haresting

Why Organic?: Did you know that non-organic wheat crops now use Roundup / Glyphosate [yes the weedkiller!] as a dessicating agent during harvesting, yes that means it stays on the wheat and you ingest it! That sort of defeats the purpose of taking wheatgrass for you health if it is covered in chemicals like that dangerous one by Monsanto.

What is Good Quality Organic Compost?

Quality compost is not made from filth!

You really need to know your sources for compost these days. There is a new movement now whereby ‘free compost’ is available to people, but you’d be sick if you knew the waste that goes into that so-called ‘compost’, real filth that suddenly gets deemed fit to grow your food in, I don’t think so! Good compost will actually have a nutritional status, and what goes in is very much what comes out!

Organic Worm Cast Compost

Even when it comes to organic compost brands, I was once using an organic brand that sent a shiver down my spine when I opened the bag, as it was so moldy and filthy looking and did not look like anything I should have in my kitchen! So then I tried some worm cast compost from a company in Donegal that is a dedicated wheatgrass company and OMG when I opened that first bag of compost it was love at first sight! They are Living Green, and supply many garden centers around Ireland, as well as having an online shop which delivers by courier to your door, which is a good deal if you are ill and don’t have the energy to be trekking off to buy it then manage the lifting process somehow.

Seed Trays and Shelving

You can see from my pics here [coming soon] how I can produce a large amount of wheatgrass (aiming for a tray or two a day) in a neat and tidy and very functional way.

Basic Seed Trays Are Fine

The seed trays are just standard seed trays that you will get anywhere. I’ve taken a course at The Living Food Centre UK by Elaine Bruce [a former student of Ann Wigmore] and they use seed trays with holes in them, and have another seed tray with no holes under them to catch the water. That system did not work so well for me, either it was too hard find enough seed trays without holes [I was living in a rural place and money was tight at the time] or the water was pooling and creating another job for me to do by having to constantly empty the bottom tray. So I opted for using sandwich bags, Supervalu medium size cut open do fine. I know, I know, plastic, environment, leaching – well wheatgrass grows too fast for the leaching to be a problem and you can always wash and recycle them. In my case as a very ill person I decided having wheatgrass by the best means possible was what I had to do, and it worked out fine.

Standard Greenhouse Shelving Works Great in the Kitchen

Where do you put 10 trays of wheatgrass in various stages of growth then? Well my housing has been pretty cramped so a way that fits in easily to any decor is those nice green metal greenhouse trays. I’ve seen Elaine Bruce put wooden shelving in her windows, fine it you like that. I like the easier and more portable option that also did not block the light as my kitchen also tends to be my office and living room!


Cost of One Tray of Wheatgrass Per Day When You Grow it Yourself?

30 Euros Gives You a Tray of Wheatgrass a Day for a month!

I calculate that about 30 euros a month gets me 30 trays or more of wheatgrass, easily one per day. Considering they currently sell for around ten euros per tray – AMAZING VALUE!!!

Also, if you’ve seen the frozen wheatgrass at the stores, huge money, something like 18 euros for a few shots that could have come out of 1-2 trays you grow yourself for 2 euros!

  • 500g wheatgrass costs approx. 1.50 euros, maybe 12 bags of this for the month
  • compost is coming in at under 10 euros for the month
  • one off setup costs are seed trays around 3 euros each [or less]; shelving was the most expensive part for me but worth it to have an effective production line that looks neat in my kitchen, they are abotu 40 euros in Argos.
  • The sandwich bags to line the trays amount to about 3 euros for the month, such is the price of convenience 🙂


Alternatives to Growing Wheatgrass, Buy It!

Jurassic Greens, by Christopher Original Formulas

If you genuinely can’t grow wheatgrass for whatever reason then the one alternative that I suggest that I KNOW is good quality and effective to give energy to someone is:

  • Jurassic Greens, a Christopher’s Original Formula, by The School of Natural Healing. It contains the freeze dried juice of organic Kamut grass [an ancient wheat], along with freeze dried barley grass juice and alfalfa.

Aconbury Sprouts

This is a UK company who ship trays of wheatgrass in various stages of growth, as well as all wheatgrass growing supplies – it is worth taking a look at this company even if you are outside the UK and Ireland/ Europe, as they will inspire you as to what is possible in terms of grasses and sprouts 🙂


**Remember: Wheatgrass is Gluten Free!

So many people are gluten sensitive now or dealing with autoimmune conditions. Remember these wheat and barley grass juices will not have any gluten in them! Just make sure when you are cutting your wheatgrass that you don’t also include a wheat seed in with the cut grass as you go to juice or blend it 🙂

Next I discuss the best type of Wheatgrass juicer, it may surprise you that it is not the most expensive one 😉

How to Drain an Abscess in an Emergency

How to Drain an Abscess in an Emergency

I am going to look at two kinds of abscess, a tooth abscess and an armpit abscess, and share what I do and how they would be approached historically within Master Herbalism.

Tooth Abscess

They say a tooth abscess is serious, a deep infection that requires medical care, and they may be correct. However, I’ve found myself needing to deal with abscesses while unable to receive medical care or dentistry and I merely share my own results and musings. Ideally, I’d love my tooth problems solved professionally, that would be the ideal but this buys me time till I’m well enough to attend a dentist [an adverse reaction to an anaesthetic over a decade ago means I cannot receive dentistry until I do ‘the impossible’ and figure out how to strengthen critically weak veins first, the docs say that can’t be done either!]:

  1. First I deal with the infection – I use the recommended antibiotic levels of garlic and then double them, because I’m not going to take a chance on an infection taking hold of me. But what I have learned is that with tooth and gum infections you can see the bacteria dying away, you can see and feel them retreat, their grip and pain decreases very noticeably very quickly – but comes right back if you quit taking the garlic too soon, so chase them till their germ army has died, defeated. In the past I have used wheatgrass to clear away an abscess but I have two different teeth that are prone to abscess [both have lost fillings and I cannot get them fixed] and while wheatgrass worked on one of them, it did not on the other.
  2. Have an enema bucket on hand, because there are very many positive side effects to taking high dose garlic such as energy boost, glutathione boost, and also parasite killing – you may knock out a large parasite, ahem, how does she know that 🙂 a whole other story!
  3. The actual draining involves quite simply applying some activated charcoal and keeping it on the spot overnight [it’s possible to keep some on during the day between meals too]. Simply take maybe quarter to half of a teaspoon and what I do is take it on the tip of my tongue and let my saliva mix a little with it till it becomes ready to pack up on the abscess, which I do with my tongue. It holds nicely there when it is wet and it expands as it drains all night long. In fact the first time I applied it I’d had this huge bulge of pus that cleared in 20 minutes, I could then bite on that tooth again. I have learned that while an infection will make it impossible to bite down with the tooth because of the pain, even when the infection is gone it is still impossible to bite down with the tooth because as long as the pus is there it is painful – so this is the stage where you may still think you are fighting the infection when really you don’t need the high amounts of garlic, you just need to drain in.

