The Bigger Picture – Alternatives &  Choices

Might You Actually Have Options That You Are Not Being Told About?

In my own case I was told to take certain dangerous medications and that my illness had no cure and would progress to a horrific state and early death but I instinctively knew that I would put up a fight and that some of the stuff I was being offered was just crazy. I knew they weren’t looking at the cause or progression or mechanism of my sudden illness and felt it could be stopped in its tracks – which as it turns out it could but I had to research all that myself at the same time so I lost a lot of time, unnecessarily. And now I see the same ‘medical advice’ being doled out to people, and people left in the same position as me of starting from scratch in their research, and maybe even starting from a place of knowing absolutely nothing – at least I was already taking health courses and introduced to herbs and nutrition and various therapies when my injury/illness stuck [which was actually medical error in the first place, btw].


I will not be dispensing medical advice, I will be showing you some excellent resources from the history of healing and alternative medicine combined with the latest research in functional medicine – which will not be practiced by regular GPs for at least another 20 years, because that is the sort of gap there is between the science and practice on the ground.


But you must always do your own research and find your own path and never assume that what worked for one person will work in the same way for another person, but it will give you hope and open doors and let you see a fuller perspective on things.

I will be covering all the major illnesses with resources and contacts and showing you different approaches to them along with success stories, to give you choice on how you want to handle your own health condition.

This page is under construction as of April 2017 and I will be posting links to the various conditions here, if you have any preferences contact me.