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1. Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution

By Dr. Steven Gundry, not only a top cardiologist but this is THE cardiologist who has invented some of the procedures used to protect the heart during bypass surgery. He himself was obese despite eating what he believed was a healthy diet and working out in the gym all the time, so he did some research and turned his situation around not only with regard to weightloss, but also for reduction in coronary plaque. He was actually initially inspired by a patient passed on to him who was just ‘past it’, too ill for coronary bypass, but the patient went home and tried herbal remedies and when he went back to Gundry, Gundry could see a huge reduction in his plaque, much to his disbelief!

Inspiring Examples:

Reduction in Coronary Plaque
  • Without exception he achieves this in everyone.
  • People considered too ill even for coronary bypass surgery were able to reduce their plaque enough to proceed with the operation.
  • Others were able to avoid the operation.
Reduction in Medications
  • People on his diet got so healthy that even though they started off on all the usual hardcore meds for blood pressure, blood thinners, etc. as their health improved these could be reduced.
80 Year Old Woman Returned to Play Tennis at an Even Higher Level
  • A woman sent home to die, considered too ill and too old for bypass surgery was sent to him and he put her on his diet and not only did she thrive, but she resumed her tennis playing at a higher level than previously.
Hope for Everyone – Post Surgery as well as Preventative of Surgery

The examples of how people survive heart bypass surgery and resume normal activities and even reduce their medications afterwards gives great hope for others. Because for some people they suddenly find themselves faced with and going through the operation, they’ve had a heart attack and next thing they know there are being kept in hospital for 3 weeks awaiting their place on the table – and then sent home with a bunch of meds, some of which are very strange [proton pump inhibitors for people with no stomach issues!] and they wonder how safe is it to eat this or that and how safe is it to ever resume physical sports etc like before, and when.

Gundry’s Diet

  1. Phase 1 is a high protein low carb diet to lose weight [as most of his clients are obese]
  2. Phase 2 is less protein and more carbs<—this is where coronary plaque gets reduced
  3. Phase 3 is his longevity diet<—this is quite extreme and I may actually settle for reduced plaque!
Best Bits
  1. *Noteable: Phase 2 is the one to watch, the foods listed there are clearly very safe for the heart, and they repair plaque and prevent progression to needing surgery.
  2. He has given a list of functional medicine tests for the heart that go way beyond what regular doctors are odering for you – you need to be aware that there is more that can be done here.
  3. He cuts through some of the fad diets out there – paleo, high fat – these are not for heart patients and other cardiologists seem to be agreeing with him eg Joel Khan and Stephen Masley.
  4. He has provided meal plans and recipes- however, they seem aimed at posh foodies [!]
  5. He provides a list of what he considers essential heart supplements.
Worst Bits
  1. I don’t actually agree with his ‘diet evolution’ and genes theory, however it is not necessary to believe it to benefit from his advice on which foods are good, heart tests, etc.
  2. The menus and ingredients are not really accessible to everyone, they are for people who love fancy food and flavors and things a bit unusual. I’m fine with organic but this has some ‘fancy’ stuff that is neither accessible or something I’d be interested in, coming from rural Ireland.

My Conclusion

  1. This is a very worthwhile read to get inspired about the possibilities for full recovery after heart bypass surgery and also full prevention, the people he describes speak for the results.
  2. The foods he considers safe are worth noting – nuts being on that listย – but I’d balance this out with a much bigger picture and compare it to what other cardiologists and naturopaths and herbalists have also found safe – ask questions – what are the common denominators?
  3. The supplements he mentions, I’d like to know how safe they are with the medications? I’m reading Suzy Cohen and she seems to suggest certain things can’t be used with the heart meds, so I need further information on that.
  4. Some things not mentioned – hawthorn is a heart food, that needs to be factored into any discussion on heart, as well as some other things omitted here.

I’m not finished with this book – that’s just the first round nuggets ๐Ÿ™‚


Also on my booklist:

Drug Muggers, by Suzy Cohen<—very helpful on how to supplement while on meds

Super Fast Foods, by Jason Vale<—his soup recipes are fast and flavorsome!

Alchemy of Herbs, by Rosalee de la Foret<— looks amazing

30 Day Heart Tune Up, by Steven Masley<—his 3 part video series was excellent [more later]

The Wahls Protocol, by Terry Wahls<—seems a little like Gerson Therapy but with meat…

and many more…


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