The Global Stress Summit

The Global Stress Summit, Day 1

Global Stress Summit

Ian Roberston, PhD

Professor Ian Robertson Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He has a long list of accomplishments but one that stands out to me is:  “He is currently a lead PI on the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) programme and also on the TCIN-GlaxoSmithKlein Neurodegeneration Programme.”<—does that mean into pharmaceuticals? That wasn’t really the vibe I got from his talk, so I was surprised to read that on his college bio.

The stated objectives for this talk:

My takeaways were:


At around 7 minutes in he says something extremely important about the fairly recently discovered paradigm shift that is ‘Neuroplasticity‘ and how this has completely changed the way people understand the brain and psychology i.e. basically our brain can heal and new neural pathways can grow and it is alive! That may seem like an obvious point, but all of medical science sort of believed once x happens y can never happen and it’s a downhill spiral…not so!

Take a Pill vs Take Control

Again at 12.20-ish he says something really amazing that has wider implications to the whole of health than the conversation here, but he is talking about the medical model of medicating the mind and having you take a pill rather than taking action – like they believe things can be fixed and everything is outside of your control…

Herbert Benson, MD

Herbert Benson was originally a cardiologist out of Harvard who was impressed in his research by the link between blood pressure and stress, in particular how it could be reduced with things like meditation, and therefore he thought about what was going on in meditation and extended those principles out to other techniques. He went on to found the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at MGH.

The stated objectives for this talk:

My takeaways were:

How to Evoke the Relaxation Response
  1. Just before the 11-ish minute mark: Benson had people think regular thoughts for 20 minutes, then meditate for 20 minutes, then think regular thoughts 20 minutes and noticed a huge connection between thoughts, energy and metabolism.
  2. He also saw that evoking the relaxation response had profound effects on genes, energy, blood sugar regulation, methylation and epigenetics.
  3. Even though he first studied this in Transcendental Meditation he reduced the underlying principles behind TM down to two steps, and found those two steps to be present since ancient times in all the major religions.
  4. These two steps basically amount to doing any ‘mindless’ activity repetitively, so for some people it is TM, for others it is the rosary, for others it is Tai Chi, or jogging, or gardening, etc, etc.
  5. He said any technique will work, whatever is comfortable for the person and it will work immediately – but to anchor it you must repeat it for 10-20 minutes every day. The summit host also brought up ‘progressive muscle relaxation’ as a technique. They even said an athlete in the zone is there. And my red flags started popping up…
Potential Problem: Staying Hypnotized and Suggestible                     = ‘Loser Syndrome’?

The problem I see, having trained as a Master Hypnotist, is Dr. John Kappas identified something he termed ‘loser syndrome’, especially in people who do TM, where people engage in activities like these but don’t come out of them and it is the job of the Hypnotherapist to bring them out! So make sure you ‘count yourself out’ of these types of things, unless it is just before sleep as awakening is a natural way to come out of hypnosis – just make sure you don’t stay in a trance state.

Sports Hypnosis Counts People Out of ‘The Zone’ After the Game!

Even sports athletes who train with hypnotists are trained how to go into trance / the zone, but just as importantly they are trained to come out. There is an example a teacher of mine gave where an athlete client after the event did not count himself out and a couple of days later was still ‘high’ in the same focused zone as during his game, fully of anxiety with that as it didn’t fit his normal daily routine to be in ‘the zone’. He was told how to bring himself out quite easily, but it is a case of not omitting that step [more on hypnosis later].

Why are Hypnotic Inductions Used as Common ‘Stress Reduction’ Techniques

I also see that some of the techniques mentioned eg the progressive muscle relaxation is a standard hypnotic induction! Unless you do this directly before going to sleep, then you remain hypnotized and highly suggestible – that is why some people develop what Kappas called ‘Loser Syndrome’ and often don’t maximize their potential in life – they become too suggestible and dependent on their environment to succeed, if that environment is excellent then fine, but our environments usually are not ideal…

Ignoring the Reality of Hypnosis

Again the indiscriminate use of hypnotic inductions in ‘stress relief’ is another example of ‘science’ ignoring the experience of the ages and the premier accredited Hypnosis training school in the US, and the American Hypnosis Association, founded by one of the legends of hypnosis, Dr. John Kappas.

