Functional Medicine Training 2017, Spring Enrollment

Spring Enrollment Now Open:  April 17th-25th, 2017

Functional Medicine University

Full Functional Medicine Training

This is your opportunity right now to get fully accredited Functional Medicine training, with credits and hours towards a diplomate in nutrition as well as many other bonuses and for the best price out there on the internet.

An ACBN (American Clinical Board of Nutrition) Affiliate- 300 hours of the Functional Medicine Training Program is accepted by the ACBN toward their 300 hour requirement for eligibility of the DACBN board examination. (The FMU certification program is only 200 hours, however, we offer an additional 100 hours at no charge.)

Complete 200-hour On-Line Program Modules contain a varied amount of lessons within. Each module has an exam that helps you to prepare for the Final Examination. If you don’t pass the module exam, you will be given an opportunity to review the module content and test again. Move on when you feel that you are ready.Study at your own pace. Designed to work with the schedules of the busy health care practitioner. No demanding deadlines to meet and the program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Fully Online & A True Education

Some training centers want you to travel half way across the world just to do a module here or there, or offer an extremely expensive program with the same basics and imo more narrow educational parameters on their courses and solutions.

  • FMU functional medicine training offers the core training plus a diversity of approaches and solutions in addition to that, a true education.
  • FMU training is available to everyone, MDs, Chiropractors, Herbalists, and everything else including interested students or people looking for explanations on their health and it’s from the comfort of your home.
  • – cutting out travel expenses, time off work
  • – cutting out the need to go to expensive conferences when really you can listen to any speaker at home, and even get stuff done at the same time!
Why is Functional Medicine Training Less Expensive at   Functional Medicine University?

Question: Why is the cost of this training lower than the other functional medicine centers out there?

Answer: Because the founder Dr. Ron Grisanti has a philosophy of creating a place of learning, true education in health and healing, and action and accessibility for all people everywhere. He is not profit centered, not caught up in the craze of internet marketing, not in it for the profit.

Unique & Understated

Not only has that drive towards understanding and results instead of money and profit put him ahead of the crowd imo, but combine that with FMU having the broadest educational perspective and exceptional high standard of contribution of the guest lecturers, there is something both unique and understated at FMU.

Diversity of Approaches

At FMU different opinions on diet, hormone therapy, herbs, supplements, detox are provided in the form of an archive of incredible speakers. As you can see from my website, I cover most of the online summits myself but I can safely say the lectures inside FMU are at a much higher level than those on the summits, even when it is the same speaker at times. However, Dr. Grisanti has included a lot of speakers not on the summit list, again partly because of the diversity of opinion and views on the mechanisms of and solutions to illness that he likes to present, but also because he has an exceptional nose for researching the cause of illness and its mechanisms.

Price Plans

I’ve listed some of the current bonuses available with the core training in my review [these are always being updated by FMU as they keep adding to them].

The price of the training differs slightly for MDs and non-MDs.

  • For non-MDs and students it is $2195 [with an optional monthly payment of $215 for 12 months].
  • For an MD, DC, DO, ND it is $2495 [again with payment plans optional].

To see the full price plans view here. These prices include lifetime membership and all upgrades to the course. There are new bonus lectures and materials being added regularly.

You know functional medicine is the new wave sweeping the world right now, so now is your chance to get the training at the right time and the right price. 😉



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