Sweet Freedom Summit 2017 Day 1

Day 1: Sweet Freedom Summit, 2017

Today’s speakers:

Sweet Freedom Summit

Damon Gameau: an Australian actor who made the film That Sugar Film, which rocked Australia and the world [though it was my first time to hear of it, I certainly can see the reverberations in society] the trailer is on youtube.

Ty Bollinger: Ty has produced the series The Truth About Cancer, and the upcoming The Truth About Vaccines docuseries. Cancer and sugar are always linked in the health world, so it is fitting he’d be on here.

Jonathan Landsman: who has produced a number of summits himself, including a very good one on Alzheimer’s last year.

JJ Virgin: who among many other things has written a book herself on sugar – the contrast between her attitude and Damon Gameau’s attitude represents the cultural difference between America and Australia, basically two opposite poles from extremes to laid back, with I’d say the Irish somewhere slap bang between those two extremes, on a good day. 🙂

Some Highlights from Damon Gameau’s Talk:

Damon’s talk was excellent. I hadn’t heard him before and nearly skipped over this but was so glad as he brought so many good points and in a laid-back Australian style that was really refreshing.

Some highlights from his film:

“That Sugar Film”

  • In just 3 weeks eating the same amount of sugar as the average Australian, Damon developed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
  • NAFLD is link to higher triglycerides and heart disease – just from eating sugar.
  • He did not eat junk food, the sugar was hidden sugar in so called ‘health foods’ such as low fat yogurts, granola bars.
  • It took 60 days to reverse the liver disease that he had created inside 20 days.
  • The sugar in the foods made him tired, moody, lacking energy, affected his sleep and quality of life.
  • He never would have undertaken the experiment on himself if he knew what he knows now, but he is grateful for the awareness it has created in society and changes it has made in people’s lives.

Secrets of the Sugar Industry Exposed

  1. Nestle have 700 PhDs researching and designing their foods to find more and more ways to get us addicted to them.
  2. The sugar industry is the 3rd biggest in the world.
  3. The celebrities and athletes who promote drinks with sugar in them actually wouldn’t use them at all themselves.

They are just some of the nuggets to be found in Damon’s talk – what a great opening to this summit. Definitely worth listening to him. For sure he will balance out some of the other speakers that will come later who have more extreme views.

I haven’t listened to the other 3 speakers for day 1 yet, I’ve heard them before but there’s usually something new or fresh every presentation so will tune in later and bring a commentary update to this post.

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*I will be posting reviews of all the other days, the notes are taken but are in the queue right now, it is busy season with three other summits already airing since this one started – so check back !



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