Armpit Abscess

Last week someone told me they were in a lot of pain with an abscess in their armpit and what did I think would work in alternative medicine. Hm. Well I’m experienced with draining my tooth abscess so I thought it could just be the same – and turns out there are testimonies out there online to the fact activated charcoal DOES drain an armpit abscess fantastically. However notice there is an infection with this too, so you want to kill that down too.

The person who told me about his armpit abscess had just been to his doctor and had already started antibiotics, so best he just finished them out. He said it was extremely painful, could hardly lift his arm. Well even with the antibiotics [or herbal equivalent eg garlic, turmeric, other herbs] in his shoes I’d still have applied the activated charcoal to drain it and give immediate relief, or at least overnight relief.

How to Apply Activated Charcoal to Armpit

Well that was my big question, it seems so easy to lodge it up between the gums and the jaw, but to get it to stay in one place under the arm for an extended period – as it turns out guaze, with the charcoal made into a little past spread over it and that can be held in place under the armpit, especially overnight in bed.

Simply mix enough charcoal with a little water to make it sticky and hold together.

Which Charcoal?

Two brands that I use are high quality Master Herbalist brands, one in the UK and one in the US:

UK: HerbsHandsHealing.co.uk, LiteFlush Powder

US: Christopher’s Original Formulas, Quick Colon Part 2

Funnily enough they are labelled as colon cleansing products – if you want to do a 5 day bowel cleanse to set yourself up for the ultimate detox, then these products would be how you go about that. This charcoal is also used in ER in cases of food poisoining – because of its amazing capacity to drain toxins. You will also see David Wolfe at the moment talking about charcoal as the greatest thing for health.

You will notice in the Master Herablist charcoal products that there are some extra ingredients, these actually make it very easy to hold together, like flax. There are no harmful ingredients, just foods and herbs.

Other Things That Help

Some other things that come to mind for drawing out toxins would be other types of poultices, and also castor oil. And other things you can do for inflammation and infection include turmeric, echinacea, astragalus. If you’d like to know more about how to use these things and other ways to look after your health naturally [outside of medical emergencies] and in survival situations, then the best course you can get on this is level 1 of the Master Herbalist course at The School of Natural Healing, called The Family Herbalist. This course is online and affordable. There is another new course of the same name that came out in the past couple of years, I’m astounded someone would take the same name, on top of which they charge huge money! So be sure you get the right one. And I can tell you that at certain times of the year like back to school and xmas that this course is on special offer, something like $100.

Any Questions or Comments?

I’d like to hear your experience in dealing with abscesses, it’s a healing journey! 🙂


Safe Sex, But Are They Safe Condoms?

Safe Sex, But Are They Safe Condoms?

People don’t even like to read the labels in the food they eat much less the condoms they use. We are told they provide safe sex, and in the heat of the moment that seems just fine, but what about those spermicides that warn do not use more than once a day or you risk damaging the lining of your vag, WHAT? And that leave both parties with itchy red bits each accusing the other of having a STD!  Very popular brands of condoms carrying a risk that huge? I’d like to know more please!

They like to pawn it off as Gwyneth Palthrow or another celebrity going over the top, but that is a sneaky markteing diversion from the truth – the facts are if you read the small print [yes bring your glasses to the next session and sit down and read for ten minutes before going any further, yeah, right, they know you won’t] condoms with spermicide come with a very serious caution and warning and health risk. They say if you use them infrequently you may be ok, unless you are sensitive – and these days a LOT of people are sensitive and if they weren’t before, then exposure to these chemicals could very easily leave them compromised.

Condoms with Spermicide – More Risk of HIV Infection, UTIs, and Allergic Reactions

They actually say that condoms with spermicide leave you more at risk for HIV infection – how on earth can that be? Well because of the irritation and damage to the vaginal wall, a virus can penetrate your body more easily. The ingredient Nonoxynol-9 is a harsh detergent which “disrupts the layers of the cell membranes” – and who writes this stuff – the public health authorities, who clearly have not yet recieved brown envelopes yet from the condom manufacturers if they are actually admitting this. You can check out http://www.npr.org/sections/he…  or mayo clinic or any google seach with the keywords spermicide condoms and health effects.

  • Increased susceptibility to UTIs
  • Increased chance of HIV infection
  • Allergic reactions in both him and her

That is NOT a good time, imo!

Latex or No Latex, that is the Question?

Well there is a lot of debate on this one – and you’ll have to decide which suits you best. Some people want the feel of non-latex, think they are better, others will claim latex is natural. And then others will say they’ve a latex allergy so need to go alternative on that one.

What to Look for in Condoms to Really Protect Your Health?

Really as a good rule of thumb it comes down to what NOT to have on your condom, that would be:

  • No spermicide
  • No powder
  • No flavors [artificial flavors aren’t good for you in food, so on condoms will hardly be any better]
  • Correct Size

Some of the brands falling into this category include Glyde, Fair Squared, Sustain, among others. But notice most of these will be fairly small sized, except for Glyde who have a maxi.

Condom Size Matters

Yes it is a shock to most men to realize after 40 years that actually there is more than one size of condom, just like they aren’t all one size either. The rule of thumb seems to be to aim for either the right size or one smaller down, and instead of buying every condom out there to gauge your size you can try a brand like My Size, who give packs of 3 sizes at a time, and apparently make the biggest condom in the world – if you’d like a little perspective on things try one of those puppies 😀

For the strangled larger guys out there who’ve been using the wrong condom all their lives, and those gals who find it hard to persuade him to squeeze one on, have a browse here for larger lads, incognito mode on your browser if you like 🙂

Safe Lubricant

As in all things, lubricant labels matter too – one of the best out there as regards safe ingredients is the organic brand YES. And remember that one of the main reasons a condom splits is because you may not have put enough lubricant on there. I notice the main ingredient in that is Aloe Vera gel, hm, there’s an idea!

Your Opinion?

If you’ve anything you’d like to add to the discussion on safe condoms, please let me know in the comment section!





What are Antibiotic Levels of Garlic?

