Online Health Summits 2016

Online Health Summits from 2016 Season:

The Fat Summit 2 – Free Online Event, Nov 7th-14th

The host for this is Dr. Mark Hyman. He let some pretty arrogant personal views of his slip on the last summit where he was a speaker, let’s hope he shows respect to the entire health world this time, and less of the MD condescension which really needs to be shed off ‘the medical community’.

The title talks about ‘eat more fat’ – this could go either way: it could be an attempt to swing the pendulum back from the no-fat diets of the ’80s or it could be pro the ketogenic diet. I’m here to say keto is not necessary at all, natural healing can reverse any serious illness without it, has been doing so all along, and will continue to do so. That said, if you are doing keto you do need to do it properly – life with ketone sticks, 24 hour glucose monitoring, and fear of food and eating the full range of foods available to us – that’s a lifestyle choice, not a necessity for healing.

Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They Are Not Telling You

This is 7 approximately 1 hour documentaries over the course of a week. With the supermarkets now pumping synthetic air fragrances into the air we breathe, this is a timely focus on autoimmunity. Just let’s hope that this host’s bias about gluten is not also transferred to autoimmunity.

Autoimmunity is a serious issue in that medical doctors routinely miss it in people, therefore symptoms and illnesses are let get to an end state before they are even recognized, when in reality the biomarkers for autoimmunity are actually there many years in advance.

Learning to recognize the biomarkers to autoimmune disease before the disease develops is true preventative medicine and would stop a lot of big diseases from developing, including the major ones causing death and suffering in the world, such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s – and you name it, inflammation and autoimmunity is there and could be brought into check way ahead of body systems being damaged by it.

Why are these biomarkers not routinely being checked then? Well that is the betrayal, if there was less disease, there would be less pharmaceuticals sold, and therein lies part of the betrayal – YOU are being betrayed by the medical profession that professes to have your health as its focus, and being betrayed by the people who allow chemical pollutants in the guise of ‘air fresheners’ into your workplace and your food and the air you breathe.

Medicine is a business, and your health is secondary to their profits  = Betrayal

Other Summits That Have Aired Already 2016 Season

Summits which have already aired are listed below. They were free at the time and each day’s speaker line-up aired for 24 hours with an encore replay of all talks on the last day. But if you missed any of the summits or talks the speaker packages are still available for purchase after the event. So if you missed them, or want to hear the information or latest research, and get some great ideas and motivation then this is still an option, just click on the summit links below.

Heal Your Gut

Jan 18th-25th: free online event. One of the first of the 2016 season.

Heal Your Gut Summit package available for purchase [MP3, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

This one was ‘easy listening’, not packed with science or theory. So it depends on what level you are looking for in terms of speakers and information. And if you are overwhelmed with brain fog you may appreciate the slow easy pace where they stick to basics.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

April 4th-11th: free online event. This was a great summit, really high standard. The speakers all brought their A game. The host and his wife have been through some serious detox but listen up to the precautions and preparations that come with all that.

Chronic Lyme Disease package [MP3, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

Hormones: Women’s Wellness Summit

April 11th-18th: free online event. I caught some of the speakers here and really enjoyed it, it was more interesting than I had anticipated, though when it comes to using ‘bio-identical hormones’ I have learned that it is possible to restore health without them and on that note let’s hope to see alternatives to bioidentical hormones at the summit next year.

Hormones: Women’s Wellness Summit package [MP3s, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

Diabetes Summit

April 18th-25th free online event. This one was great, experienced host and very practical. Speakers brought their A-game here too.

Diabetes Summit package [MP3s, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

The Truth About Fat Loss Summit

April 25th – May 2nd: free online event. I caught some of these talks and really enjoyed them even though I thought the subject wasn’t specifically for me as it turns out the very dynamic speaker really made it a subject for everyone to sit up and take note.

The Truth About Fat Loss Summit Package [MP3s, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

Organic Food and GMOs

May 2016 the Food Revolution Summit, take their  GMO Quiz  to see how much you know about Genetically Modified Organisms that are in a lot of food and animal feeds and there are marketing plans to increase them and slip them in without labelling despite the health problems they are causing.