I put ‘science’ in inverted commas because true science is not supposed to ignore data or erase a giant part of history to rewrite itself as sole and center…as with herbalism today too, btw, Functional Medicine and many of the new neutraceutical companies [companies where big pharma switches to producing supplements too, to catch that profit train] just comes along and plagarizes and plunders the age old herbal solutions to health as if it originated in the latest double placebo randomized clinical trial or came down with the last shower of rain! But that’s a whole other axe to grind… 🙂

Any Technique Can Be Used to Evoke the Relaxation Response…

This point was underplayed a bit in the talk when the speaker emphasized ‘the spiritual’ and chanting OM or the Rosary or other religious things, along with hypnotic inductions, though they did also mention things the person found comfortable like jogging or gardening, that was almost missed, placed at the end.

What David Wolfe Uses to Invoke the Relaxation Response

He tends his garden! He loves being among his vanilla plants, he can just switch off his mind and go on autopilot. Now that shows you just how simple this whole process is! Let’s not over complicate it or over spiritualize it! For some people it will actually be doing the ironing, though for other people ironing is a stressful event 😀

Bruce McEwen

Bruce McEwen is a neuroendocrinologist, and to give a tiny glimpse into this mega-star’s career: Dr. Bruce S. McEwen is Head of the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology at Rockefeller University. The McEwen lab has been at the forefront of research on the impact of stress hormones on the brain

Stated objectives for this talk:

My Takeaways were:

  1. This talk had so much in it that I actually want to listen to it again and give it my full attention [confession, I was doing the dishes during this] but no wonder this guy is quoted so much!
  2. As regards ‘Allostatic load’, I’ve actually heard Jeffrey Moss lecture on this in much more useful detail and wider application at FMU.
  3. McEwen said something about cortisol that people in the comments tended to run with – the use of it in PTSD type conditions – well whatever the good uses of cortisol may or may not be, we have to be careful not to just run with something like that without getting expert advice, whether it is a good hack or not, it still needs the bigger picture here..
Functional Neurology vs Neuroendocrinology

And personally I’d like to compare the new work in Functional Neurology with this Neuroendocrinology, and explore all the mechanisms and options, not to mention the phenomenal results old timers like Dr. Christopher were getting with specific herbal nutrition <—remember, the top researchers and scientists don’t actually explore all the data when it comes to herbs etc., they act like ‘alternatives’ don’t even exist and that they never did – but then with GSK already in the frame for one of the speakers today, I guess they would be mutually incompatible – but that would not be science at the point they start ignoring data that doesn’t suit…<—that’s a whole other blog, back to enjoying McEwen.

Robert Sapolsky

Sapolsky is a student of McEwen’s, and has written a famous book called Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

Stated Objectives for this talk:

  • I haven’t yet listened to this talk [will catch it at encore day] and have not read the book yet, but I have heard so many functional medicine speakers at the summits quote it – they start to whine about the stresses of the modern age being way more than our grandparents or ancestors HOWEVER it was much worse for them – they did not have social welfare, mine lived in poverty, in stress and strife and hunger, you name it – my dad even described how uncomfortable it was to have to go outside to the field across the way to go to the toilet. And the previous generations were extremely openly violent, people carried weapons, someone stronger than you fought you for your stuff – you needed to be in a protected community with an army – it was real pecking order stuff! So I wonder if he just is being misquoted all the time…

    Ken Druck

    Stated objectives for this talk:

    Own The Summit

    Remember, this is just a taste of the summit, for the full summit and all the speakers, you can buy the talks and transcripts for The Global Stress Summit and see everything they had to say for yourself. And maybe let me know YOUR opinion 🙂

    Day 2 Review and Commentary

    Day 3 Review and Commentary

    Day 4 Review and Commentary <—my review coming soon! Assaraf and Waldman were excellent! You can get the full transcript of John Assaraf’s talk by merely signing up to the summit.

    Day 5 Review and Commentary<—my coming soon! Arielle Ford’s talk was hilarious [decide for yourself whether relationships are worth the effort!]

    Day 6 Review and Commentary<—Colonel Bart Billings is one to watch.

    Day 7 Review and Commentary<—Have you tried Heart Math, what do you think?

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Global Stress Summit

What Mary Coughlan wants for heart care, but just doesn’t know it yet [Part 1].

Heart Disease Prevention, Reversal & Proper Testing

The singer Mary Coughlan recently collapsed with heart problems but said she had been to the doctor 4 times and each time was sent away being told her heart was fine, then she collapsed in a car park and needed emergency care and now she has a bunch of heart stents in – which is an alternative in the medical world to coronary bypass surgery.

-99 percent blockage and 97 percent blockage in one artery and in my other artery I had a 60 and 40 percent blockage, Mary Coughlan sent away 4 times until she eventually collapsed
But only the lucky ones survive from collapsing with heart failure!

