Courses open right now:

Functional Medicine University

School of Natural Healing

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Heal Your Gut Summit Day 1, Jan 18th


Courses open right now:

Functional Medicine University

Functional Medicine University’s winter enrollment is open this week, from Jan 19th. There are 150 spaces available, reserve your spot now, always sells out.

Best Price Training in Functional Medicine Fully Online Payment Plans Available

This is a fully accredited qualification in Functional Medicine for Health Practitioners, MDs, and even people who just want to understand their health better.

  • It is all the same training as the most expensive institutes out there, but this is at the best price
  • And also has the advantage of being totally online, no travel involved.
  • A number of payment plans area also available.
  • This course also serves as 200 hours of the 300 hours required for a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.

Enrollment is open for one week, and there are only four enrollments a year, quarterly. So this is the perfect time to join.

Click here for full information on the FMU Functional Medicine Training

Remember: This is your chance to take full training in functional medicine:

  • Including the new advanced lab testing across all the functional labs such as Genova Diagnostics, Spectracell, LRA by ELISA/ACT for immune tolerance.
  • Labs such as these get to the cause of serious illness and helps people reverse chronic illness, illnesses often dismissed as incurable or written off as a mystery.

This course is for Natural Health practitioners and MDs, it is a fully accredited course and serves as 200 hours towards the required 300 hr ACBN (American Clinical Board of Nutrition) Diplomate board examination.


The School of Natural Healing

This is the Dr. Christopher School of Natural Healing, training in Master Herbalism at all levels from knowing how to take care of yourself about the home, and cut down on those doctor bills, to being at practitioner level with herbs and healing.

Their Family Herbalist course is foundational to having confidence with your health, this course above all the things I’ve done I would say has been the most important overall. It is without limit the things I’ve been able to take care of and even have avoided a number of surgeries, saved my appendix, my gallbladder pancreas, helped friends solve issues they had got no relief with in a decade with conventional medical care – much more on this later. I can say that right now I’ve made up a healing and inflammatory ointment with things I had around the house for a knee injury, and I healed a foot injury during the summer with something as simple as comfrey tea wrapped around it at night. Be amazed at the healing power of the body without high cost high tech stuff! This is the information that belonged to  humanity generations back, what our ancestors knew, but somehow as marketing swept us away, all has almost been forgotten.

I’ve given you a glimpse here today, and will be back later with much more on this subject!

Click here to learn more about the School of Natural Healing and Master Herbalism 

Feel free to leave any comments or questions.




2. Free Events


Heal Your Gut Summit

Day 1, January 18th 2016

The talks stream for free for 24 hours from 10am US Eastern till 10am next day. If you want access to the talks after that, or want to listen to them at your own pace with pdf transcripts, videos, mp3 audio, powerpoint presentations, then you can buy the event, prices ranging from $59 up for all 35 speakers, this also includes some free gifts.

Click here to register Heal Your Gut Summit

The speaker line up today is:

  • Josh Axe
  • Donna Gates
  • Eric Zielinzki
  • Sayer Ji
  • Amy Myers

These are all big name celebs in the Functional Medicine world.


5 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut, Josh Axe

Josh Axe today is talking about Leaky Gut /Intestinal Permeability. And his talk is will include:

  • Learn what damages the gut lining and causes leaky gut.
  • Eating the most healing foods to address leaky gut
  • Best supplements and lifestyle habits to practice

Secrets to Overcoming Candida and Yeast

Donna Gates discusses secrets to overcoming candida and yeast and her talk will include:

  • How to do a candida cleanse
  • Best supplements to eliminate yeast
  • Why clearing candida is essential to healing leaky gut

The public health perspective on gut health and essential oils

Eric Zielinski discusses the public health perspective on gut health and essential oils and his talk includes:

  • The top 3 gut-related diseases that must be addressed by public health
  • What the research says about gut health and essential oils
  • Key ways essential oil affect gut health

Healing the gut with herbal remedies and surprising foods

Sayer Ji discusses healing the gut with herbal remedies and surprising foods:

  • Research on new herbs proven to heal the gut
  • Top ‘healthy foods’ destroying your gut probiotics
  • How probiotics affect the brain and body

How to overcome autoimmune disease by healing the digesetive tract

Amy Myers discusses how to overcome autoimmune disease by healing the digesetive tract and her talks includes:

  • Worst foods triggering leaky gut and autoimmunity
  • The ideal diet to stop autoimmune disease in its tracts
  • Cutting edge science behind how to heal your microbiome

So there will be some really good stuff in these talks, the latest on what’s really happening in the health and healing and science worlds, some of it not so good too, so always keep your thinking hat on and discern the good from the bad, there is usually a lot more good than bad though 😉

Have you listened to any of the talks, what is your experience in all of this – don’t forget to leave a comment!

I’ll be doing a fuller discussion on all of these topics later, this website is just new and being filled out.





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