Organic food is the key to health, without it there is no healing. The speakers here will let you know what is going on in the world regarding genetically modified foods and government and company policies and strategies and the threat to organic safe clean food and health/disease trends associated with the rise in chemicals and GMOs in the food chain. This one is a real eye opener in terms of what Monsanto has planned for the world and seeds and the sneaky things that go on.

Food Revolution Summit package [MP3s, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

Though we need to all get more involved in this and not leave it to the Robins family – good luck to them as vegans and vegetarians, but organic and health is much broader that and includes meat eaters too!

Natural Cancer Prevention Summit

May 16th-23rd, 2016. No longer available [wouldn’t you think they’d still let people sign up to the digital version!]

Longevity and Anti-aging

June 6th-13th: I missed the free airing on this one too- there were just so many on and I was busy getting ready to move house too. But if you’ve caught any of these and would like to share your opinion on them, let me know in the comment box please!

Longevity and Anti-aging package  [MP3s, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

 Healing Hashimoto’s Summit / Thyroid

June 13th-20th: free online event, the Healing Hashimoto’s summit. All things thyroid, especially autoimmune thyroid, by two women who have started a Hashimoto’s Awareness group online.

This was organized by two women who themselves have improved their own quality of life and turned their own lives around and did not give in to a life of mindless medication and deterioration. I didn’t think I would like this one as it was not organized by scientists or practitioners but by an ‘awareness group’ but to my surprise, I really liked it afterall because they had some great speakers who kept it more concise and to the point than usual for the audience.

Some of the speakers on this were actually top notch scientists and researchers who made themselves extra concise and clear for the audience, so it was really amazing, for example Aristo Vojdani and the team at Cyrex Labs. Also speaking was Dhatis Kharrazian, who is always interesting.

Healing Hashimoto’s Summit / Thyroid package  [MP3s, pdf transcripts, powerpoint slides, & bonuses]

‘The Brady Show’/ The  Fibro-Flop Summit

June 20th-27th: The Fibro-Flop Summit. Well it was supposed to be about fixing fibromyalgia, the ‘Fibro-Fix’, but this summit was a complete ‘Flop’ instead, and an insult to anyone who either has fibro or has recovered from it, and same if you have/had ME. This summit hosted by David Brady of Bridgeport University was instead ‘the Brady show’, his own new book launch disguised as a global summit on fibromyalgia. He invited speakers but either didn’t let them speak or straightjacketed them.

The Fibro Fix Summit turned out to be the Fibro-Flop Summit where not only  did the host take over completely and not let the speakers do much talking, it was more of a book launch for his own book coming out.

S0 this is not one to bother with, unless you are into collecting summits.It is not a good investment, especially if you have fibromyalgia and need to spend your scarce money on getting better – just go direct to the speakers own websites and scoop up free resources.

Having recovered from both fibromyalgia and severe 25% group ME myself, I will be compiling a list of free resources on this website later. I do not agree with Brady’s clouded arrogant definitions, nor his recommended medications. Let’s hope someone better takes on Fibromyalgia.

But click here if you insist on being bored to tears by Brady and his arrogance.

 Soul of Healing 

July 11th-18th  Free online summit.  [use your discernment here, I have yet to research this one and am not necessarily endorsing it!] I didn’t have time to pop into this one, if you attended any of the talks and would like to share, then leave me a comment.

If you are interested in following up the speakers and the summit package then you can still do so here: Soul of Healing summit package

July 25th-August 1st The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit 

July 25th-Aug 1st  Free online event. This one was a very high standard. I attended most of the talks. But even sometimes if you like 99% of the material there will always be a few curve balls  at any event to watch out for [I’ll post full details on some eye-openers and jaw-droppers later]. But as ever my message to you is keep your thinking hat / discernment hat on at all times!

For example, Deborah Gordon saying all menopausal women needed to be on bioidentical hormones to prevent dementia – OMG – well if this doesn’t hit your common sense right on the head what ever will?! The comments box saw a lot of worried women after that ‘demented’ statement, but relax gals, there ARE natural alternatives to bioidentical hormones, much more on that later 😉

But let’s not let the curveballs steal the show, this summit was a real message of hope to all with any form of dementia and yes, it can be prevented and many times reversed. I was once told I had ‘ME brain’ which was borderline entry-level Alzheimer’s, and that got totally reversed with nutrition, supplements, and time, so that is why I liked to hear many of the speakers here talk, I know their message is true. Though I travelled that particular health journey a decade before I heard them.