Only a percentage of people survive and come back for a second chance at life after collapsing with heart failure, so why is heart attack and the point of coronary bypass the first point of intervention for most doctors today? Because it is not just Mary Coughlan, many people are being sent out of doctors’ offices every day told their hearts are fine despite the obvious symptoms and just as with the police, the doctors won’t act on that threat of violence someone has just made until the threat is actually carried out -please come back when you’ve had a heart attack and ignore the threats!?

For example when my dad had a heart attack at xmas, just as with Mary Coughlan 3 months previously, he was sent out from his first visit and on his way to the doctor’s again for a second visit took a heart attack. I was astounded at the lack of medical assessment and attention first time round – what if he’d collapsed in the corner of a quiet car park and not been found on time? So many scenarios come to mind!

He too was merely given an ECG and told it looked normal despite pain down the left arm on exercising, chest pain, shortness of breath, and that shortness of breath had been going on many months already. In fact, he’d had heart attacks before and was in his 70s, yet he had to collapse before anything was deemed wrong with his heart [and not the first time, this happened 20 years ago too].

- my dad also was given an ECG and was sent away having been told it looked fine and went back again and had a heart attack in the doctor's office, only THEN they concluded he may have a problem!
Why did she have to collapse with a heart attack and 97% coronary blockage before something was done?

It is being reported in the Irish newspapers since September 2016 that she wants doctors to take this sort of thing seriously and not wait till things get to the point where someone collapses with a heart attack, which is exactly what happened to my dad 3 months later [which means they didn’t take her seriously yet]. And she has been in the media ever since talking about the inappropriate reaction of doctors to pre-heart attack patients with severely blocked arteries, waiting for them to have a heart attack before doing anything about it.

Finding out before people collapse with a heart attack is possible

Yet I’m aware of a number of cardiologists that can tell precisely what is going on with the heart and precisely how much plaque is there BEFORE people end up in hospital with a heart attack or needing surgery. Some examples would be Dr. Masley and Dr. Gundry (and there are many others), they can measure plaque in the neck, and they can also measure how that plaque reverses or increases and they know there are ways to decrease it – there is no need to progress to heart attack or bypass surgery – and lets add to this the fact that Dr. Stephen Gundry has invented a number of procedures and devices that are actually used in bypass surgery today – these guys are not quacks!

Another free resource anyone can access immediately to look up a range of heart tests that could be used to prevent the heart attack occurring and to know the precise status of the heart is Your Medical Detective.

So Why Do Doctors Not Take Action?

But despite her demanding them to take heart testing and advanced notice more seriously  – like those other doctors are already doing – current medical practice is not listening or implementing change or using the tools at hand for this – heart disease is the number one killer – are you happy that doctors are ignoring the proper testing that is available?  My dad would not have been sent away from the doctor’s office 3 months later with a severely blocked left artery [called the widowmaker for a good reason] and left to have a heart attack if doctors cared anything about health and healing. They just wait until things are so bad that you are ready for bypass surgery, that is, if you survive the pending heart attack that had been threatening so loudly. And to top it all, they make you feel like ‘nothing could have been done, you were perfectly fine a couple of days ago and you had the heart attack today’, and then after the invasive heart procedure they get you back into the noisey ward and shovel you full of jelly and ice cream and biscuits, sugar-laden, full of trans-fats, gmos, glyphosate, herbicides, and pesticides, and junk that my dad certainly would have been trying to avoid in his own house.

What options do you have?

Well clearly there are options, cardiologists and surgeons who have educated themselves on health such as Dr. Steven Masley, Dr. Stephen Gundry, Dr. Joel Khan, and many others, are providing proper testing and heart programs with proper lifestyle guidance – exercise, stress reductions, and in particular nutritional guidelines [which are not those on that outdated ‘food pyramid’ most dieticians are using – use your common sense, look at the food they get in hospital, the trash biscuits and desserts and who knows what source their meat etc and ask yourself what could they possibly know about nutrition!]

Your Medical Detective

And there are other resources too, for example YMD, Your Medical Detective, is a free resource for everyone where you can look up all the latest research and advice on heart tests and supplements, run by Dr. Ron Grisanti who also founded an online training functional medicine course [which is a cut above the rest, imo]. This is my review of Functional Medicine University. The Your Medical Detective site has a search box which you can use to navigate the site.