Antibiotic Levels of Garlic According to the Master Herbalist Tradition:

The antibiotic levels of garlic that you’d need to take, according to Master Herbalism, is 16 cloves of raw garlic a day minimum. You will immediately get a feel for what impact that is having on your infection, for example in the case of a gum infection it will either feel like it is easing off within a few hours or not – if not, then you greatly increase the levels of garlic till you start to notice a result.

Gum Infection

I have learned that with straight forward gum infections [like food particles got trapped around a wisdom tooth] then maybe 30 cloves the first day can see that infection die way down, but I have needed to continue garlic next few days, maybe at half the dose. One particular year, back in 2004, I had 4 gum infections and went to the dentists and doctors at the time and received 4 doses of antibiotics – they did not tell me about probiotics, is it any wonder I became ill! I can safely say I’ve beaten a couple of gum infections now with garlic and no antibiotics, the exact same as those other infections where the food was getting stuck in the gum around a wisdom tooth, and the garlic did kill the infection much faster, much safer, and with other positive side effects like hugely increased energy [because garlic is in the sulfur vegetable categories and is hugely linked with upregulating glutathione too, our master anti-oxidant] I can conclude the antibiotics clearly were not necessary for me those 4 other times, and without doubt contributed to leaky gut and who knows what else that comes with zero microbiome!

That said, I have heard of someone who refused antibiotics after a tooth extraction and he died, but I’m not sure he took any garlic or in the high amounts that are necessary. It was Michael Gearin Tosh, who had fought a fatal blood cancer for 11 years [was told he’d be dead inside 2] using Gerson Therapy, but garlic is not featured high in Gerson, nor the herbs he would have needed to fight infection. Basically if you don’t take antiobiotics, don’t expect the infection to go away, you genuinely have got to hit it with all you have – and there are other herbs that could be used too, it’s just that garlic is usually the thing I have on hand, and it has worked for me.

Tooth Abscess

However with infections like a tooth abscess, I’ve found it can take way more garlic than a ‘mere’ gum infection. I’ve taken up to 200 cloves of garlic in a week – and I’m not talking the tiddlers here, I’m talking big cloves of garlic [but not elephant garlic]. And it also depends on the type of garlic you have – even though I always use organic garlic, I find that locally grown in season freshly harvested garlic compared to supermarket organic garlic has a huge difference in potency and there is only one thing you have to do to find out – TASTE IT! By tasting it I mean if you were able to take 7 cloves of store bought garlic in a smoothie, the local in season garlic may lift your hair off strengthwise at only 4 cloves.
However, after you kill the tooth infection that can sometimes go with an abscess, you still have to drain out the pus [the gum infections I’ve had did not require this step, but the abscess does]. And for that you can use activated charcoal. I have outlined elsewhere the simple technique to drain a tooth abscess.

Other Uses of Garlic

Garlic has been used for just about everything to do with the immune system and cardiovascular system. If you look at the work of Dr. John R. Christopher, who founded The School of Natural Healing, you’ll see he adds garlic to a lot of his herbal formulas, yes including all types of infections, but most other things too. And a number of times he saved babies and adults’ lives using a garlic paste applied to the feet. Garlic is even strongly promoted in the fight against cancer.


Garlic is also hugely important for the heart and cardiovascular disease and because of that if you are on heart meds, you can’t really do high dose garlic at the antibiotic levels without checking in with someone about your meds first.

Which Types of Garlic to Use?

I use raw garlic cloves and several bulbs in a day. But some people can’t manage that. There are many expensive capsules for sale now, and what I notice is the raw garlic works so they are not absolutely necessary but for some people another form of garlic may be useful, though I haven’t tested on myself how much I’d need to consume to get antibiotic results, and I’m not sure that would be written on the packages either. However what if you can’t take the raw garlic, well if you found a good brand that has got you real results, I’d be interested to hear. I can’t rule out one exists, I simply have not tried them. If I can’t use raw garlic then I use some other herbs.

One thing I would avoid though is garlic oil – unless in an absolute emergency – because the smell of this is virtually impossible to remove from clothes, and it is so strong I’m personally not sure what dosage to use to stay safe. However, if your life depended on it and there was nothing else, then I’d be open minded to it as a last resort. Again, if you are using this successfully then let me know.

Ways to Consume Large Amounts of Garlic

So let’s say you want to get 30 cloves of garlic in a day:

  • Juicing: I use a Greenstar juicer and into my juice I put 7 cloves of garlic, and if I find this too strong I dilute it down till it is tolerable. Although one time when I had a severe gum infection I just drank it very strong, didn’t care if it burned the mouth off me, I just needed to reverse a bad infection very fast – the sort of infection that creeps up on you all day and you try to ignore it but by bedtime you are afraid to go to bed because omg it is so bad…yep, don’t ignore it! Juices like carrot/orange/ginger/turmeric, or celery/cucumber/ginger/turmeric/lemon/apple+7 cloves garlic.
  • Smoothies: Grapefruit, banana, water, maybe a pinch of greens – 4 cloves of garlic. I also have a larger daily smoothie where I put in a lot of garlic too.
  • Soups: These are a great way to blend in garlic and almost without tasting it, 1- 4 cloves.
  • Blended Meals: Another great way to blend in garlic, try 1 or 2 cloves as it is somehow stronger in food.
  • Water: In a pinch, if there’s nothing else available to you the for sure blending garlic into water and getting it down the hatch fast will be ok.
  • Some people eat raw garlic, it can burn so I don’t do it myself.
  • Some people cannot eat garlic at all, in which case there may be some other form to take it that suits better, or other antimicrobial herbs.

Further Information

If you’d like to read more about how garlic has been used successfully historically, then I suggest you check out www.herballegacy.com, to see how The School of Natural Healing have been using it with great success. We hear also from time to time in news reports how the Chinese army had used it when there was a threat of flu, and back through history how other armies and people used it quite effectively.

Garlic isn’t the only way to beat infection, just look at the thieves oil formula used by graverobbers during the plague – a simple combination of simple herbs used by poor people living in poverty and they survived what no one else could. Herbs and solutions to illness have been around a very long time, and I suspect there is only one reason the antibiotic use of garlic has slipped out of use and out of public knowledge today – and that is because it would cut the profilt margins of big industry somewhere else, who would rather dispense pills. But that is a whole other story. Of course there are times when antibiotics and pills are necessary, but I’ve discovered on myself that many times they are not and that natural inexpenisve and accessible solutions are in our hands already, let’s use them.

