Functional Medicine University

Question 1: Do you need to travel to America or conferences here and there taking time off work, using up your week ends, and paying for travel and accommodation?

Answer 1: No, there is no need to travel anywhere at all, it is all available online these days.

Question 2: Is there only one place to study functional medicine and get fully accredited?

Answer 2: No, you have options and I know a great place, Functional Medicine University .

  • FMU offers full training and certification in functional medicine.
  • That includes CME/CEs for MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Dietitians,

    Pharmacists and Dentists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and NDs.

    21 hours has been awarded for MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Dietitians

    9 hours has been awarded for pharmacists

    5 hours has been awarded for dentists

  • The training at FMU also offers all the hours required for a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, free of charge.

    It is also possible to enroll if you are not any of the above. I’m a student there myself because I wanted to understand my health and the doctors in my country [everywhere?] hadn’t a clue and were prepared to let me go into a nursing home while I was still in my 30’s.

– So if you are a doctor – get trained up

– And if you are a practitioner in health – get trained up

– And if you are a person who needs to find out what is going on with your health – make sure your ‘healthcare provider’ is trained up or learn a bit yourself!

  1. One of the things I like about FMU is it genuinely covers all educational aspects, it offers both sides of the coin on every issue:
  • For example which is the best diet? FMU provides speakers from every camp allowing you to see all the data and make your own choice.
  • For example HRT– there is both training in how to use bioidentical hormones and how to provide herbal solutions without using bioidnetical hormones.
  • Most training schools are biased – one school out there not only costs a fortune, but the founder has clearly stated he bases his model on the use of bioidentical hormones – not a great thing if you want natural alternatives. And another well known training institute bases its dietary training on what essentially in my view is the lastest fad diet – paleo anti-grain, and leaning towards ketogenic.

2. Another thing I really like is the focus on the explanations of the cause of illness at FMU. Dr. Ron Grisanti, the founder, has created a bonus archive of extra optional lectures where he has invited in the top practitioners in healing globally to give their experience in various fields – in my opinion these lectures are even more important than the core functional medicine training and though it says ‘optional’ you would be wise to view or read all of these, the audios, videos and transcripts are all there.

They of course also focus heavily on the science and research behind understanding the solutions, though each speaker will have their own solutions and views, and they all come from very different backgrounds.

That said, I am grateful for the solutions I have learned in The School of Natural Healing. Dr. Christopher was a genius and I feel functional medicine just makes the application of the old solutions more specific 😉

Best Price Training in Functional Medicine Fully Online Payment Plans Available

Some of the advantages of Functional Medicine University, FMU:

  • It is all the same training as the most expensive institutes out there, but this is at the best price, full FM certification with bonuses for just over $2000 or as little as $215 a month.
  • And also has the advantage of being totally online, no travel involved.
  • A number of payment plans area also available.
  • The training at FMU also offers all the hours required for a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.
  • And from what I see as a student there, it offers a broader education when it comes to choices.

Enrollment is open for one each season, there are only four enrollments a year, quarterly. The next enrollment is not until April.

  • Including the new advanced lab testing across all the functional labs such as Genova Diagnostics, Spectracell, LRA by ELISA/ACT for immune tolerance, and many more.
  • Labs such as these get to the cause of serious illness and helps people reverse chronic illness, illnesses often dismissed as incurable or written off as a mystery.

Although this training is open to anyone who wants to learn, in order to be certified as a functional medicine practitioner or educator if you are not a licensed practitioner you will have to have some training in nutrition, herbs, and a degree in some subject.

I am a student of this course myself, as I wanted to understand exactly what happened to me after an adverse reaction to anaesthesia. My doctors ran for the hills, and refused to help. They covered their ignorance with an avoidance or defensive stance. Although I have found solutions in natural and alternative medicine it’s an ongoing process that could have been made more targeted with functional medicine, I still want answers, and they are in this training.



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