So after my dad was suddenly confined to hospital awaiting triple bypass surgery after his heart attack, I  did a quick search on ‘heart’ on the YMD website and it turns out Ron Grisanti has a whole bunch of tests in there that could have been performed way ahead of time:

  • To see precisely how the heart was doing
  • To measure what the plaque situation was in the arteries
  • As well as nutrient deficiencies that contribute to weakness in the heart
  • And to top all of that, tips on what to take after a fatty meal to make sure the blood doesn’t thicken up, simple things like vitamin E and fish oil

Well now, isn’t that closer to what Mary Coughlan [and all of us] want to know?!

How many people do you know had a massive heart attack after a big meal?!

Father Ted is one tragic example, my own grandmother being another. And there are so many more. Why is this information not being announced from the rooftops, on the news, in the papers every day? Why is it not being taught in school? Well you will notice that the pharmaceutical companies sponsor the TV stations and newspapers most of the time, so they cannot broadcast news that would hit their profits – and the only ones gaining in this situation are those making and selling medications and performing surgeries – it is an industry and we are sadly cash cows. [And just look at how cows are treated in the name of profits – or are you aware of just how inhumane that is, but no great leap to treating humans like cattle or inhumanely when you see how the wheels of industry can grind when we turn a blind eye.

But armed with information and functional medicine testing [which regular doctors aren’t using yet], people can know precisely where they stand and not wonder when something is going to hit them ‘out of the blue’, they can also take control over their health and not be victims or cash cows for the medical system – which is precisely what you will see if ever you have to spend time in a hospital!

If you are a doctor or any type of health professional interested in functional medicine training [which can actually be got online these days and without breaking the bank] then check out my review.

Of course there are other ways to prevent heart disease and support heart nutrition that have been practiced a very long time, for example the Mediterranean Diet, and herbs such as Hawthorn, and foods such as cayenne, and while acknowledgement must be made to the people who have known this for 1000s of years and the naturopaths and herbalists who practice all this, this article was geared at what any regular doctor could immediately be doing in his office right now, and where the standard of medical care should actually be today. That is not too much to ask for, but we need to demand it and not be asleep and accept what we are given. Your life depends on it, and your taxpayer’s money is paying for the burden inadequate medical care is casting on society.

* I will write another post on exactly what those tests and supplements are that you can be pursuing – [part 2]

The Truth About Vaccines, [TTAV]

The Truth About Vaccines, Episodes 1-5

Mini-series by Ty Bollinger, the same person who brought us The Truth About Cancer last year, and before that The Quest for Cures.

Ty and his team have actually done a much better job on this series than the previous ones, imo, as it is full of hard hitting facts to engage our brains, with all the documented research to back up those facts, encouraging you to go see for yourself, and with none of the emotional music or crying people to drive our emotions as in the previous series – not that the previous series on cancer were inaccurate, as I used a cancer therapy [Gerson Cancer Therapy] myself and it saved my own life over a decade ago, though I didn’t use it for cancer but some other ‘incurable’ condition.

I’ve put a summary below of what is on the various days and episodes, you can scroll down to episode 2 to get a fuller description of that day. I will be doing this with the other episodes later – it happens to be a very busy week!

This series will be airing for free for another couple of days, then there will be an encore day so you can catch up on any missed episodes. They are also selling a complete package of videos/audio/transcripts with extra material, as they are giving snippets of interviews in this but the whole interview with each speaker is on the package. The Truth About Vaccines.

The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule

Day 1 of TTAV, 2 hours long for the first episode but I was  glued to the screen the entire time. Fact after fact, including:

  • Dr. Rachel Ross MD (former Co-Host of “The Doctors”) shares her personal experience (at 6:28) of the birth of her daughter and her vaccine choice.
  • RFK Jr. shares the real reasons why vaccine manufacturers have no liability and also describes the “precautionary principle.”
  • Get a “behind the scenes” look at a “vaccine legislation” meeting with a Congressman in the Rayburn House Building in Washington D.C.
  • Hear the personal story of Davida and Nico LaHood (San Antonio District Attorney) as they describe the differences in their four children.
  • Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”) elaborates on the similarities and differences between “vaccinations” and “immunizations.”
  • And so much more – I will be updating episode one with more info later – I actually spent more time in episode 2 so you can get a good update on that one right now.

What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio?