Be Aware – The Future of Garlic and Healing

Be aware that there is a move against nature today to produce genetically modified crops and seeds and to spray everything with powerful insecticides, all of this will impact the healing potency of our food and herbs, that will be a good thing for the chemical companies because they are also the ones who produce drugs/medications, and that makes them more money. You need to be aware and take action now if you want healing foods to be around going forward, and accessible to you.

That Vitamin Summit

That Vitamin Summit 2

That Vitamin Movie

The second year this summit is running. It was preceded this year by a free airing of That Vitamin Movie on YouTube. I watched the movie, it was easy listening. It tended to highlight some ‘incurable’ illnesses cured with vitamins and gave examples of people that medicine had given up on, like end stage cancer, and had sent home to die but who were revived and restored with things like very high dose vitamin C, or intravenous vitamin C.

The Stars

The maker of the movie traveled to the US from Northern Ireland to meet some superstars in the health world: Kelly Brogan, Susan Blum, Joe Mercola, Sayer Ji. He had an interest in Brogan because she is a psychiatrist that does not dispense drugs/meds at all, but instead fixes people with nutrition. And he got interested in vitamins because a friend of his with depression had recovered with the use of some simple supplement like niacin.

Andrew Saul

This was my first introduction to Andrew Saul. I would need to do a little more research on him and his work before commenting, except to say I didn’t like the bunch of vitamins he took – I’d be a lot more into herbs, foods, and natural protocols. That said, if he’s getting success with cancer and vitamin C, then that’s worth further investigation.

Vitamins or Nutrition?

These words got used interchangeably through the whole documentary, so it was hard to pin down precisely where these people are coming from – however there is a week of summit interviews ahead to find out more!

That Vitamin Summit

Day 1 got off to a great start with Jay Davidson’s talk. I’ve heard him speak A LOT, in fact I dreaded his talk because he’s been on so much and I tend to find his approach to detox a little less careful than it should be imo, however, he was excellent today! And only 28 mins long – worth catching that one!

Jay Davidson – Gallbladder/Liver

Jay explained very clearly the central role of the gallbladder and liver for drainage and detox and how parasites can block the flow there, even causing stones as the body tries to trap them. His approach to clearing up the most stubborn health conditions is now to focus on clearing out this area. He also listed some things that can do this, including herbs and coffee enemas. This was one of the best explanations I’ve heard on the subject of bile and drainage and healing – this talk is one NOT TO MISS!

I’d been dreading his talk because he’s been on so many summits and hosted so many summits but he brought his A game to this one. Also did it in 28 minutes, which is useful too. From previous talks he’s given I find his detox methods too severe for a really ill person, I certainly would not have survived them and wish he’d be more cautious in his advice to others eg at the Detox Summit they spoke about detoxing heavy metals all week, whereas really that is the LAST thing you should detox if at all. In fact Chris Shade’s approach is much better where he would strengthen the body and build glutathione, which actually is what Dr. Christopher and Max Gerson had been doing a century back in their own ways. I also am not on board with his keto type diet…horses for courses!

What’s New in This?

This knowledge has been known over a century but it is overlooked and not ‘out there’ so much today. Master Herbalists such as at the School of Natural Healing have always worked on cleansing the organs [bowel, liver/gallbladder, kidneys, blood/lymph] and Gerson therapy work on the liver/bile with coffee enemas. Jay has opened up this whole area again right now in 2017 as the area to be working on, he has mentioned some of the same tools, and a couple more.

My Experience with Gallbladder Parasites

I found out that parasites love the gallbladder myself when I took half a bottle of a parasite syrup. It tasted great because of the glycerin and I didn’t notice any difference at the dose on the label so I decide to take a really big gulp and downed half a bottle – the parasites caused blockage in the bile ducts exactly the same way stones can! I know that because I once took that awful ‘liver flush’ drink that some people still recommend and that flushed a big stone too. That’s a whole other story on how I avoided gallbladder surgery. But this time with the parasite blockage I had to do a lot of emergency enemas to try to shift things – and that’s a whole other story, how to get the bowel working again etc. – but I did discover a huge number of parasites and have photos of them somewhere. 🙂

Jay also talked about coffee enemas and their key role in detox, and how they boost glutathione massively too. I’ve done 1000s of these and will post on exactly how I’ve learned to do them, originally from Gerson Therapy. However, if you’ve a blockage in this area, coffee enemas may not be the best option, I did other herbal enemas and wheatgrass enemas at that point.

James Colquhoun

James’ talk is on Does Food Really Matter. Well he runs Food Matters TV, so no prizes for guessing the answer to that one 🙂 Apparently he restored his dad’s life with food, his dad had CFS and had been given a bunch of meds that were making him worse, so James turned to studying nutrition and he founded FMTV going on from what he learned about the importance of nutrition after that, and his early contacts for all that were Andrew Saul hence the connection in this summit years later.

*Colquhoun he explains is a Scottish name pronounced Colhoun- glad he cleared that up!

Eric Zielinski

Zielinski‘s talk is on Essential Oils for Metabolic Syndrome. He is a chiropractor who took up aromatherapy, to what extent he studied it I’m not actually sure. He is not a herbalist or naturopath. The past couple of years he runs an annual summit called The Essential Oils Revolution, and the first year it ran I was shocked at the advice being given to take essential oils internally.

Should Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?

A good Master Herbalist like Jill Davies or David Christopher will say NO! They know a lot more about the actual herbs that essential oils are derived from and how they work:

  • They will tell you that essential oils are the closest things in the herb world to ‘medicines’, because they are very concentrated and at levels much higher than natural doses of a herb.
  • And that it is unnecessary to take them internally, you can use the herbs themselves in safe doses.

All the blood sugar effects that Zielinski is looking for by swallowing essential oils are got with the whole herbs, and foods, and have been used successfully for over half a century at the School of Natural Healing without any of the risks of taking essential oils internally. Jill Davies sells good quality cinnamon powder that you can add to smoothies, and that is how she gets results. Dr. Christopher created the Pancreas formula specifically for this. If you head over to Sayer Ji’s site I’m sure he has a ton of herbs and foods listed there too. As well as Dr. Murray, as he described on the Diabetes Summit. Basically I’m saying there are so many safe routes of choice no matter what your personal preference, so no need to take unnecessary risks for reducing something as simple as blood sugar!

When ‘Dr. Z’ Eric Zielinski Gets It Wrong – People Get Injured

After his first essential oils summit a lot of people reported that they were injured taking his [and his speakers] advice – myself included! I knew better, I’d heard all the good advice on the Master Herbalist’s Course and from my own studies, however when you spend a week listening to a summit telling you to take this or that you will be tempted to maybe try something despite everything you know to the contrary.

