The Truth About Vaccines, [TTAV]

The Truth About Vaccines, Episodes 1-5

Mini-series by Ty Bollinger, the same person who brought us The Truth About Cancer last year, and before that The Quest for Cures.

Ty and his team have actually done a much better job on this series than the previous ones, imo, as it is full of hard hitting facts to engage our brains, with all the documented research to back up those facts, encouraging you to go see for yourself, and with none of the emotional music or crying people to drive our emotions as in the previous series – not that the previous series on cancer were inaccurate, as I used a cancer therapy [Gerson Cancer Therapy] myself and it saved my own life over a decade ago, though I didn’t use it for cancer but some other ‘incurable’ condition.

I’ve put a summary below of what is on the various days and episodes, you can scroll down to episode 2 to get a fuller description of that day. I will be doing this with the other episodes later – it happens to be a very busy week!

This series will be airing for free for another couple of days, then there will be an encore day so you can catch up on any missed episodes. They are also selling a complete package of videos/audio/transcripts with extra material, as they are giving snippets of interviews in this but the whole interview with each speaker is on the package. The Truth About Vaccines.

The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule

Day 1 of TTAV, 2 hours long for the first episode but I was  glued to the screen the entire time. Fact after fact, including:

  • Dr. Rachel Ross MD (former Co-Host of “The Doctors”) shares her personal experience (at 6:28) of the birth of her daughter and her vaccine choice.
  • RFK Jr. shares the real reasons why vaccine manufacturers have no liability and also describes the “precautionary principle.”
  • Get a “behind the scenes” look at a “vaccine legislation” meeting with a Congressman in the Rayburn House Building in Washington D.C.
  • Hear the personal story of Davida and Nico LaHood (San Antonio District Attorney) as they describe the differences in their four children.
  • Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”) elaborates on the similarities and differences between “vaccinations” and “immunizations.”
  • And so much more – I will be updating episode one with more info later – I actually spent more time in episode 2 so you can get a good update on that one right now.

What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio?

Episode 2 was shorter at about 1.5hrs, and equally interesting. Some of the points raised include:

  • The aluminum/aluminium in the vaccines is not the same as regular aluminum that gets into our system, because in the vaccines they have an added surfactant Polysorbate 80 which gets the aluminum across the blood brain barrier, so it hits the brain whereas oral ingestion doesn’t go to the brain.
  • Doctors dismiss the dangers of aluminum in vaccines because they don’t understand the significance of the added surfactant and its impact on the blood brain barrier.
  • The differences between ingesting aluminum and injecting it, when it is injected it is in nano-particle form which crosses the blood brain barrier and causes neurological damage.
  • This is the same technology used by Pharma to get other drugs into the brain, so why is it used in vaccines?
  • The amount of aluminum considered safe by the FDA is 5mcg, yet the amount in vaccines is 50-100 times more than this ‘safe amount’.

He showed how the weight of the baby was not taken into consideration when calculating the dosage of the vaccine, and how the maximum dose of aluminum compares with the body weight of an individual.

  • He listed some of the vaccines high in aluminum, and this is not a complete list, I’m just giving you a snapshot here of what is contained in this episode:
‘Thimerosal Free’ = 3x times more Mercury!
  • ‘Thimerosal free’ actually means the vaccine has three times more mercury in it, it is not ‘mercury free’!
Polio is caused by vaccines
  • All polio since the 1960s has been caused by vaccines!
The Glyphosate Trojan
  • Glyphosate/Roundup is in vaccines!
Brain Inflammation
  • Dr. Larry Palevsky, MD, was particularly interesting on the connection between vaccine adverse reactions and brain inflammation symptoms.

This of course includes adverse reactions to drugs/meds things outside of vaccines too, imo, for example I know someone who ended up with brain inflammation after an adverse reaction to an anaesthetic and had severe ME (‘Myalgic Encephalitis’) type symptoms – though the doctors there did not want to report it as an adverse reaction or define it as ME either, just as with the vaccine-injured kids. In fact, to me the parallels are huge, except in adults development has already occurred compared to when it happens to babies.

I hadn’t heard of Larry Palevsky before, but my experience of brain inflammation and adverse reactions and how it compares with how the doctors ignore it and can’t handle it showed me that Palevsky really knows this, despite some of the reaction to him trying to say otherwise.

The Significance of ICD-9 Codes for Vaccine Injury

The significance of the existence of ICD codes for vaccine injury is that society/doctors/big pharma are playing down that there is such a thing as ‘vaccine injury’, that it doesn’t exist, yet they have a diagnostic code for it!