Episode 2 was shorter at about 1.5hrs, and equally interesting. Some of the points raised include:

  • The aluminum/aluminium in the vaccines is not the same as regular aluminum that gets into our system, because in the vaccines they have an added surfactant Polysorbate 80 which gets the aluminum across the blood brain barrier, so it hits the brain whereas oral ingestion doesn’t go to the brain.
  • Doctors dismiss the dangers of aluminum in vaccines because they don’t understand the significance of the added surfactant and its impact on the blood brain barrier.
  • The differences between ingesting aluminum and injecting it, when it is injected it is in nano-particle form which crosses the blood brain barrier and causes neurological damage.
  • This is the same technology used by Pharma to get other drugs into the brain, so why is it used in vaccines?
  • The amount of aluminum considered safe by the FDA is 5mcg, yet the amount in vaccines is 50-100 times more than this ‘safe amount’.

He showed how the weight of the baby was not taken into consideration when calculating the dosage of the vaccine, and how the maximum dose of aluminum compares with the body weight of an individual.

  • He listed some of the vaccines high in aluminum, and this is not a complete list, I’m just giving you a snapshot here of what is contained in this episode:
‘Thimerosal Free’ = 3x times more Mercury!
  • ‘Thimerosal free’ actually means the vaccine has three times more mercury in it, it is not ‘mercury free’!
Polio is caused by vaccines
  • All polio since the 1960s has been caused by vaccines!
The Glyphosate Trojan
  • Glyphosate/Roundup is in vaccines!
Brain Inflammation
  • Dr. Larry Palevsky, MD, was particularly interesting on the connection between vaccine adverse reactions and brain inflammation symptoms.

This of course includes adverse reactions to drugs/meds things outside of vaccines too, imo, for example I know someone who ended up with brain inflammation after an adverse reaction to an anaesthetic and had severe ME (‘Myalgic Encephalitis’) type symptoms – though the doctors there did not want to report it as an adverse reaction or define it as ME either, just as with the vaccine-injured kids. In fact, to me the parallels are huge, except in adults development has already occurred compared to when it happens to babies.

I hadn’t heard of Larry Palevsky before, but my experience of brain inflammation and adverse reactions and how it compares with how the doctors ignore it and can’t handle it showed me that Palevsky really knows this, despite some of the reaction to him trying to say otherwise.

The Significance of ICD-9 Codes for Vaccine Injury

The significance of the existence of ICD codes for vaccine injury is that society/doctors/big pharma are playing down that there is such a thing as ‘vaccine injury’, that it doesn’t exist, yet they have a diagnostic code for it!

  • When the diagnostic manual that doctors use as their bible actually has a list of official vaccine injuries listed as diagnoses, then vaccines are known to cause injury and it is a diagnosis, even if it is not given.

Well there’s your proof right there, in the doctors’ own diagnostic ICD-9 codes, even if you never saw a vaccine injured / damaged child – which btw is impossible with the huge number of incidents and its broader consequences in society for everyone.

They have a ‘compensation’ scheme that has paid out $3.6 Billion already
  • A percentage of every vaccine is put into a fund to compensate damaged children.

Question: Would you let your child be vaccinated knowing that fund and knowledge of Russian Roulette type injury exists?

And from the previous series on vaccines by Patrick Gentempo, we also know that fund won’t actually pay out in most cases and it takes nearly a decade to go through the process, and even then they will argue that your 20 year old son still in diapers could be using less diapers so you don’t need so much money! So even though they’ve already paid out 3.6 billion dollars, it is a fraction of what is needed.

  • In order to prevent adverse reactions being tied to any particular lot of vaccines the vaccine companies mix the lots and distribute them across the country so it is harder to tie the injuries to vaccines when it is one here and one there.

So actually they’d often be from the same lot of vaccines, as the standards are more lax than regular medications [and we all know how many reactions and effects there are with them!]. Variations and unimaginable things occur, and that would be partly due to the fact they know they can’t be sued and they don’t have to be tested or put through clinical trials.

These are just a few snippets from episode 2, it is chocka-block with facts and revelations like these.

When the politicians protect their children but not yours!

One of the most disturbing things in episode 2 was an actual meeting where it is on record that a very high up politician said he would not let his newborn grand daughter get a particular vaccine, having read the data on it, but the truth about the side effects could not be make known to the general public as it would cause instability!

Well how do you like that, ‘you second rate human being, you commoner, you’!

In Depth Analysis of the MMR and DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater GooD

“They market fear, not vaccines, taking away medical choice.”             Mike Adams.

Some highlights of episode 3 include:

  • Who developed the MMR vaccine.
  • How having a vaccinated child doesn’t necessarily stop outbreaks from happening, they give several examples of outbreaks of disease in 100% vaccinated populations.
  • How Japan tried giving its population the MMR vaccine and have since stopped because of its ineffectiveness and health issues it caused, and just how quickly Japan stopped compared to the US and elsewhere – they don’t need a million people to be injured, they are not profit driven but people driven!
  • The potential link between autism and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • What Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s investigation revealed in his 250 page report.

