Day 3


Today’s talks are about the links between gut health and cancer. The talks are particularly suitable for beginners to the world of natural healing though are also both motivational and informative to those who have been practicing natural healing for some time.

So far I’ve caught up with the talks by Webster Kerr and Jonathan Landsman.

Both seem to have amazing websites on health.

Webster had some good ideas:

  • taking turmeric in honey to kill cancer cells
  • and highlighted the need to tackle microbes for cancer, especially H. pylori.

There are many protocols out there to do that sort of thing – he did not give one specifically on his talk. I’ll be writing up one here later which I intend to use myself…

There is also lab testing within functional medicine if you want to know for sure if you have H. pylori, if you can afford testing,  though it is always possible just to take on a protocol for a few weeks to kill it, using garlic or whatever you choose from a reliable source – always keep your discerning hat on and do your research when putting together a protocol for yourself, as everyone is different, and what works for one person may need to be changed for your personal needs.

Jonathan Landsman spoke about oral hygiene and it’s relation to the gut and all health. It was a shocker to hear what young dentists today are being taught, or not taught. He also highlighted the dangers of having mercury fillings and the need to be very careful who you get to remove them, not a regular dentist.

As for the other 3 speakers on this list, I have heard them before.

Peter Osborne has a mission against grains and gluten, personally I think it is overboard. If you are ill in any way then for sure you need to ditch gluten containing grains of all sorts. If you are perfectly strong and healthy then grains are good for you.

Ty Bollinger has his own cancer cures network ‘The Truth About Cancer’, which airs for free regularly. He brings together some real experts in the world of alternative cancer cures, and also some people not so good, so always worth a listen, but always keep your discerning hat on.

Chris Wark, very motivating to listen to someone who has turned their health around like this guy. When it comes to some of the protocols he has tried in the past though, I favor Dr. Christopher over Dr. Schulze. Both are Master Herbalists, but  Schulze was actually Dr. Christopher’ student and has modelled most of his protocols and cleanses and herbs on the Dr. Christopher formulas, except the original formulas work much better, especially if illness has weakened you in any way. I always found the Schulze formulas too severe when I was really ill, but could handle the Christopher formulas [and advice].

One thing that is a little offputting about this summit from what I’ve heard so far is some of the hosts just can’t get through a talk without mentioning their religion, religious faith, ‘the word’,  and whooping ‘praise the lord’ several times -this doesn’t belong in a global health summit online, if they had a filter at the register page I think many people would opt out, as it is insulting to people who don’t share the same religious  beliefs, it can be overbearing to hear people repeat so often the same religious emotions or fervor or whatever it is, but it is not what I signed up to and nor is it what I point people towards when I mention a summit to check out! Like I always say, keep your discerning hat on, glean truth where you can find in 😉