  • When the diagnostic manual that doctors use as their bible actually has a list of official vaccine injuries listed as diagnoses, then vaccines are known to cause injury and it is a diagnosis, even if it is not given.

Well there’s your proof right there, in the doctors’ own diagnostic ICD-9 codes, even if you never saw a vaccine injured / damaged child – which btw is impossible with the huge number of incidents and its broader consequences in society for everyone.

They have a ‘compensation’ scheme that has paid out $3.6 Billion already
  • A percentage of every vaccine is put into a fund to compensate damaged children.

Question: Would you let your child be vaccinated knowing that fund and knowledge of Russian Roulette type injury exists?

And from the previous series on vaccines by Patrick Gentempo, we also know that fund won’t actually pay out in most cases and it takes nearly a decade to go through the process, and even then they will argue that your 20 year old son still in diapers could be using less diapers so you don’t need so much money! So even though they’ve already paid out 3.6 billion dollars, it is a fraction of what is needed.

  • In order to prevent adverse reactions being tied to any particular lot of vaccines the vaccine companies mix the lots and distribute them across the country so it is harder to tie the injuries to vaccines when it is one here and one there.

So actually they’d often be from the same lot of vaccines, as the standards are more lax than regular medications [and we all know how many reactions and effects there are with them!]. Variations and unimaginable things occur, and that would be partly due to the fact they know they can’t be sued and they don’t have to be tested or put through clinical trials.

These are just a few snippets from episode 2, it is chocka-block with facts and revelations like these.

When the politicians protect their children but not yours!

One of the most disturbing things in episode 2 was an actual meeting where it is on record that a very high up politician said he would not let his newborn grand daughter get a particular vaccine, having read the data on it, but the truth about the side effects could not be make known to the general public as it would cause instability!

Well how do you like that, ‘you second rate human being, you commoner, you’!

In Depth Analysis of the MMR and DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater GooD

“They market fear, not vaccines, taking away medical choice.”             Mike Adams.

Some highlights of episode 3 include:

  • Who developed the MMR vaccine.
  • How having a vaccinated child doesn’t necessarily stop outbreaks from happening, they give several examples of outbreaks of disease in 100% vaccinated populations.
  • How Japan tried giving its population the MMR vaccine and have since stopped because of its ineffectiveness and health issues it caused, and just how quickly Japan stopped compared to the US and elsewhere – they don’t need a million people to be injured, they are not profit driven but people driven!
  • The potential link between autism and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • What Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s investigation revealed in his 250 page report.

I will be updating episode 3 later with more info.

Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity

– Why does the CDC claim that 36,000 people a year die from Influenza
– Hear from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussing why some states require HAZMAT suits if a vial containing a vaccine is dropped
– A medical researcher explaining why people that get the flu shot are more susceptible to end up in the hospital from a different strain
– Learn how allergies were an unheard of phenomenon before the hypodermic needle
– A new study done by Duke and Harvard Universities talking about the dangers of acetaminophen (Tylenol)
– Dr. Gary Goldman’s study on the correlation between vaccines and the infant mortality rate in the United States
– Learn why Norwegian women are encouraged to breastfeed and the relation to their low infant mortality rate
– Plus so much more

I will be updating this episode later with more info.

Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • This episode covered the Gardasil vaccine given to teenagers and showed how unnecessary it is, and the extensive damage caused by it.
  • They also visited a town in Colombia where something like 700 healthy girls in a healthy ethnic population fairly cut off from the outside world were badly injured by Gardasil and even then the authorities denied the adverse reaction and blamed all the girls. That denial hurt the girls even more than the already devastating effects of the vaccine.
  • There was the question too of why a baby should be vaccinated for a sexually transmitted disease?!
  • And why would boys be vaccinated for cervical cancer?
  • On top of which many of those boys vaccinated for cervical cancer developed autism!
  • There was also coverage of a number of cases of parents being imprisoned when their baby suddenly died after vaccination – it was called ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ and as one doctor pointed out “once they put the word ‘syndrome’ at the end of anything, it means they don’t know!

The tenacity of the pharmaceutical industry to hold on to the ever increasing and very lucrative vaccine schedule is apparent, the injustices are apparent too and must be made known to everyone.

If you’d like to own the whole package which includes the 7 episodes aired along with full unedited longer interviews with each speaker on the TTAV series, then that package can be got here. It includes transcripts, audio MP3s, and videos. And I’m noticing that every time I listen to it, I learn something new, it is worth getting the package.


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