I will be updating episode 3 later with more info.

Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity

– Why does the CDC claim that 36,000 people a year die from Influenza
– Hear from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussing why some states require HAZMAT suits if a vial containing a vaccine is dropped
– A medical researcher explaining why people that get the flu shot are more susceptible to end up in the hospital from a different strain
– Learn how allergies were an unheard of phenomenon before the hypodermic needle
– A new study done by Duke and Harvard Universities talking about the dangers of acetaminophen (Tylenol)
– Dr. Gary Goldman’s study on the correlation between vaccines and the infant mortality rate in the United States
– Learn why Norwegian women are encouraged to breastfeed and the relation to their low infant mortality rate
– Plus so much more

I will be updating this episode later with more info.

Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • This episode covered the Gardasil vaccine given to teenagers and showed how unnecessary it is, and the extensive damage caused by it.
  • They also visited a town in Colombia where something like 700 healthy girls in a healthy ethnic population fairly cut off from the outside world were badly injured by Gardasil and even then the authorities denied the adverse reaction and blamed all the girls. That denial hurt the girls even more than the already devastating effects of the vaccine.
  • There was the question too of why a baby should be vaccinated for a sexually transmitted disease?!
  • And why would boys be vaccinated for cervical cancer?
  • On top of which many of those boys vaccinated for cervical cancer developed autism!
  • There was also coverage of a number of cases of parents being imprisoned when their baby suddenly died after vaccination – it was called ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ and as one doctor pointed out “once they put the word ‘syndrome’ at the end of anything, it means they don’t know!

The tenacity of the pharmaceutical industry to hold on to the ever increasing and very lucrative vaccine schedule is apparent, the injustices are apparent too and must be made known to everyone.

If you’d like to own the whole package which includes the 7 episodes aired along with full unedited longer interviews with each speaker on the TTAV series, then that package can be got here. It includes transcripts, audio MP3s, and videos. And I’m noticing that every time I listen to it, I learn something new, it is worth getting the package.


Functional Medicine Training 2017, Spring Enrollment

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Functional Medicine University

Full Functional Medicine Training

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Fully Online & A True Education

Some training centers want you to travel half way across the world just to do a module here or there, or offer an extremely expensive program with the same basics and imo more narrow educational parameters on their courses and solutions.

  • FMU functional medicine training offers the core training plus a diversity of approaches and solutions in addition to that, a true education.
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Why is Functional Medicine Training Less Expensive at   Functional Medicine University?

Question: Why is the cost of this training lower than the other functional medicine centers out there?

Answer: Because the founder Dr. Ron Grisanti has a philosophy of creating a place of learning, true education in health and healing, and action and accessibility for all people everywhere. He is not profit centered, not caught up in the craze of internet marketing, not in it for the profit.

Unique & Understated

Not only has that drive towards understanding and results instead of money and profit put him ahead of the crowd imo, but combine that with FMU having the broadest educational perspective and exceptional high standard of contribution of the guest lecturers, there is something both unique and understated at FMU.

Diversity of Approaches

At FMU different opinions on diet, hormone therapy, herbs, supplements, detox are provided in the form of an archive of incredible speakers. As you can see from my website, I cover most of the online summits myself but I can safely say the lectures inside FMU are at a much higher level than those on the summits, even when it is the same speaker at times. However, Dr. Grisanti has included a lot of speakers not on the summit list, again partly because of the diversity of opinion and views on the mechanisms of and solutions to illness that he likes to present, but also because he has an exceptional nose for researching the cause of illness and its mechanisms.

Price Plans

I’ve listed some of the current bonuses available with the core training in my review [these are always being updated by FMU as they keep adding to them].

The price of the training differs slightly for MDs and non-MDs.

  • For non-MDs and students it is $2195 [with an optional monthly payment of $215 for 12 months].
  • For an MD, DC, DO, ND it is $2495 [again with payment plans optional].

To see the full price plans view here. These prices include lifetime membership and all upgrades to the course. There are new bonus lectures and materials being added regularly.

You know functional medicine is the new wave sweeping the world right now, so now is your chance to get the training at the right time and the right price. 😉



Sweet Freedom Summit 2017 Day 1

Day 1: Sweet Freedom Summit, 2017

Today’s speakers:

Sweet Freedom Summit

Damon Gameau: an Australian actor who made the film That Sugar Film, which rocked Australia and the world [though it was my first time to hear of it, I certainly can see the reverberations in society] the trailer is on youtube.