1. I burned my lips flossing with cinnamon as advised on his summit

In my case I tried that drop of cinnamon on my dental floss – OMG – I had to use thick Norweigan hand cream on my lips to calm the burning and heal the skin for a long time afterwards, nothing else would work as it was so severe a burn. Maybe some people will do fine with it – but I did not and any sensitive person out there should take extra caution.

2. Something scary happened when I chewed Frankincense tears!

Again on his [and Dr. Josh Axe’s] constant yattering on and on about Frankincense being so good for the brain and anti-cancer I thought well why not chew these as a gum [which has been suggested] – OMG – something like a mini-stroke happened! I felt weird, had to sit down, my left eye stuck in my head, blurry vision, left side of the face felt slanted but I was unable to go look at it, had to wait till it all passed over and I gave it a few hours before I looked in the mirror even then as I was too scared. I’m just lucky I recovered!

Again, that is NOT something that would ever have been recommended at the School of Natural Healing, who are experienced over many generations in healing and teach their own Aromatherapy course. THAT is the course I’m going to take on aromatherapy! They are both safe and potent for healing in their use of herbs and oils.

Does Dr. Z learn from his mistakes?

Well he was a lot more cautious the next summit the following year, HOWEVER I’m hearing him smugly give advice on this talk to take home made capsules of combinations of 4 essential oils to bring down your blood sugar – WHY would you do that when you can do any number of risk free safe things?!

He gives examples of people who rubbed just 3 essential oils on themselves and were cured of cancer, and if you had no other resources left open to you, you may want to do something like that – but you should also be looking for other cancer resources. He said she couldn’t eat or juice so she had to use essential oils – well there are alternative cancer clinics who do IV vitamin C, and many other things – which personally I’d add in.

Should health talks be platforms for preaching religion?

No kidding, this is another one of those speakers who hangs a cross behind him as he speaks on camera, and manages to mention the Bible a gazillion times in every talk, and preach and seems to feel a need to ‘witness’ to Christ – and you thought you were tuning into a talk on metabolic syndrome?

Whereas we have to respect his religious choice for himself, I feel he should respect that many people are not tuning in for this on a health talk, and in fact it is a bit in the face of people who don’t quite see god and religion the same as him. Personally I’ve a first class honor’s degree in Divinity and was doing a PhD in Biblical Hebrew [on a full scholarship] before I became ill, and I do not like to hear people preach on health summits, and I especially don’t like them trying to use the Bible to prove their own views, framing things to try to bring biblical authority to what they are saying and doing – and I could show them a Bible verse to show them why they should not be doing that 😀

Thou Shalt Not Take The LORD’s Name in Vain, Eric!

This is where he actually breaks one of the ten commandments – you’ve heard of ‘the 10 commandments’ given to Moses, well if he were to do due diligence and read them in Hebrew he’d know ‘take God’s name in vain’ means using God’s name/authority to back what you are saying or promoting. In modern marketing that is considered strategy, but God got in early to ban that yet these internet entrepreneur doctors who constantly quote the Bible have no problem flouting their own commandments!

Leading Christians Astray?

I’m listening to The Truth About Cancer right now, episode 2 interviews Eric Z and he’s at it again: ‘God gave the plants these chemicals’, and he refers to the Bible to back his point – he is playing on Christians always referring to the Bible, always stating he is a church elder, claiming authority and making people think he knows more than he does.

The Real Question is This:
  • However did the ancient people use essential oils the way Eric Zielinski is recommending YOU take them now? Actually, no.

Aromatherapy is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but be exceptionally careful how you use it, and Eric Zielinksi is NOT an expert in herbs and essential oils. Same with Josh Axe, he can’t resist referring to the Bible when he describes how he uses these herbs.

Russian Roulette

Just like with that awful liver flush drink circulating out there, some people may actually do well on it – but some people will get the bullet. I’m one of those people, I’ve been shot a couple of times already, I now do my proper research and advise you to do the same.

Should we put oils on the soles of the feet?

Zielinski totally dismissed putting essential oils on the soles of the feet, quoting ‘studies’, whereas Dr. Christopher saved many lives by putting garlic on the feet – precisely because of the reason Zielinski dismisses – the truth is that garlic DOES get into the bloodstream quicker via the feet.

Dr. Christopher however would take the garlic and combine it with something to keep it on the surface of the feet. Here is a glimpse of some of the things Dr. Christopher did and that always concerned the feet.

Aromatherapy is wonderful, but do your homework and recognize the knowledge of the real experts, those with generations of experience and not just well placed as an expert in internet marketing.

Day 2 Review and Commentary [Coming Up.]

Microbiome Medicine Summit Day 1

The Microbiome Medicine Summit, Day 1

Microbiome Summit

Summit Registration Gifts

  • The host is Raphael Kellman, MD and he has written several books including Microbiome Medicine, which he is giving away as a free gift just for signing in on the attend summit page.
  • He is also giving away 4 other free gifts: 3 full lectures from the summit with transcripts – Sayer Ji, Jonathan Landsman, Niki Gratix, and a Thyroid Health ebook.

Raphael Kellman, MD

Microbiome Medicine: The Foundation of Healing

Stated objectives for this talk:

  • Role of the microbiome in disease
  • Why everything is filtered through the microbiome
  • Specific strains of probiotics for gut health

My Take Aways

  1. Note his use of the word ‘medicine’ here, microbiome medicine. He intends to use probiotics in a very targeted specific way ‘medicinally’.
  2. He goes into great detail as to which strain of probiotic he would use for a certain condition or illness, and all of these are listed in great detail in his free ebook.
  3. His ebook is in three parts:
  • An introduction of the bacteria and the big picture
  • Detailed lists of which probiotics to use for which condition, and prebiotics
  • And case studies where he shows how he applied this and the results
Example – Immune

For the different conditions he usually goes into a little bit of the mechanism of the different conditions [which is excellent] then he shows why the different probiotics work there. With inflammation he recommends:

  • “Saccharomyces boulardii as one of the most powerful and useful organisms to help reduce inflammation, remove unwanted yeast, and regulate the immune system, even quieting the dysfunction found in autoimmunity.”
  • He then gives the name of a brand he recommends which has this strain and some others.
Example – Inflammation
  • The strain he notes here is Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 and he names the supplement where it can be found.
  • He then notes the mechanism of inflammation and the studies that show multiple strains work well here, he gives the names of those other strains and why “In studies Lactobacillus reuteri, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, Bifidobacterium animalis, B. bifidum, B. longum, and B. longum subsp. Infantis were all found to greatly reduce levels of LPS while B infantis was found to be highly beneficial in lowering the inflammatory marker TNF-alpha.” And he lists the supplements he likes that contain them [all in the free book folks, just sign up!]