If you’d like to catch the speaker package [all the MP3s, transcripts, etc] then you still can do so at Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit package

 August 8th-15th The Sleep Success Summit 

Register here for The Sleep Success Summit

For my review on the Sleep Success Summit so far, see here.


August 27-29th The Essential Oils Revolution

The Essential Oils Revolution 2 This summit was brilliant – I caught 5 of the talks but they were amazing – did I get lucky, or were they all like that – what I did hear Dr. Z say was they learned from last year – so many people got injured from the advice thrown out last year [including myself] that they really focussed on safety this time and in doing so took it up a whole level. There were some fresh faces, new speakers that brought their A-game and a real focus on healing. Nice.

Sept 12th-19th Medicinal Supplements Summit

The Medicinal Supplements Summit This summit was one of the best so far – the word ‘medicinal’ nearly threw me off as it suggests some sort of prescription necessary, or that they were not going to be interested in natural stuff outside of neutraceutical companies – but actually the hosts were interested in healing and natural medicine, as well as other supplements.

The most surprising thing about this summit was the humility of the host Wendy Myers who responded to people’s comments all week long in the discussion area! She shared her experience and knowledge and even advised people – now that is a first – true, many listeners were also sharing great tips and resources too, but Wendy sort of broke down the ‘them and us’ barrier that so many in the health world seem to have in their DNA…and actually did stuff without charging a fee…!

I suppose one of her drifts would be she’d like to see people work with a practitioner instead of on their own, and a number of speakers seemed to say that, but many people who have been ill a long time just cannot do that, and glean information from wherever they can. If you are in that category then there is a free resource that may be of interest to you that will help you ‘fix your own car until you can afford a functional medicine mechanic’ and that would be a healthier you radio, Of course always double research whatever you hear, but I do like that you can jump straight into solutions rather than think testing is the only answer and if you don’t have the money.

The Detox Project – Sept 26th-Oct 2nd

The Detox Project Running from Sept 26th to Oct 3rd. One of the hosts, Jay Davidson, has already run the Lyme Disease summit earlier this year – and that was one of the really good summits but despite that and the fact that half the speakers on this detox summit were just on the previous summit on supplements which was also amazing – this detox summit was a more than a little alarming to me, quite dangerous in fact, as there was too much emphasis on metals – which actually should be the last thing you go after, if at all, especially if you are very ill. You really need all your other pathways open first [eg the way the School of Natural Healing would work on the bowel, kidneys, liver, then if those are ok the blood and lymph – and extended cleanse – and only then a metal cleanse]. So why are they not invited to the summit – because they’d put a lot of people out of business with their natural and inexpensive approaches.

Another person absent – hard to believe -but the person who knows more about metals and detox than anyone else on the summit – Chris Shade. He has his own lab, and a line of products that is likely superior to most things out there – bit pricey if you are on disability, so I haven’t tried them but have done the Dr. Christopher  ones successfully.

Chris Shade has a different approach to most people – he does not go for urine provocation – he instead builds up the strenght of the body to deal with metals itself – by upregulating gluthathione [you can do the btw with coffee enemas, garlic, etc if you want a more inexpensive way].

The Thyroid Connection Summit, Oct 24th

The Thyroid Connection Summit This summit is hosted by Dr. Amy Myers. She did a summit on this topic last year that was pretty good so I expected good things this year – but I was surprised, shocked actually at some of the stuff that surfaced- was it accidental, will she correct these things, or is this a sinister trend developing within the IFM?

Two things in particular struck me:

  1. Misquoting Alessio Fasano – the godfather of zonulin, the guy who proved leaky gut was for real, the guy also lectures at Harvard. But when Alessio Fasano corrected the host Amy Myers on her understanding of gluten and the gut -he made it very clear that gluten does not cause intestinal permeability, it merely causes a peril under certain conditions that is natural in all human beings, as does many other things – but she ran with ‘gluten causes leaky gut’ and quoted him as stating that – despite him pausing to correct her.