Ty Bollinger: Ty has produced the series The Truth About Cancer, and the upcoming The Truth About Vaccines docuseries. Cancer and sugar are always linked in the health world, so it is fitting he’d be on here.

Jonathan Landsman: who has produced a number of summits himself, including a very good one on Alzheimer’s last year.

JJ Virgin: who among many other things has written a book herself on sugar – the contrast between her attitude and Damon Gameau’s attitude represents the cultural difference between America and Australia, basically two opposite poles from extremes to laid back, with I’d say the Irish somewhere slap bang between those two extremes, on a good day. 🙂

Some Highlights from Damon Gameau’s Talk:

Damon’s talk was excellent. I hadn’t heard him before and nearly skipped over this but was so glad as he brought so many good points and in a laid-back Australian style that was really refreshing.

Some highlights from his film:

“That Sugar Film”

  • In just 3 weeks eating the same amount of sugar as the average Australian, Damon developed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
  • NAFLD is link to higher triglycerides and heart disease – just from eating sugar.
  • He did not eat junk food, the sugar was hidden sugar in so called ‘health foods’ such as low fat yogurts, granola bars.
  • It took 60 days to reverse the liver disease that he had created inside 20 days.
  • The sugar in the foods made him tired, moody, lacking energy, affected his sleep and quality of life.
  • He never would have undertaken the experiment on himself if he knew what he knows now, but he is grateful for the awareness it has created in society and changes it has made in people’s lives.

Secrets of the Sugar Industry Exposed

  1. Nestle have 700 PhDs researching and designing their foods to find more and more ways to get us addicted to them.
  2. The sugar industry is the 3rd biggest in the world.
  3. The celebrities and athletes who promote drinks with sugar in them actually wouldn’t use them at all themselves.

They are just some of the nuggets to be found in Damon’s talk – what a great opening to this summit. Definitely worth listening to him. For sure he will balance out some of the other speakers that will come later who have more extreme views.

I haven’t listened to the other 3 speakers for day 1 yet, I’ve heard them before but there’s usually something new or fresh every presentation so will tune in later and bring a commentary update to this post.

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*I will be posting reviews of all the other days, the notes are taken but are in the queue right now, it is busy season with three other summits already airing since this one started – so check back !



Sleep Success Summit Review

How Successful is Sleep Success Summit?

It is Day 3 already, and I’ve so far only been popping lightly into each day picking up a talk here or there because honestly this one hasn’t grabbed me.

So by day 3 this is certainly putting me to sleep alright! 🙂 Some good speakers, some not so good. Not really what I was expecting, but maybe because I’ve heard so much good information at other summits that this one is falling a bit flat and maybe because I’ve reclaimed good sleep myself I can see this one is a little empty at times.

A speaker I did enjoy on Day 1 was Shawn Stevenson. He cured himself of an ‘incurable’ bone condition, I just love when people do this  – so motivating.

Day 2 saw a speaker from NASA, I’ve benefited in the past from things created for astronauts so tuned into this one, but it wasn’t so inspiring, a bit on shifting our day patterns with LED lights, blue light, etc. All the new SAD lamps have that going on. And perhaps some advice for shift workers, though really it will never be good for you to keep those hours.

As for Day 3, well I’m just surprised to see David Brady there with his own personal and very wrong notions of ‘fibromyalgia’ and ‘ME’, he is no expert despite his claims to be so, there are better people on those conditions. But for now, don’t be discouraged any of you who are not getting refreshing sleep right now or who have fibro or any similar syndrome like CFS or ME – I’ve been there and back again, if you just work on the rest of your body this whole sleep thing can clear up by itself, and you’ll look back and say oh, I used to have that and now I don’t – and without anything Brady has to say on the matter! 🙂

I know it is alarming to get up and feel unrefreshed after a night in bed, and wonder if you will ever get rest again, but you can 😉

But let’s not let one speaker here or there throw the conference off, if you want an overview of all issues sleep related then it is worth a visit, the Sleep Success Summit may be a starting point for your personal research, but you will still need to do some research elsewhere yourself.


The importance of sleep is emphasized – and it may be much more important than you had ever thought or appreciated in this modern world where people like Sherlock and most of the TV programs tell us it is a wast of time! And it is good to be motivated back into wanting a full night’s sleep at the right time especially if you’ve let bad sleep habits kick in.