Jill Carnahan

Gut-Brain COnnection and improving your mood

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • The often-overlooked gut-brain connection
  • Lab tests to ask your practitioner for
  • Microbiome as the foundation for total health!

My Takeaways

OMG this talk blew it out of the water! Jill Carnahan brought her A-game! And the host asked her a lot of questions to bring out even more detail. This is a talk to have and read or play over and over! It covered an enormous amount of ground and in a very detailed yet clear way. Basically just how everything works and what you want to do about it.

15 Year Survivor of Breast Cancer

Jill is a 15 year survivor of breast cancer. She also reversed Crohn’s disease and many other illnesses over the years, including mold [and her fees as a functional medicine MD now reflect that!].

Gut-Brain Connection
  • She highlighted the gut brain connection and that by affecting immunity in the gut you affect the brain, and the link to Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.
  • Several aspects of cognitive decline are directly tied to the microbiome, including infections. Pathogens can occur in the microbiome and can affect the brain, eg Clostridia and viruses like Herpes simplex. Bacteria have an advanced role in neurological disorders and they’ve seen probiotics such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus reduce anxiety.
What is the role of the microbiome to help us help people reverse cognitive decline?

Carnahan responds that in dementia and cognitive decline, we see imbalances in the microbes that change the function in the brain, examples include:

  1. SIBO can affect thyroid function. And Kellman reminds us that even when the thyroid is fixed the hippocampus in the brain still needs fixed, and he names his favorite supplement for that.
  2. Inflammatory conditions can lead to overgrowth of different colonies which can pool nutrition from the food and lead to things like obesity or insulin resistance.

***The microbiome can lead to insulin resistance, and that leads to insulin resistance in the brain which leads to cognitive decline and we can reverse that.***

Dale Bredesen’s Research – Reversing Dementia

This is who Carnahan is working with and Dale classifies 5 subtypes of dementia, leaving them now in a position to identify and resolve certain conditions once thought irreversible. They discuss a $500 brain test that shows the progress of the recovery – but says some stages are not going to be easy, best catch it all early on.

Copper Zinc Ratio

They did manage to mention the benefits of taking zinc to eliminate some forms of breast cancer…

Thoughts and Attitude Change the Microbiome

Even positive thoughts and attitude can immediately change your microbiome, and since that is linked to every other aspect of your health, positivity can therefore change your entire health!

Actually there was sooooooooooo much good stuff in this talk you really should track it down, it should replay at the encore. Jill likes to get technical on the mechanisms of how the illness is caused, progresses, and therefore how it can be reversed.

James Maskell Creator of Functional Forum

Microbiome, Brain and the Evolution of Functional Medicine

  • How the microbiome influences medical practice
  • Exciting vision for the future model of care
  • How community affects health and medical treatment
Take Aways

Just one interesting thing on germ theory, and how microbiome now has shown ‘germs’ can’t be dismissed so easily, and a new drive towards ‘whole-ism’

*Note: I did attend this talk but just did not click with me at all…the day a doctor would need to prescribe community is not a shift towards something positive, because why would the doctor be elevated to that position, like people need parents.

  • Maskell wrote the book The Evolution of Medicine however he ended up admitting he was wrong and medicine won’t evolve, only his attitude evolved – I got the impression there was a lot of hot winded rambling in this one…

Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD

Nature’s Impact on the Microbiome

  • Why a healthy environment should NOT be sterile
  • How diversity in the microbiome impacts health
  • Link between sun exposure and mortality

Daniel Kraft, MD

Catalyzing Change through Technology and Health

  • When technology and healthcare meet!
  • Future innovations in medical technology
  • Balancing art and science in practice

Day 2 Review and Commentary<—coming soon!

The Food Revolution Summit, 2017 Empowerment Package

The Empowerment Package

Food Revolution 2017

*If you are reading this before Tues May 9th then you can still get this on special offer by signing up to register here.

The Empowerment Package in addition to all of the transcripts and recordings for the 2017 Food Revolution Summit also gives you 23 extra bonuses which include courses, other summits and a Q&A call. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’ve bought the 2016 Empowerment Package there is some overlap, but they have put in a lot of cool new stuff this year.

Please note, this summit was hosted by vegans and that is the philosophy they promote. I don’t necessarily promote it or say people need to be vegan, however, anyone contemplating becoming vegan needs to educate themselves. There is also a huge amount of educational value in the materials provided by this summit. I will be providing a review and commentary of this summit later.

Full details of the bonuses that come with the Empowerment Package:


From John & Ocean Robbins + Jeffrey Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology — Value: $197

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With John Robbins, Ocean Robbins, Michael Greger, MD, and Brenda Davis, RD

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From Ocean and John Robbins

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In this ebook, you’ll find out what cancer-fighting foods you should be eating and how to put them to work in your life! Plus, you’ll get delicious recipes made using these foods, so you can begin eating them right away.


From Ocean and John Robbin

Why do some people look ten years younger than they are, while others look ten years older?

In this ebook, find out which foods can help you look younger and prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and degenerative illness – while adding years to your life and life to your years. Some of these foods might surprise you! You’ll also get recipes for each of the anti-aging foods, so you can begin adding them to your diet right away.


From Ocean and John Robbins

Information is great, but it won’t help you if you don’t know how to put it into inspired action.

This Action Guide is your ticket to ongoing healthy success after the Summit ends! It includes a handy two-page food fact sheet, with some critical must-have facts (all of them fully documented from credible sources), action steps you can take, and an inspiring and galvanizing conversation between John and Ocean Robbins.


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Through this ebook, you’ll learn dozens of simple way to make flavorful plant-based dishes without using processed sugar, oil, and salt.


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The Global Stress Summit, Day 4

The Global Stress Summit, Day 4

Global Stress Summit

NOTE: The full transcripts for John Assaraf’s talk and Debbie Jeremiah’s talk are available for free if you just register at the summit – and that is free too.

John Assaraf


Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Learn to identify critical, high-impact tasks
  • Discover why stress is self-imposed
  • Inspiration vs. expiration!

My Takeaways

Time Management vs Event Management

He says there is no such thing as time management, there is only event management. So you have to prioritize your activities to choose the highest impact and highest income activities for you. He gave the example of when he owned Remax Indiana and surveyed his 1500 staff, he saw that the only difference between those people earning $35,000 a year and $1,000,000 a year was the percentage of time they spent in front of the clients.

