Heal Your Gut Summit 2016

This is a free event. That means the talks will air for free for 24 hours, and you can listen to them for free during that period.

After the 24 hours the summit rolls on to the next batch of speakers. If you did not have time to listen to the previous speakers, or feel you want to own the set of talks, then these can be purchased for a special price during the event, that price goes up by a few dollars after the event. All in all, it is not expensive for the complete set, the transcripts, slides, bonuses and the comfort of viewing the material whenever you want at your own pace.

Some of these speakers are top notch ‘Functional Medicine’ doctors, who treat the cause of the problem not the symptoms, primarily because they got ill at some point themselves and decided to really fix themselves rather than be medicated for the rest of their lives while a disease progressed.

Other speakers are not doctors, they just are people who got results in their own lives.

And some speakers have a ton of credentials and talk B.S.  – a small percentage, but that is where I come in to pull the rug out from under any nonsense and challenge people to view the whole picture in the history of food and healing rather than spin a fashionable trend that is not going to help any of us or maybe even do some harm.

I will be reporting in every day on daily sets of speakers and topics.

Register for the summit here to gain access to all the speakers for free, and pick out your favorites.