Weight gain, adrenals, hormones, performance, productivity, memory, healing and repair  – the list is endless – all depend on sleep .

But actually I did a class once with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute on Dream Therapy, it was by George Kappas, and it seems the knowledge about the importance of sleep and what it does for the brain has been known much longer than any speaker here seems aware. So summits like this can be good for making you aware of all the issues and latest trends but as far as solutions go, some age old ones have been around a very long time and still work.

There are different types of sleep problems:
  1. Some people don’t get refreshing sleep even if they’ve slept all night…
  2. Some people can’t get to sleep
  3. Some people can’t stay asleep, they wake up in the middle of the night.
  4. Others can’t get to bed at the right time, their body clock is off.
  5. Others have painful problems lying down that can prevent sleep.
  6. And others have simply got some bad habits they don’t realize are depriving them of quality of sleep, ‘sleep hygeine’.
  7. And then for some special people who have gone through and conquered all of the above, there are the neighbours from hell who kick off just when you’ve gone to bed! Ah!
There are a bunch of things we can do to improve our sleep:

The particular approach will somewhat depend on which type of issue your sleep problem is. I will be writing some more posts on this and share some of the solutions I have found along the way. But as Day 5 of the Sleep Success Summit confirms, inflammation is behind a lot of sleep issues.

Inflammation is behind a lot of sleep issues

And when you work on your body as a whole and not just pursue one symptom [sleep], then the sleep issues can clear up by themselves.

Functional medicine is wonderful, it combines natural healing with science and it can pinpoint exactly what is happening in you. But it wasn’t available to me when I was working on my sleep, so I had to go ahead and use natural medicine and now I can look back and say, oh, so that is what was going on with me back then. I can also say, hm, but the natural healing people knew how to fix some things better even if they didn’t have billion degrees and letters after their names. So we can just go straight to solutions folks. Much more on that later.

For now, some nuggets from the current summit, especially now that [update!] we’ve got to Day 5: ‘Functional Medicine Day’ Amy Myers has shared some of her personal sleep hygiene tips, and Dan Kalish. The new NASA light bulb has got a mention – spin-offs from the space program actually have been a lifesaver to me during serious illness when nothing else worked, I never thought I’d say that!

And in summary good sleep hygiene starts first thing in the morning
  • Getting your stuff done earlier rather than later:
  • Eating at the correct times, breakfast is important and keep that blood sugar stable from the start
  • Getting your tasks/work done earlier rather than later
  • Keeping hydrated, keeping blood sugar levels even, things like regular detox and ensuring you are getting proper nutrition.

And I’d always add doing some self hypnosis, let’s not forget the subconscious mind.

Then more specific ‘sleep hacks’ like:

a. No bright lights a couple of hours before bed. Blocking blue light in particular. There are things available like night time light bulbs, or free software to dim the blue light on your computer – that is a great help but having lived in a time zone where it is daylight at 11.20pm, I found even this was blindingly bright, so still wise to shut off devices a couple of hours before bed – yes it helps melatonin and deeper sleep.

b. Care with TV before bed – best not at all, but if you must then think about the last thing you are feeding your mind to process during the night – and process it will!

c. Care with fluids directly before bed, get hydrated and fed early so your kidneys don’t wake you up during the night to go to the loo!

d. A routine is a good thing, for some a bath, for others massage maybe using magnesium oil, journalling, preparing mentally for the next day/stress relief, self hypnosis, or maybe even a coffee enema 🙂 etc.

e. Is it necessary to take ‘sleep aids’ like pills or melatonin? I never needed them. There are good herbal aids that don’t have side effects and I’d suggest something like the Dr. Christopher Slumber, which you can get here at 10% off your first order. I use this brand myself, but actually haven’t needed the sleep herbs.

f. I’d always suggest self-hypnosis or a good track from someone like Glenn Harrold. He is both a hypnotherapist and a musician, so his tracks are really relaxing. I’m currently using his Law of Attraction as my bedtime track. I have used his Solfeggio series in the past, very beautiful.

These are just some general things, once you clean up your ‘sleep hygeine’ then you can get way more specific, and think about what you eat and when. More on that later, along with some stuff on other types of sleep issues.


“All Disease Begins in the Gut”, Hippocrates

Well if all disease begins in the gut, guess what – all healing begins in the gut too.

This website is about providing you with information and reviews to choose specific tools to put your own health and healing protocol together, whether you are on a low budget as someone who has been ill for a long time, or as someone who can afford advanced testing and a trained professional to work with.

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