Fibromyalgia Online Summit

The Fibro-Flop Summit

We saw this summit, hosted by Dr. Brady, get off to a great start then suddenly plummet where no summit should go despite an A list of speakers who seemed as stunned as the rest of us. So where did it all go wrong?

How did the ‘Fibro-Fix’ turn into ‘Fibro-Flop’?

Well we can’t blame the speakers, because most of them didn’t get the chance to speak. 4 out of 5 comments from people watching said:

“Would the host please let the speakers speak more!”

I have been at most of these online summits over the past few years and this one was an absolute first for a number of reasons:

1. “The Brady Show”

The host, David Brady, staged the entire event around himself, and merely invited others to serve as a springboard for him to speak. If he did allow an expert to speak it was only in response to a simple question he would ask them, baby stuff.

2. Book Launch Disguised as Online Summit

But there are more obvious reasons that defy belief: Brady has a book coming out same name as the summit, so this really was just a book launch on his part.

3. The Brady Definition of Fibromyalgia

In his new book Brady is going to define Fibromyalgia different to everyone else, he will exclude most people who ‘think they have fibromyalgia’, including it would appear Dr. Mark Hyman who claims to have recovered from it himself. So there is no actual ‘fibro’ at the fibromyalgia summit.

4. Sexually Abused Women Who Perceive Pain Wrong and Need to Forgive!

This is the sort of stuff he hammered over and over again and if he said it once, he said it a hundred times Fibromyalgia – predominantly a bunch of women who were sexually abused when they were young and whose brains now process pain where it isn’t and they need to learn to forgive…

Brady flung fibromyalgia back into the dark ages

He then had some speakers like Christa Orecchio throw a few crumbs out to the audience [what was left of them because those who disagreed with him in the comments were no longer getting invitations to the daily talks]  – crumbs on mitochondria and microbiome out to those ‘who think they have fibromyalgia’ and ‘need some help anyway’, even though they don’t have fibromyalgia so what the hell are they doing at this summit anyway 😉

But honestly, you’d be better going directly to the speakers own websites and bypassing getting an earful of whining Brady for each entire talk.

If you do manage to suffer through his endless self chatter and showing off – oh look what I know, look what I know, listen to me, listen to me, I will teach the speakers – then bear in mind that you may now need to be deprogrammed, because if anyone gets you to listen to them that long then you are basically hypnotized and suggestible to them, whether you know it or not.

5. No Fixing at the Fibro-Fix Summit

There was also very little ‘fixing’ going on. Usually when these speakers talk they give a lot of tips, but Brady distracted from all that, maybe to point you to his book…

6. Didn’t Allow the Speakers to Speak

This was beyond belief, he just took over, invited top speakers in but used their area of expertise as a subject he would talk about himself and when he did allow them to speak it was usually in direct response to a basic question he asked them. What an insult to these people to turn up and listen to him like that despite whatever they had brought to talk about themselves.

Day 1: Dr. Mark Hyman

Great talk and concise at 35 minutes, he has had the condition himself and cured himself and is pretty no-nonsense about the reality and underlying causes of fibromyalgia. He knows it is real, and has many underlying causes depending on the person and triggers. He breaks down the underlying causes that need to be addressed in individuals into:

  •  Mitochondrial function
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Toxins
  • Hormones

And emphasizes the importance of a good history taking on the practitioner’s part. Worthwhile talk and breath of fresh air for people who have not been believed by doctors or whose doctors have not treated them to solve the issues. Yet Brady, the host, didn’t seem to hear him on that as he proceeded to define fibro in very different terms, that possibly exclude Mark Hyman himself from ever having had f

Day 1: Dr. Josh Axe

Lengthier talk at 45 minutes, but very interesting no matter how many times I’ve heard the guy before. On this summit he actually gave out some good tips on restoring the gut and supplements and lifestyle advice and pointed to his book Eat Dirt as having more detailed information, along with a number of programs he offers on healing the gut.

I liked the way he explains the importance of the gut microbiome for health and healing, that is what is behind the strange title of his book!

Rest of the Speakers

You would be better going directly to people’s websites than finding them at this summit because Brady didn’t give them the chance to talk, except for a couple of guys on meds that really aren’t necessary to take – as I’ve recovered without those meds.

If you would like to share your experience of the summit then go ahead and comment below.


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