So whatever your high impact or high income tasks are – that is where you should be spending your time and not treating all tasks as equal eg doing the dishes, upgrading your skills, etc. And even though most of us have to do that his point is for some people there are tasks they are doing that are taking up all their time when they could be more productive elsewhere and the solution would be to get someone else to do those low impact low income tasks that are diverting you from your true talents.

This post is in the process of being written up, check back later to hear more of JA’s talk, and also Mark Waldman’s talk, in which he gave a demonstration of the neuroscience of ‘the mindful yawn’, if executive MBA students will stop 3 times an hour to do this, maybe we should ask why?


The Global Stress Summit, Day 3

The Global Stress Summit, Day 3

Global Stress Summit

Stressful issues such as weight gain, diet, exercise, cancer, and sleep are all covered today. However, I really didn’t think day 3 was the same standard as the previous two days.

Susan Peirce-Thompson

Susan has an inspiring story – good student that dropped out addicted to drugs, found herself on the streets, got clean, went back to education and became a college professor but was obese and nothing was working for her – so she solved that problem and now instead runs brightlineeating.com with a focus on how your brain can be addicted to foods.

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • The “true” definition of stress
  • How brains respond to addictive foods
  • Foods that create physiological stress

My Takeaways

Don’t Eliminate Stress – Support Yourself Instead!

“All of the meaningful things come with stress” – relationships, kids, career – she doesn’t want an ’empty’ life so she runs on high stress but well supported.

One Third of the Population Should Not Dictate for the Other Two Thirds

One third of the population will not become addicted to sugar, so they do not believe it is possible to get addicted- yet the other two thirds of the population are being bombarded with sugar ‘on the basis it is not addictive’ but they are highly addicted to it. Hm, I’m not sure it is the one third that is driving this debate, but more the ‘tobacco science’ of the sugar industry, it’s about profits and marketing!

Effects of Sugar and Processed Foods – Cravings & Addictions
  1. The physiological hit results in inflammation.
  2. In the brain you also have dopamine down regulation – hits your addiction centers, it is only a ‘high’ the first time but it actually leaves you feeling you need sugar just to feel normal, so you have cravings and always need you next hit, just like with drugs.
  3. Modern ‘treats’ like processed donuts stimulate the brain more than it ever was designed to be able to handle.
  4. The dopamine receptors can grow back in a few weeks if you get off the addictive foods. It’s like quitting smoking.
Only a Tiny Fraction of People are Successful at Weight Loss
  1. If you get off an addictive food and ‘dabble’ in it later on, the addiction will come back in as little as two hits, so if you do dabble make sure it is very little and very seldom or it will have a grip on your system again and you’ll be yoyoing trying to get off it all the time.
  2. Stress is a real trigger for people to return to old habits.
Automate your Self-Care Routine

She gives an example of her own self-care routine [which didn’t click with me at all] and showed that it was a way for her to keep on track with her goals and not slip backwards, saying that it would only take 3 months of uncomfortable focus to set it up and then it would be automated, basically an expansion of your self-care routine of brushing your teeth twice a day – she would meditate, pray, read on the toilet etc etc – obviously there is room for personalization on this one!

Yuri Elkaim

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Find peace in your food choices
  • Food-inflammation-stress connection
  • Food-cycling formula for robust health

My Takeaways

Alopecia Made Him Lose His Hair – Restored in Two Eeeks!

He had alopecia as a teenager which is an autoimmune condition that made him lose his hair – and the only thing he was offered were what he considered crazy steroid injections into his scalp, so he didn’t take them. He just got on with his soccer career and then after that he studied nutrition and within 2 weeks his hair grew back! After all those years!

Unnecessary Tetanus Injection Made Him Bald Again!

Years later he brought his young son in for a routine doctor’s check up and the doc unexpectedly offered Yuri a tetanus shot – which he took. He became bald again but this time the hair did not grow back.

That would suggest the vaccine caused an autoimmune condition, at the very least!! It certainly hit his immune system hard!

Athletes Eat Badly & It Affects Performance

From his own experience and from all those he works with now, he knows that athletes often don’t eat quality food – they usually eat junk, in the belief that they are young and active and will burn it all up. No. The junk is affecting both their health and their performance. The health aspect usually becomes more obvious in their 30’s or further down the road, while sometimes athletes actually struggle all along with bad health and being susceptible to more injuries.

So Yuri is making a real difference in getting through to people like this to up both their game and their health. He has nearly 1000 videos on youtube, and I just looked one up: Eat this healthy breakfast food for faster fat loss (and fewer cravings). At face value there is some good in here, some nuggets like “vary your protein sources”.

But the level of advice may depend on where you are at, for example if you need to become more healthy, then this might be helpful. But if you are seriously ill or struggling with an underlying condition and need a reversal in your illness, then you may need someone more specific than that, and some of the old schools of healing, etc.

 When is the Best Time to Eat Protein?

Timing: Yuri prefers protein in the morning, and some other people favor that too. Dr. Christopher would have recommended protein in the morning and carbs in the evening, to give the pancreas a rest. Alan Christianson is experimenting with an adrenal reset program at the moment and he has his own notions of when to eat protein too. But others like Gerson therapy have people eating porridge at breakfast – and it works  just fine too [I did that therapy, admittedly it is too low on protein if you are doing it as a non-cancer patient, but the oats/carb breakfast was no problem]. So if your breakfast is already working for you, there’s no real need to change it, but if you want to try something new, then you could give the morning protein a go.

What Type of Protein is Best? 

You will notice quite a diversity out there at the moment when it comes to sources of protein – whatever you are comfortable with! [I’ll do a separate blog on this]. Yuri says he is not dogmatic on foods, but rotating protein sources was one good tip from him.

How Much Protein Do We Need Daily?

Notice in his breakfast alone there was 35g of protein -again there is a huge diversity of opinion on this with some people saying eat 35g of protein at every meal, and others like Mercola saying keep it around 20g for the entire day because of the mTOR pathway. Well obviously this is the subject of a whole other blog, but I can say that when it comes to extreme healing, take a look at who is getting ‘incurable’ illnesses reversed and the levels of protein they use- usually during the course of severe illness protein is kept low. Then again, people like Terry Wahls on The Wahls Protocol will incorporate it early [again a new therapy that seems to borrow a lot from Gerson and add protein]. Or again look at Dr. Stephen Gundry, who uses high protein for weight loss but not for reversing coronary plaque or longevity – so it depends on the result you are aiming for and where you are starting out from.