But why might she run with this – because one of her teachers at the IFM also teaches this, Tom O’Bryan – who regularly misquotes Alessio Fasano’s research all the time to say “in all human beings every time gluten causes leaky gut”, but that is NOT what Fasano says at all. In fact, he has admitted to eating gluten himself – why – because he is healthy. It is people who already have leaky gut that will find gluten a problem, or people who are ill with something else. I’ve actually seen O’Bryan take Fasano’s research and twist it to say something it did not find – he takes severe cases of IBS patients and looks at the effect of gluten on them and then waves it like a flag at the entire human race. Biased.

That sort of bias by Tom O’Bryan makes me wonder how biased his upcoming Betrayal series may be – autoimmunity is indeed a problem, but O’Bryan is not the man to deal with the subject imo, self-proclaimed ‘apostle’, my ass.

The truth of the problem of autoimmunity in O’Bryan’s hands is likely going to result in a throwing out the baby with the bathwater scenario. We need someone like Alessio Fasano to deal with the big issues, someone who can say actually gluten does not damage every person, but it may be perilous if you are ill. That is different than O’Bryan’s message ‘it harms every person every time’ – let’s keep it accurate!

Betrayal: Supermarkets Pumping Chemicals in our Air and on Our Food

As if pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and the new ‘food industry’ creations like meat glue and processing tricks were enough, now we have ‘air fresheners’ seeping into several layers of our food as well…

Plus add to that the workers who have to breathe in perfumed air all day – who come down with all sorts of illnesses later on and may not even make the connection with what their employers sprayed into their air supply all day – and this is another Betrayal to our human rights and costing us our health and our lives – when the immune system responds to the presence of chemicals not meant to be in our body, that is when autoimmune diseases are born…

but I digress…

2. And the other obnoxious thing at the thyroid summit was two comments made against both chiropractors and so-called alternative medicine.

a. Some of the speakers commented on an alleged ‘overuse’ of iodine and Amy Myers very arrogantly stated that would be no one in her group, it must be ‘the chiropractic world’.

WOW! The Arrogance of the Woman!

‘The chiropractic community’ – well there are some brilliant practitioners who are chiropractors and I’ll show you a list later. But such division and elevation of the ‘MD’ , phew, they still don’t get they are not gods?

But if that wasn’t bad enough, Mark Hyman in his talk slandered another group as the ones who must be doing the high iodine – “the alternative community”. There is no ‘alternative community’, there are a lot of different approaches to medicine that are not the way Mark Hyman trained but they are neither one community nor actually ‘alternative’. That was just an indication of an inner snobbery on behalf of Mark Hyman [and Amy Myers] that their western medical degree is ‘the way, the truth, and the light and the only way’.

The Book on Iodine was Written by an MD

But let’s get something straight – the book on iodine – the book that encourages people to use high amounts of iodine for their thyroid, was actually written by an MD!! Dr. David Brownstein. Right or wrong isn’t even the issue here – we have had two MDs on this thyroid summit throwing it out to hundreds of thousands of people that ‘an abuse of iodine’ was happening ‘out there’ and it had to be the chiropractors or the ‘alternative community’ – and OMG it not only is the MDs [David Brownstein] but they are casting such a slanderous dark view on anyone who is not one of their clique.

Who is the Medical World?

When doctors made an error that nearly killed me, they couldn’t fix it. That was when I found there were people with natural healing ways – herbs, nutrition, things that were not pharmaceuticals and these people could fix my health, they were not an alternative, they were the only way for me to fix my health- but somehow they get looked down upon and not taken seriously, and this summit reinforced that attitude, in a day and age when functional medicine should be bringing these groups together, one group still tries to hold onto power. Shame on Mark Hyman and Amy Myers for the condescending slanderous comments and an unwarranted and totally unjustified attempt to blacken other groups of medical and health practitioners.

To purchase the Thyroid package, then it is possible to buy the speaker package for all these summits, which includes transcripts, videos, slideshows, MP3s.

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