The Global Stress Summit, Day 4

The Global Stress Summit, Day 4

Global Stress Summit

NOTE: The full transcripts for John Assaraf’s talk and Debbie Jeremiah’s talk are available for free if you just register at the summit – and that is free too.

John Assaraf


Stated Objectives for this Talk

  • Learn to identify critical, high-impact tasks
  • Discover why stress is self-imposed
  • Inspiration vs. expiration!

My Takeaways

Time Management vs Event Management

He says there is no such thing as time management, there is only event management. So you have to prioritize your activities to choose the highest impact and highest income activities for you. He gave the example of when he owned Remax Indiana and surveyed his 1500 staff, he saw that the only difference between those people earning $35,000 a year and $1,000,000 a year was the percentage of time they spent in front of the clients.

So whatever your high impact or high income tasks are – that is where you should be spending your time and not treating all tasks as equal eg doing the dishes, upgrading your skills, etc. And even though most of us have to do that his point is for some people there are tasks they are doing that are taking up all their time when they could be more productive elsewhere and the solution would be to get someone else to do those low impact low income tasks that are diverting you from your true talents.

This post is in the process of being written up, check back later to hear more of JA’s talk, and also Mark Waldman’s talk, in which he gave a demonstration of the neuroscience of ‘the mindful yawn’, if executive MBA students will stop 3 times an hour to do this, maybe we should ask why?


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