Useful Websites

Useful Websites to Restore & Maintain Health

  1. A Healthier You Radio, run by David and Fawn Christopher of the School of Natural Healing. This is a weekly radio show that airs free the week after the show and then has an indexed archive of over 20 years of material which you can gain access to for a monthly fee of $5.
  2. A Herbal Legacy this is a tribute to Dr. Christopher’s herbal legacy and is free. It contains some very interesting herbal protocols for all sorts of conditions. Dr. Christopher was one of the greatest herbalists of all times, considered nothing to be incurable, David is his son.
  3. The School of Natural Healing this has been one of my most important sources of information. It is especially important to go to the source, Dr. Christopher’s work, as later generations can sometimes misquote him or run with a fad like a ‘liver flush drink’, they are deadly dangerous but Dr. Christopher didn’t actually recommend them at all.
  4. Shaun the Sheep on YouTube, it is one of the funniest animations I’ve ever seen and adults love it as much as kids [actually even more than kids!] Most important of all when restoring your health is ‘Laugh Therapy’.
  5. Your Medical Detective, this is a free functional medicine resource run by Dr. Ron Grisanti, you can check out my review here. And if you sign up to YMD you will receive a simplified patient guide to How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests Without a Medical Degree.
  6. Learn how to set up a website either to blog your message or earn from home, because most chronically ill people cannot go to work and do not receive enough money on social welfare to cover what they need to get better, those supplements not to mention the tests we need and the doctors’ fees! So this is a low cost startup, the platform I use that gives  you a quick set up with professional wordpress websites, training, and help, in fact I’d be helping you as this is one of the places I hang out. Read this article I wrote about ranking page 1 of google inside two hours and making a $123.50 commission on a new site.
  7. [I’ll be filling in lots more here, just check back soon]

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