What Mary Coughlan wants for heart care, but just doesn’t know it yet [Part 1].

Heart Disease Prevention, Reversal & Proper Testing

The singer Mary Coughlan recently collapsed with heart problems but said she had been to the doctor 4 times and each time was sent away being told her heart was fine, then she collapsed in a car park and needed emergency care and now she has a bunch of heart stents in – which is an alternative in the medical world to coronary bypass surgery.

-99 percent blockage and 97 percent blockage in one artery and in my other artery I had a 60 and 40 percent blockage, Mary Coughlan sent away 4 times until she eventually collapsed
But only the lucky ones survive from collapsing with heart failure!

Only a percentage of people survive and come back for a second chance at life after collapsing with heart failure, so why is heart attack and the point of coronary bypass the first point of intervention for most doctors today? Because it is not just Mary Coughlan, many people are being sent out of doctors’ offices every day told their hearts are fine despite the obvious symptoms and just as with the police, the doctors won’t act on that threat of violence someone has just made until the threat is actually carried out -please come back when you’ve had a heart attack and ignore the threats!?

For example when my dad had a heart attack at xmas, just as with Mary Coughlan 3 months previously, he was sent out from his first visit and on his way to the doctor’s again for a second visit took a heart attack. I was astounded at the lack of medical assessment and attention first time round – what if he’d collapsed in the corner of a quiet car park and not been found on time? So many scenarios come to mind!

He too was merely given an ECG and told it looked normal despite pain down the left arm on exercising, chest pain, shortness of breath, and that shortness of breath had been going on many months already. In fact, he’d had heart attacks before and was in his 70s, yet he had to collapse before anything was deemed wrong with his heart [and not the first time, this happened 20 years ago too].

- my dad also was given an ECG and was sent away having been told it looked fine and went back again and had a heart attack in the doctor's office, only THEN they concluded he may have a problem!
Why did she have to collapse with a heart attack and 97% coronary blockage before something was done?

It is being reported in the Irish newspapers since September 2016 that she wants doctors to take this sort of thing seriously and not wait till things get to the point where someone collapses with a heart attack, which is exactly what happened to my dad 3 months later [which means they didn’t take her seriously yet]. And she has been in the media ever since talking about the inappropriate reaction of doctors to pre-heart attack patients with severely blocked arteries, waiting for them to have a heart attack before doing anything about it.

Finding out before people collapse with a heart attack is possible

Yet I’m aware of a number of cardiologists that can tell precisely what is going on with the heart and precisely how much plaque is there BEFORE people end up in hospital with a heart attack or needing surgery. Some examples would be Dr. Masley and Dr. Gundry (and there are many others), they can measure plaque in the neck, and they can also measure how that plaque reverses or increases and they know there are ways to decrease it – there is no need to progress to heart attack or bypass surgery – and lets add to this the fact that Dr. Stephen Gundry has invented a number of procedures and devices that are actually used in bypass surgery today – these guys are not quacks!

Another free resource anyone can access immediately to look up a range of heart tests that could be used to prevent the heart attack occurring and to know the precise status of the heart is Your Medical Detective.

So Why Do Doctors Not Take Action?

But despite her demanding them to take heart testing and advanced notice more seriously  – like those other doctors are already doing – current medical practice is not listening or implementing change or using the tools at hand for this – heart disease is the number one killer – are you happy that doctors are ignoring the proper testing that is available?  My dad would not have been sent away from the doctor’s office 3 months later with a severely blocked left artery [called the widowmaker for a good reason] and left to have a heart attack if doctors cared anything about health and healing. They just wait until things are so bad that you are ready for bypass surgery, that is, if you survive the pending heart attack that had been threatening so loudly. And to top it all, they make you feel like ‘nothing could have been done, you were perfectly fine a couple of days ago and you had the heart attack today’, and then after the invasive heart procedure they get you back into the noisey ward and shovel you full of jelly and ice cream and biscuits, sugar-laden, full of trans-fats, gmos, glyphosate, herbicides, and pesticides, and junk that my dad certainly would have been trying to avoid in his own house.

What options do you have?

Well clearly there are options, cardiologists and surgeons who have educated themselves on health such as Dr. Steven Masley, Dr. Stephen Gundry, Dr. Joel Khan, and many others, are providing proper testing and heart programs with proper lifestyle guidance – exercise, stress reductions, and in particular nutritional guidelines [which are not those on that outdated ‘food pyramid’ most dieticians are using – use your common sense, look at the food they get in hospital, the trash biscuits and desserts and who knows what source their meat etc and ask yourself what could they possibly know about nutrition!]

Your Medical Detective

And there are other resources too, for example YMD, Your Medical Detective, is a free resource for everyone where you can look up all the latest research and advice on heart tests and supplements, run by Dr. Ron Grisanti who also founded an online training functional medicine course [which is a cut above the rest, imo]. This is my review of Functional Medicine University. The Your Medical Detective site has a search box which you can use to navigate the site.

So after my dad was suddenly confined to hospital awaiting triple bypass surgery after his heart attack, I  did a quick search on ‘heart’ on the YMD website www.yourmedicaldetective.com and it turns out Ron Grisanti has a whole bunch of tests in there that could have been performed way ahead of time:

  • To see precisely how the heart was doing
  • To measure what the plaque situation was in the arteries
  • As well as nutrient deficiencies that contribute to weakness in the heart
  • And to top all of that, tips on what to take after a fatty meal to make sure the blood doesn’t thicken up, simple things like vitamin E and fish oil

Well now, isn’t that closer to what Mary Coughlan [and all of us] want to know?!

How many people do you know had a massive heart attack after a big meal?!

Father Ted is one tragic example, my own grandmother being another. And there are so many more. Why is this information not being announced from the rooftops, on the news, in the papers every day? Why is it not being taught in school? Well you will notice that the pharmaceutical companies sponsor the TV stations and newspapers most of the time, so they cannot broadcast news that would hit their profits – and the only ones gaining in this situation are those making and selling medications and performing surgeries – it is an industry and we are sadly cash cows. [And just look at how cows are treated in the name of profits – or are you aware of just how inhumane that is, but no great leap to treating humans like cattle or inhumanely when you see how the wheels of industry can grind when we turn a blind eye.

But armed with information and functional medicine testing [which regular doctors aren’t using yet], people can know precisely where they stand and not wonder when something is going to hit them ‘out of the blue’, they can also take control over their health and not be victims or cash cows for the medical system – which is precisely what you will see if ever you have to spend time in a hospital!

If you are a doctor or any type of health professional interested in functional medicine training [which can actually be got online these days and without breaking the bank] then check out my review.

Of course there are other ways to prevent heart disease and support heart nutrition that have been practiced a very long time, for example the Mediterranean Diet, and herbs such as Hawthorn, and foods such as cayenne, and while acknowledgement must be made to the people who have known this for 1000s of years and the naturopaths and herbalists who practice all this, this article was geared at what any regular doctor could immediately be doing in his office right now, and where the standard of medical care should actually be today. That is not too much to ask for, but we need to demand it and not be asleep and accept what we are given. Your life depends on it, and your taxpayer’s money is paying for the burden inadequate medical care is casting on society.

* I will write another post on exactly what those tests and supplements are that you can be pursuing – [part 2]

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