Intermittent Fasting

Yuri promotes this – based on an annoying theory of how our ancestors ate – who really knows how they ate 10,ooo years ago, it is only guesswork! However, looking at the schools of healing with 50+ years of success, they always did juice cleanses of some sort to give the digestion a rest – but these have to be done carefully – just giving up food for a day without hydration and preferably lots of support just isn’t a good idea.

Laid Back Attitude
  • He says he is not dogmatic about foods, yes get rid of the gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, and then when you are clean try adding them back and see how you feel!  He eats pizza occasionally himself – again, this is ‘health level’ advice, some people can’t be that laid back.
  • He was a bit chaotic in my opinion about when to eat, breakfast at 4pm was fine for him, but no one is perfect 🙂


Loriana Hernandez-Aldama

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Link between fitness and illness
  • The trifecta for dealing with cancer
  • Why rest is an investment

My Takeaways

The Problems Sometimes with Online Summits

This talk is a good example of a very weak speaker who got invited simply because she is in the same business mastermind group as the host. This is a comment I left under this talk, and now I want that 25 minutes of my life back!

I'm 25 minutes into this and wondering when is the talk actually going to start, life is too short to hear this sort of stuff, I can't believe she does keynotes - this sounds more like belonging to the same business club as the host - being well positioned

SO basically she had cancer about 3 years back and went to John's Hopkins, realized she thought she was fit but was living a stressful life - she hopped on chemo, noticed most people didn't survive that, and came up with the catchphrase 'armor up' basically build up strength every opportunity you get because you will need it <---one sentence, that's it.

Honestly, when I heard 'cancer' I was thinking something better - as I know chemo is not a good first option and there are many alternatives, most of which this 'health guru' still doesn't seem to be aware of!! Anyone heard of The Truth About Cancer? Or Gerson Therapy [I did that], or any of the many other places that really and truly show you how to 'armor up' and not fluff around with a 'green drink' or two - sheez!

The stated objectives for this speaker’s talk probably say more than the speaker, just run with them! And so too with our next speaker, I’d expect.

Michael Breus

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • 2 biological factors for good sleep
  • Creating a consistent sleep schedule
  • Do’s and don’ts of getting to sleep

I haven’t yet listened to this talk, but Breus did an entire summit himself last year Aug 8th-15, 2016, and there is a link to that on my Online Health Summits 2016 page. I also did a brief review and commentary on it and added some stuff from my experience.

Todd Durkin

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Importance of physical performance
  • Which hour of the day is the most important?
  • “3 Hs” that fuel your overall success

Own The Summit

Remember, this is just a taste of the summit, for the full summit and all the speakers, you can buy the talks and transcripts for The Global Stress Summit and see everything they had to say for yourself. And maybe let me know YOUR opinion 🙂

The Global Stress Summit, Day 2

The Global Stress Summit, Day 2

Global Stress Summit

Srini Pillay

Part-time professor of psychiatry at Harvard and a gazillion other things, including being on John Assaraf’s Neurogym team. Srini is a bit of a superstar in the world of neuroscience, and possibly the best dressed – worth tuning into this talk just to see how he gets away with that suit and tie, and lime green waistcoat 🙂

Stated Objectives for this Talk:

  • A remedy for “type 2” worry
  • Difference between stress, worry and anxiety
  • Combating unconscious impacts of stress

My Takeaways:

Are you Jazzed or Freaked Out?

That is the bottom line for Srini, he goes neatly into the actual differences between stress, worry, and anxiety, and shows how the researchers may even go deeper into the physiological origins of each, but he likes to take it down to whether something is having a positive or negative effect on you. If something is serving you, then keep it; if not, then let’s solve it.

Medicating the Potential for Transcendence

‘By giving someone a pill you medicate away their potential for transcendence. So if you take their anxiety away with a pill, you take away the potential for change.’

Hidden Types of Anxiety

He did go into the different types of anxiety, how sometimes we can have it and not realize, and how our brain can register it unconsciously even just from certain images. He also mentioned ‘existential anxiety’ that from the moment we are born our destination is death – I’d like if he went more into that, because a lot of people when they get to 70 tend to be filled with that anxiety and don’t live in the moment and can miss out 10-20 years of their life because they are so worried and anxious and stressed out about ‘pending death’ and ‘running out of time’ when really anyone of any age can die at any time, and one day can last a very long time if lived happily…


Srini gave a bunch of strategies, practical things people can do to help them in the daily lives, one that stood out is for couples – one person comes home grumpy, they’ve had a bad day, if you go there it can escalate so think about ‘counter-mirroring’ and do something positive together that you know you both like – a walk, prepare a meal, whatever.

*Srini’s is the sort of talk I’d have to listen to a few times to get my head around, so I’ll update my takeaways on him next time round. UPDATE: FULL TRANSCRIPT OF SRINI’S TALK FREE, it’s in the free gifts for just signing up to view the summit [should be still able to sign up after it has aired]

Rick Hanson

Rick apparently is another legend, and his website has a whole bunch of free resources [I like that!]. This is my first time to hear him talk and I have not yet checked out those free resources.

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Redefining stress as an opportunity
  • The role YOU play in stress
  • Discovering your personal “Vitamin C”

My Takeaways

Neurons That Fire Together, Wire Together

Rick Hanson has given the clearest explanation that I’ve ever heard of what that actually means:

  • The longer you keep those neurons firing, the more they rewire, so basically the longer you stay with it – doing whatever  it is that uplifts you – the more those neurons will form those new or happy neural pathways.
  • Uplifting activities include music, nice images/pictures, breathing, self-care.
Build Up Your Inner Muscle to Deal with Stress
  • Treat yourself like you matter – do things that make you happy several times a day.
  • Build inner strengths like patience, hope, self-compassion.
  • Be more present and centered.
  • Perspective – ask yourself do you really have to learn the hard way?

When you make your daily list of what you are grateful for today, savor those things – take time to feel them and tune into them – it’s not just about writing it down and not connecting – connect with those good things.

Evian Gordon

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Laws that govern brain function
  • Non-conscious triggers your brain senses
  • Creating new neural pathways

JJ Virgin

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Top urban myths about fat loss
  • How to choose your stress response
  • Secrets for building your business

Judy Carter

Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • How to go from a mess to a success!
  • Communicate with power and meaning
  • Strategies for overcoming stressful situations

Own The Summit

Remember, this is just a taste of the summit, for the full summit and all the speakers, you can buy the talks and transcripts for The Global Stress Summit and see everything they had to say for yourself. And maybe let me know YOUR opinion 🙂

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